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  1. I think this is what gets my attention for the "German" concertina. I guess it is kind of the concertina equivalent of my CF Erica.
  2. Sebastian--nice "Fighting Temeraire"! Missed it the first time on Melnet.
  3. Thanks all, and Bill (for the note). Will follow your leads. Did not realized they were "relatively" common. I like the sound, especially in the octave voicing.
  4. Hello all: Listening to some old chestnuts, this one the vinyl "Irish Trad. Concertina Styles (TOPIC/FREE REED 12TRFS506 1977) there are several cuts by "Mrs. Ellen O'Dwyer" playing a concertina marked "House Brand" that is double reeded. It's definitely anglo/diatonic, but what exactly is it? Sounds great. Played great. Anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, regards, Steve
  5. Thread drift: maybe start another thread if any interest. I guess it's more a matter a pitch. I know I have to play my DG Pokerwork for morris and love doing it. And I have pipe and drum and have learned from the family: to be played outside only. But I like the concertina in GD, play my Erica at home in CF and see that most of the patches on my Streb are set at CF or lower. Gary Coover's and others playing CG in harmonic style tones it down. But as much as I generally like ITM overall, on the concertina it can get, well...high pitched. Seems like more people would have GD's but I see from the thread that CG is the way.
  6. But if you don't play ITM too much, C/G sure is squeeky! (G/D player, proud minority)
  7. But if you don't play ITM too much, C/G sure is squeeky! (G/D player, proud minority)
  8. Like Wolf says, single line of melody isn't a stretch on the Anglo. Harmonic style is where the Anglo becomes "fun".
  9. Agree with Howard near 100%. Push-pull the same. Aside from that they are so different. In a good way. To my mind, the melodeon is easily sorted: bass on the left, treble on the right. When you get good, you can learn to play a little bass run on the left and some chords on the right. Anglo is treble on both sides, just lower on the left, allowing bass to be played there. But you can play treble on both sides at once. You can on some tunes play it like a duet. You can play chords on both sides. Accidentals are all over the place. Reverses are all over the place. It can be crazy fun or no fun at all. To the OP: Try before you buy. It is an easy instrument to play badly, but a hard instrument to play well. IMO.
  10. If you REALLY want to be prepared, be ready to open it up, i.e. prove nothing hid inside. Had this happen to me ONCE with trusty Pokerwork returning Boston (pre-cannabis law) from Amsterdam. (!) Easy enough to pull the pins. Not so convenient on concertina.
  11. I was very interested to see (hear) that Gary Coover recently "upgraded" to a newer hybrid. It sounded so good that I emailed him to verify that it wasn't one of Wolvertons concertina-reeded models (!)
  12. Just another comment to the OP on the quote "not lose any money..." Please do keep in mind that nearly all concertinas depreciate and are hobbies, not investments. Though I do believe the trade back plans that are offered are the closest.
  13. It were me, I would consider skipping the cheap stuff, they are OK but not really fun to play, don't "spark joy" of ownership and don't have a pleasing tone, IMO. They are fine but... I would look at 20 button refurbs like Greg Jowaisas does (did I spell that right?) which give you a Lachenal or similar, playability, tone, looks, pride and best, re-sale. Then learn to play. Next year or the year after, decide what you want... 2nd choice would be upgrade plan from Button Box. Nothing to lose here. Starter instrument thats been fettled, trade-in plan, etc. I think it does limit you to trade in on a Morse tho, so if you end wanting to get into the hard stuff...
  14. This is breaking my heart! I don't have the experience to contribute but am of the population that would be crying out for it. Perhaps someone who is going could bring it up at NESI.
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