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    English Concertina-currently Lachenall 48key English circa 1850 - Enjoy transcribing stuff into Easy Notes as my eyes are not what they were.

    70 yrs Disabled Pensioner Suffering from receding youth.
    The body might not work properly but hopefully the music makes the brain stay in shape.
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  1. voyager

    Tune & Easy Notes Sweet Chiming Bells

    Thanks Pau, I'd like to say it was intentional, but not, just poor typing. I am always referring to your tune books and actually add to them to increase my own collection. Many thanks for providing us all with such a wealth of tunes. Regards Dave
  2. Getting ready early, nice simple tune with PDF Hoping to follow up with New Victorian Carol PDF Book in same easy notes, when I have found away of placing it somewhere with a link It's too big for this forum, and I don't want a website with all that entails. Tried to post a trail version onto Utube but no success, so any help or advice would be great. Then I can post it somewhere and it is free to all to download. Regards Dave In The Winter's Snow.pdf
  3. Only the second Live recording still getting to grips with camcorder and playing at same time! why do they make remote controls so difficult. Have included three PDFs one all one one page, second over two sheets and third The Lyrics Any replies or comments welcome Regards Dave Fiddlers Green 1 Page.pdf Fiddlers Green 2 Pages.pdf Fiddlers Green Lyrics.pdf
  4. Audacity is the prog I use to physically record my playing using a cheapo external mic, I when finished exported the audio file as MPs, I then used an old copy of Switch Sound File Converter to turn the MP3 into a MIDI file. Notation Composers only accepts MIDI or XML or its own NOT files. Once the midi has been loaded it produces the sheet music. If you say use ABC and play it in ABC, you can then also export ABC into a midi file, load into Notation and job done new sheet music you can manipulate save in Notation or as I do and also EXPORT file to PDF. That's what I have been posting. The File Switch Software is available but to get the midi conversion now I think you have to buy a Pro Version, but Im sure that there are others out there. When I get to the stage of not having any MIDI files I would just use ABC to produce them. Hope this helps a little I keep no secrets too more interested in the music than the technology. Regards Dave
  5. SPRUNGHUB Thanks for the reply, I too have some difficulty with this modern technology hence my last edit. I can play and record that's bits fine in Audacity which is still a FREE program, I can choose to keep a recording in it's own format which I do as a backup. It also has the ability to allow me to export the tune as a MP3 audio file. Then I use a audio file converter prog to produce a MIDI file. That midi is then loaded into the Notatation Composer software. which itself converts the midi to a readable/playable piece of sheet music, just adjust the layout to suit yourself and export as a PDF File It sounds complicated but it is not really, the hard bit is when I import the MP3 into the Video Editing software it puts it into a sound track and up to now I have just imported a picture as well and that goes into a video track, save as Whatever name and then upload to U-tube it then gives you the link (URL) to the tune which in theory I then Insert into the posts, along with the PDF and as is by magic it should all work. I am now at the stage where the last bit of posting to the forum goes pear shaped. Some times its works sometimes I get it wrong..as in GREEN FIELDs I shall keep trying and one day it will all come together. So if anyone out there can tell me where I going wrong please tell me. I think this question should be a subject for another type of website, but I am only interested in the playing and enjoying the music. Regards Dave
  6. I recorded this on Audacity file before I got my new camcorder thing, so the video bit is a picture of my concertina and the audio track is from the MP3 from Audacity. I have included two PDF files one is the dots all on one page the other is the dots spread over two pages It depends whether which suit your own eyesight. Regards Dave Regards GREEN FIELDS OF FRANCE-1Page.pdf GREEN FIELDS OF FRANCE-2 Pages.pdf
  7. A Nice lttle tune I recorded on Audacity before I goy my new camcorder thing. As usual below the PDF any comments/replies welcome, mybe one day outing this stuff together may become easier Regards Dave Sweet Chiming Bells.pdf
  8. This time me playing mistake near end three PDF's in three keys Insert other media.url Silent Night C.pdf Silent Night D.pdf Silent Night G.pdf
  9. voyager

    Tune & Easy Notes

    Mathahg & Lachenal To try and answer both your comments I give below the exact method I have used. I use Audacity to make a audio recording playing my Lachenal 56 Button New Model Extended Treble English Conertina, once I have done the recording I "try" to clean up the recording. I then export that audio as a midi file. I then use Notation Software Composer Version for Windows to turn the midi into a readable "normal" tune sheet, then use a facility to insert the note key into the note-heads. Then merely export finished file as a PDF. For Lachenal we did have a great Market in Bolton until the council closed the bus station next to it (to sell the land) who would trust any politician. Regards Dave
  10. Another tune with video and PDF Any comments or suggestions welcome, we are all still learning The Dark Island.pdf
  11. voyager

    Tune & Easy Notes

    The way I produce the pdf music is quite simple, I choose a tune from abc or other source, turn the music into a midi file, then import into a US composer program which I bought years ago and load the midi and manipulate the score, one option is to "show pitch in notedheads" it also allow me to resize the notes to whatever size I wish so I try to just fill an A4 page. Print out as a PDF. The company in the US closed after the early death of the designer some years ago, but was later bought by a German Company, they still offer the program, but now can only support Windows, it does not appear to work on IOS any longer. I can give you full details if you pm me I have the windows version and have no problem running with latest version of Win10 I would gladly give you a copy but the way it is set up a none transferable reg key, I cannot even move it from the computer it is on to a newer computer unless I pay for a extra licence. Dave
  12. voyager

    Tune & Easy Notes

    Below The tune as I recorded and the PDF giving Easy Notes this is my first in trying this, when I have got to grips with the cam-cordeer I hope to video me playing this is aimed at new players and beginners. Any comments very welcome, we are all still learning. In the Bleak Midwinter_new_part.pdf
  13. voyager

    Hoping Last Test

    Yes that seems ok All I've got to do next is to get to grips with my new camcorder, will not bore anyone till I can produce an acceptable video clip, I not old 73trs, I merely suffer from re-receding youth. Thanks to all who helped any gave me tips and advice. Any comments welcome
  14. voyager

    Hoping Last Test

    I am really hoping this works after my previos efforts It's just a short tune you may know the two parts
  15. voyager

    Just another test