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  1. arti

    26 buttons oncertina?

    This: https://thesession.org/ may be useful to help you on your way?
  2. arti

    Playing with Anna Magdalena

    If it is any help, I've found this a good source of EC tunes - and no doubt even better for a Crane: J.S. Bach: First Lessons In Bach - 28 Pieces (Schirmer Performance Edition) (Hal Leonard Piano Library) see here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/J-S-Bach-Lessons-Schirmer-Performance/dp/1495007316/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=bach+piano+schirmer+first+lessons&qid=1553101115&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  3. arti

    Call and response

    Kan-ha-diskan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSWwHQXt0d8 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTSAHnR77hQ ??
  4. I'm sure Sue is 'still around' but very sadly, I believe John is not. In any event, North Dorset (England) would be quite a long way to send a case for repair.
  5. You have found a number of respected dealers generally with decades of experience finding/pricing/refurbishing and maintaining instruments. They depend on their reputation to survive in a small world. Have your family buy you the best you can afford if possible from the widest available choice.
  6. Some factors: - At least one of the dealers you found offers a trial - delivery costs at your expense in both directions. - A 'vintage' box can always be resold - true only for some hybrids. - An Anglo is probably easier to resell if you decide it's not for you but you could likely resell a Rochelle quite easily. - Going from a Handry 18 to a cheap hybrid/vintage will almost certainly be a huge disappointment. Concertinas are expensive - like diatonics only more so. Would you be happy with a used Corona II for example? - Brass reeds are usually a bad idea. - For 'Vintage' instruments, shops may be less reliable than small dealers. - With the current £ --> euro rate you have about a 20% advantage (linguistic note: faire acheter - have my family buy me, get my family to buy me, persuade my family to buy me. 'Make them buy' suggests constraint.) And to be really unhelpful, it's arguable you get more music per £ with an English as they are less popular than Anglos at present.
  7. arti

    Painting Discovered In Arles

    Now that really made me smile!
  8. arti

    Painting Discovered In Arles

    Google: Van Gogh la Berceuse
  9. arti

    Information On My Ec

    Thank you - that's a very good idea. I'm not sure I'm brave enough but will try to work up the courage.
  10. arti

    Information On My Ec

    Thanks for the speedy reply - I did know that bit and am really hoping for info prior to that. The thought is appreciated.
  11. (Perhaps this should be in "History" but I reckon more people come here more often, so I've cheated a bit) I recently bought a Wheatstone 48 key EC serial no. 36248. The ledger entry is January 1957 It was sold at auction in May 2017, I believe in Macclesfield but Liverpool is possible. I'd really like to know about its history between 1957 and May 2017. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Richard
  12. arti

    Hohner D40 And Other Concertinas That Suck

    My first was a Scholer from the DDR - from memory £12 in about 1970. I still remember the wheezy sound of the bellows. The brass reeds went out of tune in 3 months. I see they are still around and described as "vintage" on ebayuk - still offered with the same tutor book. This led to a Crabb Anglo model 7A (octagonal) a couple of years later. At £109 pounds it was around a month's pay. Because of inflation and the oil crisis the price went up to £150 during the build but I still bought it.
  13. arti

    Square Herrington Anglo For Sale

    $1000 = £760 over 70 years, that's £10 a year I'd join others with a contribution. One condition: if you ever did sell the (a) concertina, I'd like you to pass on my contribution to someone else.
  14. After a concert, Ry Cooder was chatting to a fan who said: "That's a great sounding guitar you have there, Ry." He looked across the room at the guitar on its stand and said: "Don't sound so good now!" [been meaning to join in for ages, not sure this was the best choice]