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  1. Devils' Dream

    Elastic band

    D.E. How long do the elastic bands last when re-used? Few months, few weeks?
  2. Devils' Dream

    Elastic band

    It is all velcro? If yes, did you try it the other way round?
  3. Devils' Dream

    Elastic band

    ½ or ¾" web available at your outdoor store plus 2 or 3 inches of velco and amateur sewing (!). Make sure the width fits between the buttons. Total cost = $1. Total time 10 minutes.
  4. Devils' Dream

    Shepherd's Rocking Carol

    Thank you for the Paul Hardy bookmark!
  5. Devils' Dream

    making a 40 button anglo

    Accordion: With respect, do you know the saying "dogs breakfast"? Maybe you will enjoy the endless tinkering, the parts and junkers being readily available, maybe you have the time... But unless you are blessed by the free reed gods, you are going to end up with ???? Been there. I try to enjoy playing what I have; if I can't afford it, well ....
  6. Hello Will-- Where does the case come from? Nice! --DD (Steve)
  7. Devils' Dream

    Anglo GD Alt Layout?

    I am creating/re-creating a learning tool sorta based on what I have used for melodeon. This is a draft and does not reflect the octave for each button, but so far I haven't decided that seems important. I do forget the staff notes from time to time, so that's why they are there. Also, the DABCD partial L-R duplication is new to me. Mostly, I am working on Gary Coovers Easy Anglo. Who knew Oh Susanna! could be so hard!! Any obvious errors in the chart? Thanks, DD (Steve) Wheatstone GD Layout Rev. 1.pdf
  8. Devils' Dream

    Colin Dipper Pride of Albion Anglo

    Hello Mike-- Are these really solid sterling silver ends! Yipes!
  9. Devils' Dream

    Jeffries Bros Praed St, Anglo.

    What great provenance!
  10. Devils' Dream

    Pelican Cases And Plumbing Nightmares

    Has anyone looked/used the Nanuk 908? Although only ½" larger, the casting is slightly different and they seem to have larger volume. I have not seen the 908, but have seen the 940; the Nanuks do seem to have slighly higher interior volume than the similar Pelican models. They are quite nice. Very good design on the clasp. They will send you a detailed drawing if you get interested... Also, recommend Kaizen foam instead of the pick and pluck. Better fit and lasts longer.
  11. Six years old but lightly played. Walnut. LMM with one stop. Swing tuned. Not a scratch or dent; "as new". More pics or Q, please PM. Now posted at US$2850. Donation to cnet if sold on site.
  12. Devils' Dream

    40 button Anglo's

    Coming to concertina from melodeon, I just see Anglos, no matter how many buttons, as having "limitations", much like the melodeon; it's part of their "charm". My first concertina, back in the pre-internet mists of time was an English, one of those ubiquitious Wheatstones in the wooden box with the little key. It was fun to play and could play "anything". But it did not have "charm". Easy to play all the notes = EC or CBA. Lacks something, tho.... (but in the hands of a great player, can be done, I must admit....) "
  13. Devils' Dream

    making a concertina

    In the rare instance that one lives in western MA and can wander into Button Box, true, can buy an "accordion", a melodeon and even some decent concertinas right off the shelf. There are a few other places like that, but very few. But making a concertina, like making any musical instrument, my friend, with respect, you will need to make at least 5 of them before you make a decent one... maybe 10. Even the newer, quality makers have often discounted their early instruments, as they "learned". Luk has it right. Take a look at Holden concertina site and see what commitment looks like (!)
  14. Devils' Dream

    Anglo GD Alt Layout?

    Thank you, Jake. Apprec from a beginner ordering a new instrument and not wanting f*&%k it up.
  15. Would appreciate some learned advice on GD layout. Attached is what I understand to be the "standard" Wheatsone layout. In RED are two changes that I have seen: in the first A# appears to be in a higher octave (or am I confused) and in the second, the C/E are reversed. Any advantages one way or the other? Thanks! GD Anglo rev 1.pdf