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  1. Rich C R

    Hayday years?

    Thanks Wolf, I understand what you are saying. However, I just wondered, from a technical point, when was the last upgrade that is generally accepted as being an improvement to the instrument?
  2. Rich C R

    Hayday years?

    Thanks Geoff, its seems there are no easy answers as far as these instruments are concerned...
  3. Rich C R


    That's something for me to look forward to then! 👍
  4. Rich C R


    Sounds exciting. If they came to Glasgow I would go to see them but Dublin is a little too far.
  5. Rich C R

    Hayday years?

    Geoff, With the Wheatstone Aeola, were their any beneficial changes (or otherwise) in construction between 1890 and 1930? Thanks for the info on the CD collection 'English International'. I have ordered it and waiting on delivery, should be with me by Fri this week.
  6. Rich C R

    In praise of a good hard case

    Thanks for the offer that's very kind of you. However, at this time I don't need it as my existing box is being modified to make my instrument a good fit.
  7. Rich C R

    In praise of a good hard case

    No but I noticed on the link that it said: 'Sorry, this item doesn't ship to the UK'.
  8. Rich C R

    Hayday years?

    Just having a few idle thoughts and wondered what were the heyday years of English Concertina playing in the UK?
  9. Rich C R

    In praise of a good hard case

    Its a shame the maker doesn't ship to the UK.
  10. Rich C R

    Ear training

  11. Rich C R

    Snapped off end bolts

    It will be interesting to see what advice you receive....
  12. Rich C R

    Fiddle tune books/lot of 5

    A good collection to have, it will make someone happy.
  13. Rich C R

    Playing with Anna Magdalena

    👍 Very pleasant to listen to.
  14. Rich C R

    Coilsfield House Air

    Many thanks for posting this Simon. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it (over and over again) and find your playing really inspiring.
  15. Rich C R

    My Wheatstone Baritone Treble

    Delivered my baritone treble to Steve Dickinson yesterday, it is going to have a complete action rebuild together with reedwork overhaul & tune. Really glad I took this step as I am sure the end result will be well worth it.