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  1. Nice instrument and wonderful Tiersenn's cover.? Thank you for sharing.
  2. Uff!!. What interesting!. Forgive me, as I am an absolute prophane at this Matter. However I had some considerations to do. - Surprised by Richard's affirmation. I intuitively thought same frequencies triggered at same time would be on phase ?? - In uilleann pipes, I have listen to the phase lock does benefict drone sound in both stability and harmonic blending. - I wonder if the real advantage of phase lock could be that the phase difference remain stable (and small if the i.e.,Two sounds, do have same frequency -or integer multiple-). - Could the unpleasant sound referred by Theo have to do with unequal frequencies of the reeds involved, causing unstable phase differences?
  3. Nice recording!. Your voice and singing are excellent!☺️
  4. Ah..thanks Theo....that makes sense?
  5. This question does result fascinating to me. Thank you very much!!☺️ How don't get fascinated when terms as "celestial " do take part??. @Takayuki YAGITakayuki, I am intrigued by the rationale for applying this term specifically to that setup, when I think concertinas already sound celestially overall.?
  6. Interesting Stephen,Thank you! (A propos... I have noticed the Harmonika's Tipo A Mano II Class reeds are tuned with 5 cents accuracy ...An interesting matter to discuss in topic apart could be the "subjective" percepction of tuning?)
  7. As far as I understand (limited), they do. And that would be desired in order to couple the reeds involved trying to gain harmonic blending. I suppose that would be, if any, applied only to reeds acting as drones; or in a "entire" double reeded instrument as Geoff cited.
  8. As I feel a bit desperate because my holidays are near to finish?... I don't bother to share this silly question I have long time ago ( and arised after seeing the new reedpan @alex_holden is building: The question is: what about a shared Reed chamber for two or more reeds, in similar manner the hollow uillean pipe mainstock do work? I think Geoff @Geoff WooffWooff would have valuable oppinion. (My apologies if this topic was already stated in Cnet)
  9. What nice recordings!. Less pronounced, but still clear tonal difference ?
  10. Wowww what a difference!! Sort off curiosity Geoff, the title of the second one resembles to me more as catalán languaje.
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