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  1. Thank you Robert! May I ask how long you were on the waiting list for the Parnassus? I was just interested in seeing if their waiting times are still 3-4 years, and to learn more about the process, because i'm preparing for upgrading.
  2. Thank you Jim! The Tornado did hit very close to home, but none of my family was affected. My heart goes out to the very many people who were. On that note, that's one of the reasons why I was trying to get in touch with Concertina Connection, to see if they had been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic at all; And to check up on their waiting list.
  3. I've called the number on their page, and I also emailed them about a month ago (11/16) and realized I never got a response back. I was wondering if they still make concertinas. I bought a Rochelle Anglo from them years ago.
  4. The reeds are also glued in, rather than set and screwed in.
  5. "I must say, however, that I’m not sure I understand what’s going on, here. It’s a bit of a puzzle. Is it just one reed that has gone out of tune, or has the whole thing drifted? Free reeds don’t go out of tune very quickly unless they fracture, which is unlikely to happen to more than one at a time, and would require replacement of the reed rather than tuning." Just the one central A, (It's a C/G), left side, top row, middle button. Not even the G on the same button is out of tune. Just the A.
  6. Hello all, my Rochelle concertina recently went out of tune. I've only found one local shop that tunes accordions, but they only service Hohner instruments. I'm in Nashville, Tn. at the moment. Is there anyone within 250miles who could tune a Rochelle? Or is it something I'll have to do on my own?
  7. Thanks for the tip Gary! Thanks also to you Greg! Hopefully things are in order and I'll be able to go, this year has been crazy so far and I've barely been able to make it to sessions. It would sure be nice to go! StuartEstell, I'll keep you posted ;-) As for the music, right now I'm exclusively interested in Irish music for concertina, but that's only because it's all I know. I have a full repertoire of tunes I'm transferring from my other instruments and newer tunes that I'm learning specifically from concertina recordings. Chris Droney, Noel Hill, Edel Fox, Caitlin Nic Gabhann and Mary Macnamara are in my collection and the more I listen, the more tunes I wanna learn on concertina. I would very much like to hear some other styles, but I'm coming up dry... very dry. Not hearing a lot of versality unfortunately. My ears are always open to new styles though if you have anything you'd like to share :-)
  8. Hey folks! So its exactly 3 months(a quarter year) since I began learning concertina, and this thing is getting really really fun. The learning curve is proving to be really high, and as I take more lessons, things keep getting smoother and making a lot more sense. It still feels like a Rubix-Cube a lot of the time, and Im having a few drawbacks that are hard to explain, but navigating it has become a game creating a flowing rhythmic contour. The problem Im having is the availability of different fingerings. My fingers and brain get into some serious knots when learning a tune. Its like a constant musical tongue-twister. I figure out one fingering, then another fingering works better. Then the second fingering doesnt exactly work well with the next phrase, or Im not getting the "legatoness", bounce, or drive that Im looking for, and then again figure out a different fingering. When I find a fingering that truly works for the entire tune, Ive already learned fingerings I probably shouldnt have, and other fingerings I would do good to use. Its a mess! And dont even get me started on how crazy it gets when you mix in harmonics! Gah! This first is a set of polkas that Ive been playing for a while and learned first on my other instruments. https://youtu.be/6B5r6DLze5U This 2nd is a set of two reels. The first is an old favorite, the 2nd, a new favorite. https://youtu.be/0dLZXmMjbio All forms of critique and advice welcome!
  9. Glad to hear you got things sorted Lou! Happy playing
  10. Glad to hear you got things sorted Lou! Happy playing
  11. I've seen his stuff before. Dude is good. Like, really good. He has a "1 year later" progress video playing a hot reel, The Musical Priest. He's impressive.
  12. Hello again everyone Been playing the concertina for just over 2 months now and I must say I'm really enjoying it! It's quite challenging, but in a fun and happily maddening kind of way. With that being said, it baffles me that there's only one style of music I like to hear on it. Irish Traditional. Now, given I didn't discover this lovely reeded box until I was 19, maybe 20 years old, it's no wonder I don't know many of the musics played on it. But what else I've heard, I've strongly disliked. So if I may ask of you, what's one of your absolute favorite videos or recordings of concertina? All styles and genres welcome, preferably solo or lightly accompanied though. Something that really brings out its character. Something that epitomizes what you love about it. Here are 3 of mine... Reels by Noel Hill https://youtu.be/MWosPa3SuNM Jigs by Edel Fox https://youtu.be/h6gl172F9d8 An Air and Reels by Caitlin Nic Gabhann https://youtu.be/cFJURq1I4e8 I'm excited to hear what other genres of music this instrument strives in! Thanks for sharing!
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