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  1. Just to say thanks for the opinions expressed. My question came from hearing a claim that Jones were often of crude construction so I wondered if others had the same experience. Whether or no that is so, owners clearly value and enjoy their 'boxes.' For me, I'd guess that the SA ethos would not favour the flashy but would have wanted something that cope with the rigours of the Street Mission.
  2. Thanks for your reply and well-informed comments. I didn't really think the SA was 'into' a throw-away culture. I love the sound of mine and see it as a no-frills workhorse.
  3. G Jones, can I put a couple more questions, please? Is the difference in key layout a problem for anyone? I have a wooden-ended Salvation Army 26 key in Ab/Eb. Assuming the Officers got the metal-ended ones, what was the choice for the 'Other Ranks'? Was the view - a hard life so go for durability or rather 'buy cheap, play to destruction then ditch? Is retuning to G/D generally a success? Not that I want to do that.
  4. For a simple harmony, try adding the note to the left (example button 2 with button 3) with the first and third note in each bar (group). See if you like the effect. Then maybe learn the tune on the right hand (start: pull 7, 9, push 8,7...) Then come back for left hand chords -2 or 3 chords will be enough. I agree it is useful to use the staff notation for your tune and your keyboard layout to add button numbers
  5. £1400-ish to buy it now. More info needed but on the face of it.. Shame we're out of Europe .
  6. 'Ottone' - Thanks for the update - I had wondered for ages but not enough to find the truth.
  7. Marc Serafini has a diatonic 'modele ottone ( = brass ) on YT. He used to offer brass reeds ( anches ottone ) as an extra so I guess they were seen as better? Maybe you could ask him.
  8. Its worth depends partly on where you are and is probably more than you think. 1948-50 is not the most valued period but maybe not the least. In UK, Barleycorn Concertinas site may give you an idea - a search will turn up other dealers/repairers. Hobgoblin is a loose chain of shops in UK that does concertinas. IN USA there is Concertina Connection among others. It is an Anglo instrument and 30 key is probably the most popular - especially in Ireland. Good luck!
  9. I've resisted temptation until now but: Quote: 'The asking price on ebay is just speculative and I'm sure it wont sell for that.'
  10. I agree with all the encouraging views re playing both. Caution on the PA: I have never heard of a former PA player who regretted the switch to a CBA. Any prior learning advantage from piano would not last not least because the PA and piano are so different. Compact layout and regularity of fingering of a CBA is likely to be much more positive over time. If buying new a Weltmeister is generally considered a better buy than a Hohner. If buying old then the opposite is more likely. If not cash sensitive, why not get another Saltarelle: (11) "Empreinte" - Florence Glorion - YouTube
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