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  1. Hello everybody! I just give you a link to my concertina video, my humble contribution to the WCD! It will appear only on the D day, 6th february, on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/pvoD-gN6uPg
  2. Here is an extract of "Le pont Mirabeau". An arrangement of mine of a melody by French singer and composer Léo Ferré (1916-1993), on a poem from Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918). Sorry for the low quality of the video, which had to fit here. Le pont Mirabeau p2.mp4
  3. Great tune and sound of a superb instrument. Love your playing!
  4. Hello, bonjour à tous ! I've just found out (with the help of "WaybackMachine") the hidden version of my old concertina site "Concertina français", which was closed a very long time ago. Not all pages are available, but it is to be considered as an archive. Unfortunately the scores pages cannot be opened, but I keep them available for anybody who will ask me for them. All texts are in French, English an Occitan. Enjoy!
  5. A traditional tune from Provence : LA FILHA DAU LADRE Arranged for duet concertina by G. Carrère.
  6. Wonderful pieces and perfect interpretation! Your concertina sounds as it was meantone tuned. Is it?
  7. What a delightful tune, Adrian! I wonder if a 30 button anglo is lighter than a same size duet (46 button, I think)? I'll try tightening my straps, and play my easiest tunes as often as possible, keeping standing, as you suggest, and let my fingers and hands find the right position. Thanks!
  8. Some news of my duet concertina channel: still only five tunes available, but I look forward to recording some more... as soon as I'll receive my new microphones (one of my microvox ones is broken), circa february, 15. I have all the scores of the tunes and arrangements. Just ask for them, I can send them in PDF. So long!
  9. Nice, moving picture. Yes, just let the instrument stay in its natural position. That must be the best idea when playing when standind up! Thanks, Little John!
  10. Wow! such a wonderfull tune, and wonderfully played! Surprinsingly your (beautiful) Crane duet tends to stay horizontal. Maybe it's possible with standard sized instruments: mine is bigger than that. Thanks, Little John!
  11. Such interesting experiences! I keep the idea of the little finger, acting like on english concertina. But perhaps difficult on a McCann, when you're used to use your four fingers all the time. But I'll try, perhaps for simple tunes.
  12. Hi Didie, did you finally try to play using that knee rest?
  13. Hello Didie! That's what I did in the past every time it was possible, and still do today, I mean playing standing up, left end of my concertina on left thigh, left foot on a stool. I was just wondering if it was possible to play duets with both ends free, as english concertina players do ... but it's true they have this finger plate that helps a lot keeping the instrument in horizontal position. I've tried to tighten my straps, but with no significant results, apart from hinder the movement of the fingers!
  14. Thanks Steve. I already have a Presonus Audiobox USB 96, that I received some days ago.
  15. Thanks RAc! I learned a lot following your link. So I think I'd rather not use phantom power, and the PSU will do the job. I don't want to spoil my precious microphones.
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