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Elastic band

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When I first got a Concertina I was at NESI . The gentleman from the Button Box explained I should not leave my Concertina just out on the table. He said it was important to leave the bellows closed. So he said I should leave it in the case or get a band to keep it closed. At the time I figured I would always keep it in the case. 

But now it want to practice more shorter sessions during the day so having it out would keep encouraging me to pick it back up.

Could anyone describe what a “band” should look like, how it is made? A picture?

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I went to the sewing shop and got a few feet of velcro. Cut a piece long enough to go round the bellows a bit more than once, and voila! (or viola! if you are also a string player) That is what Doug (who you most likely spoke to) at the BBox does with his concertinas on display. I do this for all my modern instruments/old instruments with new bellows. On an old thread here somewhere, Dana Johnson explained the reasons new bellows should be compressed when not in use, and I certainly respect his reasoning. Once bellows are 100 years old or so the memory is pretty well set and compression is less of a concern, so you may omit the strap at that point.  ?



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