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  1. Devils' Dream

    MIDI Concertina

  2. Devils' Dream

    Making a new case

    This might be better...
  3. Devils' Dream

    Making a new case

    Now it only needs one final touch for anti-theft control....
  4. Devils' Dream

    English Session Tunes book?

    Gary, this is such a good idea that I hardly know how to respond strongly enough to get you (us) to do it. With respect to Don (and Mally) what we are talking about is not just tune books as there are already plenty of them. It's the "how to play them" on GD Anglo that would be SO GREAT; basically an "English Session Tunes for GD Anglo in the Harmonic Style". Packaged in the usual, terrific Coover style (no lawyers, please). At least publish in Kindle, pdf. or other download. Any of the Playford classics, chestnuts from country dance tunes (anything from "How to Make a Bakewell Tart"), dance call (anything from "Bees on Horseback"), Morris, etc. etc. Your GD fellow players are CRYING OUT!
  5. Devils' Dream

    Garys new (?) Wolverton: a comment

    Jim, interesting what you say about the CG hybrids. I have a newish GD Morse and the high row D really does sound like concertina reeds to me, more than the G row. Also, your comment: "This hybrid-vs-traditional-reeded debate is endless" (tiresome) I can understand. There seems to be a difference in approach in the concertina community vs. the melodeon community (of which I am more familiar), where the hybrids are aiming to sound like the traditional-reeded instruments,;whereas (not sure this is a good parallel, but here goes) in the box world, some of us love Hohner sound and dural type reeds and others wouldn't be caught dead playing anything but TAM boxes. And most need both. Same and concertina world. And although many will dry out an Erica, no one really wants to make them sound like a Laura. (Not that it hasn't been done...)
  6. Devils' Dream

    Garys new (?) Wolverton: a comment

    Wolf, I think you are completely correct about the "in the flesh" comment. That's probably where one hears the difference in tone much more than can be conveyed by even the best recording. Still, it amazing how well the best hybrid builders are figuring out how to "hybridize" the sound. Note to Garys lawyers:
  7. I was browsing Youtube and noticed that Gary Coover (3 of his great books got me started) was playing a Wolverton rather than his Herrington. It sounded really nice. I assumed it was one of the concertina reeded models but wasn't sure. I emailed him and was surprised that it was one of their hybrids. Very nice. Now, again, Gary is a great player, but it again makes me wonder how important it really is to pay the piper for concertina/handmade reeds. In my humble, beginners opinion.
  8. Devils' Dream

    Contacting Frank Edgley

    Chill, dudes and/or dudettes! We're just egging on the OP! BTW, JS, did you hear back from Edgley? We know you are wanting a custom job, but welcome to the world of hurry up and wait.... The custom builders call their own tunes...
  9. Devils' Dream

    Making a new case

    Hello RWL: This is a beautiful case with a lot of thought. What I don't get, personally, is why you decided not to build it with a closed cell type foam, especially on the bottom, top, front and back? Also, why not seal off the accessory compartment; don't want your screwdriver rattling around the fretwork!
  10. Devils' Dream

    Contacting Frank Edgley

    JS: Can of Worms, Opened You Have.
  11. Devils' Dream

    Contacting Frank Edgley

    young people these days..... (danger: old fart alert)
  12. Robins point should be well taken: PA's are cheap as dirt, especially lower end ones, and learning on clunkers is no fun.
  13. Sean: Not sure why you have bought this piece of junk project box, but in the condition it's in you might only be at the beginning of a long road of problems you don't know you have (i.e. pads, valves, springs. bellows, etc.) Maybe you got this for free. Or you LOVE to tinker. But if you and/or son actually plan on learning to play, you can find learner piano accordions ready to play nearly for the price of decent wax! And since you are here on concertina.net, why are you wanting to learn to fix/play this monstrosity anyway !!!!! CGM is the best, but if you are in the States, there are wax and parts suppliers here too. Sometimes with shipping/exchange, CGM still has a better price and selection, don't know how he does it.
  14. Devils' Dream

    Last of the Tassey Tigers

    Wonderful sound!