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  1. Devils' Dream

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    OK, I get it Jody, it's not 1951 and Irwin Silber's not publishing Sing Out in the Village, BUT even Sing Out still lives, tho in PA. And tho US "folk" music is a lot more diverse than it used to be (coal miner + anglo + black, etc. etc.) as the posts show, more international, multi-cultural, it's still near as prevalent as always. Agreed, no more Newport, no more Fox Hollow, no Gerdes, but still plenty of various festivals in US and Canada. You've been to Clifftop I think. New York City may be affecting your perspective? (what's that famous poster that shows NYC, then the Hudson River, then plains of nothing?)
  2. Devils' Dream


    I used Garys Easy 123 book to learn on my G/D and it was fine, using the tablature. After one gets the hang of the button patterns you can learn the "actual" notes to read from dots...
  3. Devils' Dream

    In praise of a good hard case

    Kaizen foam is nicer and more durable. Recommended.
  4. Devils' Dream

    Case for carrying 2 concertinas

    Lawrence sounds like a man with his priorities straight and his s%$t together. (note >>nested shot glasses)
  5. My mistake. I meant 7 fold, which is what I did order. Not sure why I forgot. I liked the sound of dural reeds but the response of TAM is much better and they do sound more like "real" concertina reeds. Especially on the D row. The black is really nice, tho I went with the cherry after all. I was going to get the black with green felt. Would that look cool or what?
  6. Rainbow: Sounds good. I have been to Sutherland many times and they have a great shop. Hand made. They don't actually skin the goats, tho. Be sure to get TAM reeds, IMO. Also 31 button. 8 fold. The TAM reeds improve response, especially for G/D. This recommended to me from Steve Freereeder (she was spot on wth this).
  7. Morse has a dealer in the EU somewhere...
  8. Devils' Dream

    MIDI concertina project

    But when you do it....
  9. Devils' Dream

    MIDI concertina project

    SS: Needs to be a labor of love, I guess. Steve Rouses Strebs are reasonably priced similar to a nice "real" melodeon of similar construction. But then he has over the years amortized the R&D/proto/production into what is now the finished product. They are "small user uptake" as you say, but he has a wait list and used ones sell in one day... And the software is cool. Besides being able to change to any key, you can customize the buttons, the voices, etc. etc. Want to try an F#'' drone? Oops, make that an A#', no prob. Play concertina on one side and bass viol on the other? No prob. Economically, tho, the Roland FR18 should have been a hit, but wasn't, so maybe you are right...
  10. Devils' Dream


    No question, call Button Box in Sutherland MA (near Northampton). This is not a particularly valuable concertina, but also not junk, so you don't want to be taken if you decide to sell it. Also might need some work, and BB will give you the straight. Trustworthy.
  11. Devils' Dream

    MIDI concertina project

    Having a Streb provides insight to a lot of your comments here. Cannot imagine not having the bellows and bellows/attack expression controls. The Lachenel patch is pretty nice.
  12. Devils' Dream

    Warning: Purchase Scam/fraud

    When you get to the point where you have the heebie-jeebies either 1) don't do it, or 2) get a phone number and call. Not that a phone call always makes it right, or that language/cost/time zone won't be an issue, but person to person will either take you to #1 or tell you to go ahead. Still, stay with Paypal. IMO.
  13. Devils' Dream

    Fiddle tune books/lot of 5

    To be sold as a lot: The Scottish Violinist, J. Scott Skinner B&F 307 VGC Allan's Irish Fiddler, Mozart Allan VGC Country Dances (Jigs, Reels and Strathspeys) Haywood and Newton, Prowse 1983, K.P. & Co. 3805 near EC One Thousand Fiddle Tunes, Cole Publ. c, 1940 red reprint, 1970's GC * O'Neill's Music of Ireland, Miles Krassen, Oak Publ. 1976 VGC * this one is probably pick of the litter, full of chestnuts, getting rare All five for one price. US$75 plus actual shipping.