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Button (key) repair

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Blimey, that's a bit high tech.

...................that's what I thought; but he explained there is very little heat transference up the key....very localised application of heat.

            I am  curious to find out how much I will pay for this modern technology........

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Here's the follow up......cost Cnd $ 56.00 ( £31.00)

     I thought this was quite pricey; in hindsight I should have taken it to a small independant jeweller rather than a province-wide chain.

           Nice job though............the bottom key, with three dampers, is the repaired one.



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7 minutes ago, David Barnert said:

Looks like the domes are not quite the same shape


I think it might be a bit of an optical delusion. Either way it's got to be within pretty miniscule tolerances. Maybe it is a bit more rounded, but I'd be pretty happy with that job.

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