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  1. Forgive me the crazy answer...... but have you ever seen or thought about a handrail in Hayden duet that could slightly rotate around a " central-located" screw?. In other words, a handrail attached to the end only by one screw in the middle location, instead by the conventional two screws placed close to both ends of the handrail. The purpose: to obtain some advantage in reaching the outer buttons with the pinkies if needed; also letting a no-slanted handrail the possibility to adopt a somewhat slant-like configuration for some chording.
  2. Isel

    Difficult Beast.

    .... If you can get half of the keys...yo have the half full botle Christine As Rüdiger said...the skills of playing in an ensemble.... A side comment.... There is a wonderfull TED's talk, by Itay Talgam, describing different styles of conducting an orchestra.... if you can watch it...pay attention on the passage about Von Karajan...
  3. Isel

    Difficult Beast.

    I have experienced - still happens- something similar as you tell Christine. Thinking about it, in my case, some causes are: - I worry to much because other people are hearing me...so I lost concentration in playing. - I worry to much of having an eventual fail in the tune. ..so I lost concentration in playing. - I have learned the tune...but including learning some mistakes as well...so these mistakes are prone to appear if I don't feel confident. It happens to me that I can learn nearly any tune really fast.... but It is needed to learn really well also!!. A coup of things that are very usefull for me at this respect are: - As always says the master Itzhak Pearman: "Practice slooowly ". -...And let the muscles do their job. A silly rule that works for me ( after the piper David Daye) is to play continuosly three times, correctly played, the problematic passages (better if more than three, but it is enough for me )...and stop to let the muscles fix the fingering. - And the "paradox".... If I dont worry so much of having a mistake.... I gain relax and confidence, so the mistakes do not appear. ...thus I gain more confidence...thus... Regards Isra
  4. Isel

    Stagi Concertinas

    I agree. As has been demonstrated, the quality control of Stagis seems to be weak. In addition, they do not show theirself as very fomal. IMO if a dealer assumes these rols seriously in Europe, all Stagi, the dealer and the future buyers will win.... I have a Stagi Hayden since two years and half. I dont know if the action has any of the improvements that are mentioned, although the mechanics looks like very similar to that shown in pictures exhibited in C.net a few years ago. Yes, the bellows are a bit hard to act, and the keys are hard and make sticky noises, but even so the sound is very sweet, the tuning is perfect and the action response is as quick as the speed your fingers can reach (excepting the very bass keys ). Even respond well to triplets and rolls. ... .so I am happy as this instrument has opened to me the door of the concertina world. However, I hope not being in the door of imploding bellows period as Jody says....
  5. Isel

    Tennessee Waltz on McCann

    Lovely, Steve!!
  6. Hipnotic, Adrian!!.
  7. Isel


    Agreeing with a lot of comments made, I think to play fast (and well) you must have a (smiling, of course) devil inside What about that: https://youtu.be/ytvMVM67ep8 Thank you for lot of enjoyable recordings Simon!!
  8. Isel

    testing threat link

    Thank you Leonard! Thus, a link to a threat is now unnecessary
  9. Isel

    testing threat link

    Yes Wolf! Forgive me for the misspelling!. In fact, I don' t find the way for attaching a link to a thread
  10. Hello!. Only to remember a lot of interesting opinions about the hayden slant were covered in the thread "Starting Out On Hayden Duet, Advice?".here Some questions are, however, still on the air, as example: after Rich Morse's convincing arguments in favour to slant, finnally the Beaumont Hayden has parallel... In other hand... Ron, the obscure temptation of choising a mirrored left layout (wicky style)...is strong for me...(Master Joda...where are you right now!!!)😉
  11. Isel

    wtb Wakker W-2

    Ops... I also found minor chords a bit more difficult to play than expected. But I thought It would be because my lack of enough practice (in fact, the required finger disposition - after turning the hand - is quite the same as the Re maj chord in a guitar, as example, and this is a disposition I am well familiarized with )
  12. Isel

    wtb Wakker W-2

    Interesting, Wolf!!
  13. Isel

    wtb Wakker W-2

    Well pointed out John!... I am thinking about this in relation to the case of having raised ends...
  14. Isel

    wtb Wakker W-2

    Thank you Don for your suggestion. Whether I were not sure at final, one option could be that you propose.