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    English Concertina-currently Lachenall 48key English circa 1863, and Lachenal New Model 56 Button English - Enjoy transcribing stuff into Easy Notes as my eyes are not what they were..
    I have also started watercolour painting which I am enjoying

    73 yrs Disabled Pensioner Suffering from receeding youth.
    The body might not work properly but hopefully the music makes the brain stay in shape.
    I play all the right notes but maybe not in the right order.
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  1. Since finishing Xmas 2019, I have been messing about. Now I am getting to grips with the VCam thing and the associated software I thought I try to Improve on the PDF's which I attach yo my posts. I have found how to make them more realistic to players by not only outing a printable pdf with my posts, but to animate them as well. You will note that I am NOT playing along with these two offerings I have chosen a piano sound font which fits with the pdf. There are two versions one is Portrait Mode and the Other in Landscape mode both of the same tune and same tempo. I have again attached a linke to Google Cloud for each One. I really would PLEASE ask for relies comments good or poor. I will let you decide which format people prefer, I have not uploaded these to Utube as yet as I wait for comments on Google Cloud. Many thanks to all who have viewed Xmas 2019, hopefully this format of PFD's might well work in 2020. Again many thanks for viewing in the past Auld Lang Syne PORTRAIT https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pxUPPTyQnKUIUtICVpu6x9MxI413c7a_ Auld Lang Syne LSCAPE https://drive.google.com/open?id=110KPnNdP9ioy05OJ3z30VC1qLlpJ67jG Regards to all Dave
  2. Well I have just finished my small offering, In order to put it here I have used a Google Drive Link. Hope you like as always tips & hints and comments most welcome, I have had to cut the number of pages to make it fit into the space I have available on google drive. Below the link to the tune book hope it works ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ITEjObLZNYXh2LBDVrCmnJTVBUxJV6a5/view?usp=sharing Regards Dave
  3. Thanks glad you like it check out The Dark Island Post in the same area as this post, I love that tune a nice slow air, I recorded just using Audacity Audio Software,it's free and still available although not longer supported by the team that produced it, it is still one of the best I have used, try it . The tune is the theme for a BBC Radio Drama Play about spies and stuff in the Isles Of Scotland, is also known under different titles. If you7 want any further help or info pls pm me and I will be glad to try and help Regards Dave
  4. Thanks John I've tried google one-drive that bit seemed ok below the URL they have given me hope this works its the small one I posted above. Then I can crack on and finish the complete tune book. Again many thanks https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AN9f3YXBaTr_X349W7a0grsI81-7Bfcg
  5. just testing pdf upload link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AN9f3YXBaTr_X349W7a0grsI81-7Bfcg
  6. Hi again, this time I have put the first few pages of a Xmas Tune book in PDF form, which I am currently finishing. The full larger version cannot be loaded onto this forum so I am seeking help to find a way putting it somewhere and then provide the URL for anybody to look at or download for free. So any help or advice other than try to sell me my own website I don't have the ability or the time to do that. Please give me your thought's there are players out there with far more technology skills than I. thanking you in advance. Sample PDF below EASY NOTES XMAS 2019.pdf Regards Dave
  7. Thanks Mike, I do look as the Morris ring quite often especially at the abc list, the two variation you mention are both listed under Winster, living where I do it is not too far from "The Miners Standard" in Winster villager in the Peak District. The dots I put up here is from the tune I was shown by another box player, even older than me! Many thanks Dave
  8. This is quite a short tune which is normally repeated as required the PDF is below There seems to be something not right in showing the MP4 but id you copy the UR$L and past into your browsaer it seems to work https://youtu.be/1VQeePLT60E Winster Processional_new_part.pdf
  9. Hi Again Hope this works the MP4 now included and the original PDF version which I note is not exactly what some people think it should be but in my last reply there are far too many different versions. Does it sound right listening, do the dots make the same tune. Again this is starting point for beginners and people who do not read the dots Here is the PDF The Dark Island.pdf Dave The Dark Island.pdf
  10. Thanks Ted for the comments, sorry so taking so long to reply. I copied the abc and exported it into midi, I then ran it in another notation package. The package came up with the layout you saw, so maybe it loses or gains something in exporting and importing. Because of this I looked round the net for any other variations. After visiting a number if sites I gave up at roughly 490 versions plus a large number which used various different titles, the is even a "very loose" version which is used in The Patriot Games. My main intention was to help new players especially those who cannot read the dots, all they want to do to start with is be able to play a simple tune their friends and relatives can recognise. From Small Acorns etc., Regards Dave
  11. Thanks Pau, I'd like to say it was intentional, but not, just poor typing. I am always referring to your tune books and actually add to them to increase my own collection. Many thanks for providing us all with such a wealth of tunes. Regards Dave
  12. Getting ready early, nice simple tune with PDF Hoping to follow up with New Victorian Carol PDF Book in same easy notes, when I have found away of placing it somewhere with a link It's too big for this forum, and I don't want a website with all that entails. Tried to post a trail version onto Utube but no success, so any help or advice would be great. Then I can post it somewhere and it is free to all to download. Regards Dave In The Winter's Snow.pdf
  13. Only the second Live recording still getting to grips with camcorder and playing at same time! why do they make remote controls so difficult. Have included three PDFs one all one one page, second over two sheets and third The Lyrics Any replies or comments welcome Regards Dave Fiddlers Green 1 Page.pdf Fiddlers Green 2 Pages.pdf Fiddlers Green Lyrics.pdf
  14. Audacity is the prog I use to physically record my playing using a cheapo external mic, I when finished exported the audio file as MPs, I then used an old copy of Switch Sound File Converter to turn the MP3 into a MIDI file. Notation Composers only accepts MIDI or XML or its own NOT files. Once the midi has been loaded it produces the sheet music. If you say use ABC and play it in ABC, you can then also export ABC into a midi file, load into Notation and job done new sheet music you can manipulate save in Notation or as I do and also EXPORT file to PDF. That's what I have been posting. The File Switch Software is available but to get the midi conversion now I think you have to buy a Pro Version, but Im sure that there are others out there. When I get to the stage of not having any MIDI files I would just use ABC to produce them. Hope this helps a little I keep no secrets too more interested in the music than the technology. Regards Dave
  15. SPRUNGHUB Thanks for the reply, I too have some difficulty with this modern technology hence my last edit. I can play and record that's bits fine in Audacity which is still a FREE program, I can choose to keep a recording in it's own format which I do as a backup. It also has the ability to allow me to export the tune as a MP3 audio file. Then I use a audio file converter prog to produce a MIDI file. That midi is then loaded into the Notatation Composer software. which itself converts the midi to a readable/playable piece of sheet music, just adjust the layout to suit yourself and export as a PDF File It sounds complicated but it is not really, the hard bit is when I import the MP3 into the Video Editing software it puts it into a sound track and up to now I have just imported a picture as well and that goes into a video track, save as Whatever name and then upload to U-tube it then gives you the link (URL) to the tune which in theory I then Insert into the posts, along with the PDF and as is by magic it should all work. I am now at the stage where the last bit of posting to the forum goes pear shaped. Some times its works sometimes I get it wrong..as in GREEN FIELDs I shall keep trying and one day it will all come together. So if anyone out there can tell me where I going wrong please tell me. I think this question should be a subject for another type of website, but I am only interested in the playing and enjoying the music. Regards Dave
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