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    Playing the English Concertina since years, I started with English and Irish folk music but changed now (main focus) to classical music as well as original scores for the EC. Playing alone and together with a flute playing friend.<br />Accordion - M3 (free base system) mainly Baroque and all types of Classical as well as modern music - orchestra and solo.
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  1. I agree with Nils, if you can wait a bit you can catch up with Jürgen in May. if it’s urgent you could contact a repairman in Ireland. I wouldn’t send an instrument to the UK at the moment. Some minor repairs can be done by yourself you can pm me and I’ll try to offer some advice
  2. Hello Joey, I wonder if you’ve bought it about ten years later as it seems to have been produced 1970 🤔
  3. Never had any difficulties. Taking the plane from London today I realised how important it is to give some information to the security. He actually thanked me giving him some information in advance saying it saves them time and worries
  4. Hello Geoff, apart from cosmetic reasons I prefer the non-sticky version as well. My own sweat shouldn’t be the reason as it’s never occurred on my other Instruments. I hope it’s going to stay relatively clean now, if you zoom into the photos now the dark spots that you seen on each button are apparently a reflection of me holding the phone. I’ll attach a photo so you can see how they looked before the treatment. Hope to find sth now to give the ends back a bit of a shine.
  5. Yes, it’s really nice and it’s got such a mellow tone…
  6. It was actually car-polish. it´s been recommended to me to clean silver and other metals and worked very well on the buttons
  7. No, it’s just for the look of it, the buttons were almost completely dark
  8. What else is there to do on a Saturday morning… the difference doesn’t come through on the photos, inner two rows are clean now, the other side done completely
  9. Just curious: in the ledgers you’ll find both Tortoiseshell and Shell, sometimes on the same page. just two words for the same material or is there actually a difference? 🤔 Christian
  10. I thought I’d give it a try and post something here… the second tune is one of Simon Thoumire´s if I remember correctly
  11. Hello, visiting Jürgen Suttner‘s workshop is ever so fascinating! Walking through it you see instruments at different stages of the making, starting with a pile of wood and metal down to almost finished instruments. greetings from Münster as well Christian
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