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  1. Devils' Dream

    New to Concertina and music in general

    Slow down, dude! You just got this thing and are just learning how to play. When you have learned and can play everything in Gary's 1-2-3 and Pirate book, see where you are then. You may find that you have a lot better handle on the box and may not even keep the one you have, especially if you are going to learn to sing along (may be too high pitched). In which case you will be looking for a new box with new button in different keys. So stick to Gary's fine repertoire and copious videos, for now. Chill.🦄
  2. Devils' Dream

    New to concertina

    When Garys book arrives (hope you ordered Easy Anglo 1-2-3) all will be revealed!
  3. Devils' Dream

    High jacking threads..etiquette

    Agreement here. Melnet is similar. Leave price opinions elsewhere. Here on cnet I have found that the moderators do a pretty good job tho of stepping in if it gets too crazy or off track or circular... But you DO NOT want to have cnet become too ebay/etsy like where someone can show up and post a "Vintage Hohner D-40 Concertina" for US$2500 with no one making comment
  4. Devils' Dream

    High jacking threads..etiquette

    Depends. Cnet has an awful lot of "for sale" postings with no price, pictures, etc. They are not really for sale posts. Go ahead and comment away. OTOH, when one is posting a true "for sale" with the usual price, pictures, condition, etc. etc. then, hey, stick to the subject and leave it clean. IMO.
  5. Devils' Dream

    starting anglo concertina

    Me, I never have been able to truly appreciate the high lonesome CG concertina (same with the DG melodeon). Give me a GD 'tina or a CF melodeon! But point made, Wolf; easy to be comfortable with the slightly different pitch when learning "how the tune goes" and the relative pitch between buttons. To Gary's point, "somebody" must be appreciating lower pitch, as there do seem to be more GD players (besides me) and someone is buying all these baritone hybrid boxes...
  6. Devils' Dream

    starting anglo concertina

    Gary Coover's Easy Anglo is practically guaranteed to get one started. Plus he has exact repro's on You Tube of most tunes. After you can make the thing play, then you can go in whatever direction you want. Gary will get you from "squak" to tunes in a week.
  7. Devils' Dream

    Looking for octave (below) C/G Anglo

    David, isn't this why the Button Box ESB's were invented?
  8. Devils' Dream

    Ear Pain, Ringing from Higher Notes

    Does it happen no matter where in the house you play? Try playing in a crowded closet with lot of hanging clothes. Not kidding. Looking for errant harmonics.
  9. Devils' Dream

    DG Melodeon to GD Anglo?

    Jones has it right, IMO. The Q, Biscuit, is "why"? Are you wanting the size, the sound or the style, or ? of the Anglo. In some ways, maybe you want a DG Lilly? I got a GD Anglo because I liked the sound of the harmonic playing style. I do find it completely different from playing melodeon, except the push/pull and scales are pretty much familiar along the 1-2 rows. AND the buttons are damn close together, for better or worse.
  10. Devils' Dream

    DG Melodeon to GD Anglo?

    Define "easy".
  11. Devils' Dream

    inking on Buttons

    I understand. Not likely to find near "NOS" from the 1880's.... Is there a picture of what Stephen is looking to do, i.e. the originals anywhere, that I could see (cure my ignorance)
  12. Devils' Dream

    inking on Buttons

    Stephen, my ignorance... Related question, tho, regarding "restoring": cannot "original" buttons be found?
  13. Devils' Dream

    inking on Buttons

    Stephen: why not make a note chart and "learn" the buttons? There are plenty of them already out there and near all the method books have them. Or a lot of folks these days learn at first from tablature (Gary Coover has excellent and easy tabs). Very few players, even absolute beginners seems to "need" the buttons marked... (why exactly do you want to do this?)
  14. Devils' Dream

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    And now that we got this going, what exactly is "roots music"?
  15. Devils' Dream

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    Agree with RAC, we could add John Playford and most of the Renaissance to the "folk" trad....(Think Parsons Farewell, Newcastle, Kettledrum, All in a Garden Green, Ash Grove, Goddesses, etc.) No IP problem after 400 years!