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  1. Lefty52

    Deposit Sent!

    Thanks all! I too was quite surprised when I received my reply that the wait was only a year and that the price hadn't gone up since 2016. My hope and goal, is that when the Suttner arrives, I'll play well enough to do it justice.
  2. Today is a very special day for me, as I have sent my deposit to Jurgen Suttner for my A1 concertina. I have placed a calendar in my "man room" where I practice, to count off the days until it arrives, (Jurgen quoted 1 year). Until then I'll play my Morse Céilí. So excited!
  3. Lefty52

    Used, excellent condition Minstrel available

    Michael, I'm so happy you got the Clover! I hope you're enjoying it as much as you hoped. I've watched the Noel documentary a few times and each time I am moved by this man, even more. After hours and hours of the voices in my head arguing their different perspectives, we have come to a group consensus, today I put a deposit on a Suttner A1. Jurgen quoted one year wait and that's much better than the other's I considered. Hopefully I'll have it for next years NHCWS. Talk to you soon Best, Patrick
  4. Lefty52

    C/G Edgley for Sale

    Is your Edgley still for sale?
  5. Looking at buying a Lachenal C/G 30 button Anglo, with serial # 61736, any idea of year of manufacture?
  6. I'm just learning the Anglo and was hoping to find an ITM teacher in the greater Portland area.
  7. Lefty52

    NHICS 2018 in Cincinatti in July

    Mike, No I live in Salem about 40 min. away, but my guess is I'll be there for everything but the sleeping...
  8. Lefty52

    NHICS 2018 in Cincinatti in July

    I too am going to be in the Oregon beginner workshop, I haven't even gotten my concertina yet, (Morse, Céilí on the way) any other advice will be greatly appreciated.
  9. I know this post is "old" but it's been really encouraging. I just bought my fist concertina, (R. Morse Céilí C/G Jeffries layout) and signed up for the Noel Hill workshop here in Oregon. I feel like I've just stepped into an amazing adventure...
  10. Lefty52

    New Rochelle For Sale SOLD

    I have a brand new, unused Concertina Connection Rochelle for sale. I bought it last week and have decided to buy a more "intermediate" concertina. I paid $425. I'll let it go for $375. w/free shipping to CONUSA. Save $50.00! Comes with case and concertina tutor book.
  11. Lefty52

    Morse Ceili C/G Anglo for sale- 2nd Price Drop

    Still available, if so will you ship to Oregon 97302?