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  1. I stopped in at the Martin (cajun) accordion factory in Scott, Louisiana on the way back home around Christmas time. I was surprised to see they had a few anglos in their repair area... There must be some concertina players in the area because of the prevalent accordion culture. Anyway yeah, put that harp in a brace and squeeze out some tunes!
  2. That was awesome, would love to see the full clown / acrobatics act!
  3. Sitting on the tracks on a hot day in January...Happy New Year!
  4. A good oldtime tune for the concertina. Many people learn this first on other instruments, why not the squeezebox?
  5. Alright this is the best I got. It is likely some of this will not make sense! The lowercase letters are middle octave, uppercase low, and * high. This one has a low Bb melody note that I sort of fake by playing the Bb chord on the left side and playing a d on the right side during the big "Ghost riders in the sky part". I hope this is something close to intelligible. Key of Dm | d,b,d,e | f2,d,c | c,A,c2 | | d,b,d,e | f2,g,a | a,g,a2 | | d*,d*,c*,a | a,g,a,a | f,d,d,d | |d,c,d,d | d, f8 | d,d,c,d4 | | a,a,a,c4 | d,d,d,a4 | this is the yippi ti yo line. |Bb 4 | F 4 | D 4 | this is the Ghost Riders in the sky line.
  6. Thank you! I would certainly be willing but I'm not sure how to do it. Could you point me to an example of ABC notation?
  7. Hey thanks a lot! I agree it doesn't quite work as well but it is fun to try to see what is possible.
  8. Thanks Simon, I appreciate it. I try to keep it short for all the short attention spans out there!
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