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  1. Hi I hope all you are healthly! This is my first tune posted. I thank Didie for recording its marvellous arrangement of this piece. I learnt the Androgine after enjoying soooo much hearing Didie playing that. As I think there are few examples of how a Stagi Hayden sounds, I decided to post this recording. It has no very good quality, but I think is enough to that purpose. Kind regards Isra
  2. Here in Spain...the isolation will probably be extended for 3 weeks more ...so I am seriously considering to invert in some audio interface.... to follow Jody's recommendations. I did some googling...and, as reference, I show my main results: - One of the best suggerences resulted to be Focusrite scarlett 2i2 (https://techzelo.com/best-audio-interface-for-streaming/#go-to-1-focusrite-scarlett-2i2) . That costs 155 euros in Thomann. - The "analogue" Behringer model in thomann (Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD) ( https://www.thomann.de/es/behringer_u_phoria_umc202hd.htm#bewertung) does cost 66 euros (a little more expensive in amazon...). As always.. in electronics the quality does have its price.... but some advice on audio interfaces with good quality/price relation would be appreciated. Best wishes
  3. I am glad to ear that Jody!!!. Thank you very much for the JamKazam recommendation,!👏😄
  4. Hello!. I have tried Zoom today with a friend... and we weren't able to work. As @alex_holden suggested me, I think the problem was related to echo protection , that is included in Zoom (I only see in the setup of the program two options to configure this feature, but I can not disable that...). The problem is: my friend can ear me and play with me, but when I ear her and try to play... suddently her sound drops, as she were nearly "muted"...so I can not follow her. In this link there are suggested some tips focuset to -as far as I understand - fix this problem, but I had not luck with them.😔 https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/202050538-Audio-Echo-In-A-Meeting Perhaps someone have more luck than me!!
  5. ooooh Lukasz!. I didn't know the "Sunday Smile" concertina cover was yours... I enjoyed that very much!!!👏😊
  6. Fantastic recording Felix! I have enjoyed very much the sonority you lead to the muñeira , congratulations!!! (...I knew Xosé Liz some (so much...) years ago in an Alasdair Fraser's fiddle camp...¡what a nice person and tremendous musician!!) Bicos!
  7. A visit to your web is always a delight Bob
  8. The idea of the strap covering the entire hand is not new, of course. It can be found in Cnet some pictures (after Mike, @ragtimer) of the called "Bastari Hayden bandoneon", which strap is designed to accommodate the entire hand.
  9. Hi @DougS. I actually do not use my thumb for playing yet. As you say, in Stagi Hayden it is ( for me) impossible without putting the entire hand into the strap. The combined strap system I am thinking about, besides the design of thumb and hand plates, could allow me to play at least a coup of bass notes in right side in a "drone" style as example. In the left hand, probably some utility for the thumb could be also encountered after practising.
  10. Ah Alex!......probably the "banana-shaped" suggestion for the handrest that you made could have had its reflect in this design at some extent 😁
  11. Initially, the single bolts in both bloks have the only aim of allowing me to move them easily, looking for their best location (I can move them in all directions, and fix them at the desired location). At final, I think both blocks should be fixed (or not?...uhhhmm!). The thumb plate is parallel to the keyboard. But yesterday I incidentally discovered that swivelling the pinkie block to that angle does not constrain hand movement, but the curved design of the block allows an additional nice point of contact of the block with the base of the hand (if desired, by example: I think this additional contact could aid to control the instrument whiles playing stand up). I have noticed I only would need a 3 cm wide pinkie block .... the additional lengh of the block (up to 6 cm) had aestethic purpose...But placing it at an angle lead the entire lengh of the block to have an utility! (if desired, because whiles playing sitted my han would rest nearly exclusively on both thumb and the pinkie margin of the palm). And yes, both the thumb and hand straps are adjustable. The thumb strap adjust (a few mm margin to adjust is enough) can be done by placing a little rounded pin or hook in the righ side (even create them directly from the wood block....). This would, in addition, allow the right thumb strap clamp to swivel. Uhm..No Alex, I think that angle metal plate would be an obstacle to the thumb movements. This integrated thumb-hand strap system is nicely confortable to me, and seems to allow a lot of hand freedom with a lot of control at same time (the "black" bracket that links both straps is not only cosmetic) ☺️
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