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  1. Isel


    Always inspiring! Merci Didie.
  2. This pudding is tastefull...though I get feeling as I'd try to square the circle (of fifhts) 😅 I agree David, all advertisements are wellcome. For more information about 1/6 comma, I have found interesting (because it discusses the compromise of playing with other musicians and still they were happy with your pitch) this Duffin's text (bellow is the link to page 4; it is important to read, at least, the final paragraphs of page 3) http://casfaculty.case.edu/ross-duffin/why-i-hate-vallotti-or-is-it-young-4-1/ Happy new year for all you!! Israel
  3. I see your collection is bursting into bloom as saguaro does in spring😉 Whiles the real one opens her eyes... . I just received these mini "Holdentinas" for my couple🤗
  4. Isel

    The First Time

    Perhaps a somewhat selective finger memory? I use to experience something similar as you refer, when I learn difficult passages ( whatever the instrument) without the necessary patience, or so much fast.... the result is for these tunes I just " learn the mistakes". But trying the same difficult passages in different tunes can result in a more clear performing... A few years ago a fidler told me: " to completely learn a song you have to forget it twice"
  5. wunks

    Thanks for your encouragement!  I've been attempting Haiku and this one felt right.


    Peace and Harmony to you and yours


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    2. Isel


      I agree!!...perhaps for this reason i find difficult to remember a haiku that I wrote somewhere:huh:

      But...fortunately...one "somewhere  " is my phone ha ha...and I have found one here. Trying to translate it, the result would be -more or less - the following ( I apologize because my not so good english....):


      January morning

      On a dark scenary

      A white fog dances


      Have you a nice and starring night!!


    3. wunks


      I like it, especially the last line.  Let's agree to exchange Haiku when they occur.  It will make us both better at it......😊



    4. wunks


      Isel (or Isra?), I think if you would send the haiku in Spanish wlth your translation it would help me a great deal to experience the moment.  I know some Spanish, perhaps just enough to make this of value!



  6. Lovely words! ... after winter solstice, some "conshelltina" arises merry christmas!
  7. Isel

    Purchasing A New Stagi Hayden In Europe

    ... have you tried to take apart the end plate?. It 's easy to extract -carefully - the litle nails. Perhaps the spring of the failing key is not well fixed.
  8. Thanks Brian and David!. Delicious tune and fantastic to enjoy both the Anglo and Duet versions
  9. Isel

    Pierced Metal Sides

    About fretted sides. There is a Wheatstone 61 key Maccan in Barleycorn, that seems to have pierced wooden sides.
  10. Isel

    Another concertina planet

    Wow.!.. Yes, a really interesting video!
  11. Isel

    Purchasing A New Stagi Hayden In Europe

    Even, with surprise, prettier than It appears.. in pictures!😁
  12. Isel

    Purchasing A New Stagi Hayden In Europe

    😕 It sounds to me... The 4 weeks the dealer promised to me resulted in around 8-9 at final... I hope you will receive the Stagi soon!!. After that I think It would needed a checking by an accordion technician... I enjoy the Stagi very much!. Honestly, It seems to me the Stagi could be a better instrument with no too difficult changes in its construction. I can try to play more things that I previosly imagined. The major defaut IMO is I thing it is a litle bit awkward, because I feel both the buttons and bellows are a bit hard to play. I feel my arms getting tired after not so much time playing.
  13. Congratulations for all people that made and make possible this web!. I don't know why...but at some extend all you make me feel here as into a second house...☺️
  14. Isel

    Wanted: Hayden Duet Concertina

    Hello. In page 2, james_Fraser offers his Morse Beaumont at an interesting price in my opinion.
  15. What a lovely tune!! Thank you Noel! (In the website, Aaron seems to play a Stagi ;-)