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  1. I'm practicing these days irish music with quick fingering. I'm fully aware I'll never be able to play as fast as Simon Thoumire, but it's worth failing. I promiss, I'll report about progress :-)
  2. Well, my rendition leaves much to be desired, but nevertheless- I reckon this AI music ain't that bad.
  3. In FB Michael Eskin published this tunebook for 20 button boxes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/concertinasarecool/posts/10161354149303278/ It's just what I was looking for, since I got my hands on a rather old Lachenal.
  4. Thank you, Wess. This is an impressive age! First I couldn't believe, then I opened it and upon seeing proper concertina reeds (until now I only owned hibrids), I believe it is really this old. The only thing which rises my eybrow are the buttons. They look very "plastic". Did in 19th century plastic even exist or is it a result of a later refurbishment?
  5. 76924 My latest purchase. Not top notch, I still like it a lot. It's the smallest box I've got, it's quiet. It's a keeper. Help anybody?
  6. I played both. I own Clare and it is worth every penny. Yes it's twice the price of McNeela, but its three times superior.
  7. I bought this concertina and I would really appreciate help with it- does anyone know where this is from? The button layout is Chemnitzer-like. Smaller than the previous regular Chemnitzers I owned, very responsive, interesting and likeable sound, rather quiet.
  8. I also got burned. For a 1200€ worth instrument I paid 300€ customs fee. Pay it and take it or they will shred the parcel they said. Buying from UK for EU residents- red flag!
  9. Lovely. When I was in Dublin I visited him. He was kind enough to show me around in his shop.
  10. Anglo or duet? Anybody? https://www.ebay.com/itm/115700000678?hash=item1af041e7a6:g:r7IAAOSwdctj49ru&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoMzVPbVKT21i3KhsQTLP4EpH8dNCZB6rzhbk6aAZWiEf9ZeWJxoeOr1Q6%2FqO3f5oXQfT05RU9ulsOaet74j%2BEh4n3PvdV%2B%2BKUCrgIMVdmP3MO%2FkBp8aWAn5cqibjrDQRmqQKfHrzrAykxF42tuW3C7Y%2BAQrIy%2BTJfS3dH%2BjcGkfNWhQ%2FmnzsdoTQDuzH4ZCcLSrzvJpkAa6Jz4du1DhEg9Y%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR67rjfDJYQ
  11. I would love to learn this piece in its entirety. Could somebody please play it for me or just say if it's worth trying? https://musescore.com/user/1198636/scores/5122742
  12. I found and stitched together something better- at least in the ight key. Still missing the whole score 😞 Godfather.pdf
  13. I would love to play this tune and I found a beautiful rendition in Youtube. Unfortunately I will never be able to reproduce it by ear, has anybody got a score to share? Thank you all in advance.
  14. Soundtrack from a beautiful slovene movie (1973). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069936/
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