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  1. Thank you Adrian. I’m still exploring options but you’ve given me good ideas.
  2. Thoughts, suggestions please! I have what I think is an original case for my mid 1950’s Wheatstone Aola. The case is broken in two ways: a) the hinge was made from leather on the outside and fabric on the inside. The leather is cracked. b) the handle is worn to the point of imminent failure. I’d like to restore the case. I’ve cleaned it inside and out. Now I need to figure out the best way to make the repairs. your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Randy I’m looking for a teacher. I play English concertina. Would call myself a middle beginner. I’ve been working through Alex Wade: English Concertina for Absolute Beginners for almost a year (on Page 19) with a few side trips and teaching myself to read music at the same time. Saw your note and am hoping we can connect and see if we can work together.
  4. I’m wanting to take my concertina (early 1900’s metal sided Treble Aola) on a trip that includes some travel by air. Plan would be to take it as carry-on. I have a good hard case. Are there any concerns about damage due to changes in air pressure? I don’t need to take it. I just don’t want to go two plus weeks without playing. appreciate your thoughts.
  5. I’m trying to get a date for a metal sided Wheatstone serial number 23661. I’m still a newbie with the ledgers so I’m not sure I’m getting this right - any help would be appreciated. ledger C1054 ends with serial number 21353 dated to December 1891. ledger SD01 picks up in 1910 with serial number 25000. Can I assume that my concertina serial 23661 is dated to somewhere between 1891 and 1910? and is there any way to get a specific date? thank you.
  6. I just bought a 1959 extended treble Wheatstone aola. It’s in great shape but the bellows are very stiff. They’re loosening up as I play it but it leads me to wonder about bellows maintenance. Is there anything besides playing that I should be doing to keep the leather bellows supple and in good condition? I don’t think this concertina has ever gotten a lot of use. thanks
  7. Thanks for the help. I did not read the ledger correctly the first time. She’s beautiful.
  8. Malcolm- thank you - I am astonished. If I am reading the ledger correctly this concertina dates to 1859. That’s awesome and humbling. The bellows are stiff but it plays like a songbird. I’m in love.
  9. Would appreciate help dating my newly purchased Wheatstone Aola 56 key treble concertina serial # probably 36532 I looked in the ledgers without success. Came with “Price List of Wheatstone English Concertinas” dated 1829-1929 thank you in advance.
  10. looking for leads to concertina repair hopefully somewhere within generous driving distance of north west Washington State. I’m on Lopez Island. Both my concertinas went into storage for what was expected to be 3 months and ended up as over a year. Both English. One is about 40 years old, purchased new. A Bastari (I think) Tenor. It didn’t like being in storage and the whole row of buttons on the top are pushing air. The second is a 48 button Treble Wheatstone, purchased about 35 years ago. It survived storage pretty well but there are a couple of buttons that feel a little off. I love both of them and I don’t want to give either up for any length of time if possible. Any leads gratefully accepted.
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