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  1. Sad news Johann...😔 I hope you can solve the problem finally! Saudaçôes
  2. Don, if you had some interest about the tale involved, please send me a PM😉
  3. Hi I hope all you are healthly! This is my first tune posted. I thank Didie for recording its marvellous arrangement of this piece. I learnt the Androgine after enjoying soooo much hearing Didie playing that. As I think there are few examples of how a Stagi Hayden sounds, I decided to post this recording. It has no very good quality, but I think is enough to that purpose. Kind regards Isra
  4. Here in Spain...the isolation will probably be extended for 3 weeks more ...so I am seriously considering to invert in some audio interface.... to follow Jody's recommendations. I did some googling...and, as reference, I show my main results: - One of the best suggerences resulted to be Focusrite scarlett 2i2 (https://techzelo.com/best-audio-interface-for-streaming/#go-to-1-focusrite-scarlett-2i2) . That costs 155 euros in Thomann. - The "analogue" Behringer model in thomann (Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD) ( https://www.thomann.de/es/behringer_u_phoria_umc202hd.htm#bewertung) does cost 66 euros (a little more expensive in amazon...). As always.. in electronics the quality does have its price.... but some advice on audio interfaces with good quality/price relation would be appreciated. Best wishes
  5. I am glad to ear that Jody!!!. Thank you very much for the JamKazam recommendation,!👏😄
  6. Hello!. I have tried Zoom today with a friend... and we weren't able to work. As @alex_holden suggested me, I think the problem was related to echo protection , that is included in Zoom (I only see in the setup of the program two options to configure this feature, but I can not disable that...). The problem is: my friend can ear me and play with me, but when I ear her and try to play... suddently her sound drops, as she were nearly "muted"...so I can not follow her. In this link there are suggested some tips focuset to -as far as I understand - fix this problem, but I had not luck with them.😔 https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/202050538-Audio-Echo-In-A-Meeting Perhaps someone have more luck than me!!
  7. ooooh Lukasz!. I didn't know the "Sunday Smile" concertina cover was yours... I enjoyed that very much!!!👏😊
  8. Fantastic recording Felix! I have enjoyed very much the sonority you lead to the muñeira , congratulations!!! (...I knew Xosé Liz some (so much...) years ago in an Alasdair Fraser's fiddle camp...¡what a nice person and tremendous musician!!) Bicos!
  9. A visit to your web is always a delight Bob
  10. The idea of the strap covering the entire hand is not new, of course. It can be found in Cnet some pictures (after Mike, @ragtimer) of the called "Bastari Hayden bandoneon", which strap is designed to accommodate the entire hand.
  11. Hi @DougS. I actually do not use my thumb for playing yet. As you say, in Stagi Hayden it is ( for me) impossible without putting the entire hand into the strap. The combined strap system I am thinking about, besides the design of thumb and hand plates, could allow me to play at least a coup of bass notes in right side in a "drone" style as example. In the left hand, probably some utility for the thumb could be also encountered after practising.
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