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  1. Got a little interested in Transferwise (now called Wise) from Alex' post. They are not exactly privacy angels, but these days, who is? Data Linked to You The following data may be collected and linked to your identity: • Purchases • Financial Info • Contact Info • Contacts • User Content • Search History • Identifiers • Usage Data • Diagnostics Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.
  2. Ken, nonetheless, doing a nice job. Ads so discrete never noticed. (so much for your marketing muscle 😀 ) On topic to the OP: I sent a decent size wire transfer to UK via my bank (Wells Fargo) to theirs (HSBC). "NEVER AGAIN".
  3. RAc, understand completely. The internet has a lot to answer for. No such thing as a free lunch. "Slightly" more on topic, it always amazes me what a nice job concertina.net (and melodeon.net) do as (using the word carefully) "hobby" sites. No ads, no crap. Appropriate moderation. Helpful membership. Etc. Maybe there are some internet miracles.
  4. Agreed that Paypal can be a PITA, but the whole point is the expense of providing the 2-way "safety" of transaction and many actually want "PayPal's habit of freezing your funds on the slightest suspicion of illicit activity." 99/100 they fix it. 9/10 they fix it relatively fast. Many don't like sending 1000 dollars/euros/pounds/whatever blindly.
  5. Should anyone be in urgent need of a very nice Streb, please see my Buy and Sell on melodeon.net BTW, it has a wicked Lachenal Edeophone voice!
  6. Chris, I like all Garys books. Don't get too ambitious with "Harmonic Style" right away. Start at the beginning. Pick one tune you really like. Gary has great YouTubes for nearly all of them. Once you get the hang of it, it is fun....
  7. Back in the sands of time (mid or late 1960's) I was on 48th St. looking for an "accordion" (actually looking for a diatonic button box but didn't hardly know the difference). Naturally no luck (in those days, as I remember, 70 or 80% guitar/drum shops, 10% band instruments and 10% sheet music). As luck would have it, some guy said hey, around the corner on B'way there is this guy Boris Matusevitch who will know about it. So I look him up in the white pages and walk over (too cheap for a dime call!) I ring the bell/buzzer, can't remember, and go on up. Did not realize this was a
  8. Agree with Don about the "stealability" issue. Another half-way decent case, and quite light, often can be found cheap and faded NOS on Ebay are the Hohner 10x, originally made for Pokerworks,, etc.
  9. Though not small, the Nanuk 918 has room for foam and blocking.
  10. Take a look at the Nanuks. Similar to Storm/Pelican but slightly different dimensions and a tad lighter.
  11. Yipes. Fellow needs some friends or associates to prevent him from broadcasting "Hello, I am an idiot" to the world.
  12. They have an email filter. Use the website message function.
  13. Contrary advice: Do not buy a 4K Euro first instrument. With respect, you do not know what you want, yet. Buy a new or used 1K Euro box in good shape from a reputable source and play for a year. Bought 2nd hand, won't depreciate much. Then you will know what size, type, weight, materials, etc. you might want to wait a couple of years and 4-5K Euro for. IMO.
  14. I do like Theo's practical take on this. Helpfully find another headliner! But, ladies and gents, all this social/scientific intellectualizing... You could get hit by a bus tomorrow...
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