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  1. Al & Wes, as well as everyone who contributed, past and present - Thank you so much! Dee746 AKA Diane
  2. Boney - I agree with everything ritonmousquetaire said! These are fantastic recordings. In addition to the wonderful arrangements you put together, your selections give us nice examples that showcase the versatility of the Duet concertina, and how much can be done with only 46 keys. Thanks for sharing these.
  3. You probably already know about this, but I also found a a copy of the Decca 78 recording from 1936 by Raphael of "Doena" at archives.org. https://archive.org/details/78_doena_raphael-worlds-greatest-artist-of-the-concertina-leo-lefleur_gbia0050199b
  4. I just stumbled across these recordings while searching for something else, then checked concertina.net to see if there was more info as to the identity of the poster. The set of recordings and videography is beautiful, no matter when they were recorded. The thing that made me wonder about the supposed time the recordings were made vs when posted were the dates. Recordings made by a musicologist in 1935 with current day memories from "past" field notes...? Assuming the poster was in his 20's in 1935, this would make him 100+ years old now? Regardless, they are beautiful 1st person stor
  5. My "new" 46 Key Lachenal Maccann Duet arrived in the mail yesterday. It's got Rosewood ends and metal buttons. It has a beautiful tone, perfectly tuned and plays well with one exception. Like the Duet you mention above, the chords on the left side are too loud for the single melody lines played on the right. So...I was curious to know how your duet-baffles experiment worked out, and did it cure your problem of the bass side overpowering the treble melody side without creating new problems? I've noticed most on this forum talk about concertinas with metal framework, and mine does not have
  6. Thanks again for all the work you're doing to bring this together!
  7. Al - This sounds wonderful. And I vote yes, for on going if it's possible to do so. Thanks for keeping us posted re plans for the Duet Recording Page!
  8. Steve - This is a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Hi George - I'm also brand new to the duet. Thanks for posting this. Nice to have these recordings by Lesley Henniker to go along with David Cornell's arrangements. Older players may know about this next one, but since it was posted in 2016, I'll repeat it here. Jon Boden did a series of free recordings on spotify called "folk song a day". Not all of them were concertina recordings. But concertina.net member Gaspar put together a list of his concertina recordings at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5UyXEomoAvtL0ZTZ46SWn3 . Boden plays the duet concertina and often uses it to accompany hi
  10. Mr. Lakeman - I'm new to the duet concertina. Having seen your message above, I immediately bought your CD, which arrived this AM. It's wonderful. Thanks so much!
  11. I just stumbled upon this post. Djack, this is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing it.
  12. This is wonderful. As a brand new Duet player (as in can't play yet, but working on it), thank-you everyone for donating your time and talent. And Al, thanks especially to you for making this happen!
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