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  1. Really nice Mike. Captures the essence.
  2. Please chill, dudes. Way off topic. Interesting rants though I must say; and a lot of stuff I did not know. Dans' post though shows where this could be headed; blackface, prison songs, slave songs, etc. Next up: my favorite Randy Newman album "Good Ol Boys".
  3. IMO experience felt cotton and such fibers with lint are a BAD idea. It will end up in your reeds and valves. Maybe maybe a very hard felt. Better and what is most often used to mellow melodeon tone is fairly dense linen. Or some synthetics.
  4. G-- Watch some youtubes and get whatever box most of the players use that suit your interest. Try some of the folks listed in this thread for starters (Jody, Jim, etc.) also Gary Coover. Others. Also, are you going to sing? IM (not very experienced) O, you are going to want an Anglo. Remember, only takes 2 notes to make a chord to your ear, when you are singing and playing melody. --DD
  5. Certainly do not want to make light of BB's retail closing, but thanks for the alt's. (and likely frosty beverages) Retirement = good. My Morse #1461 Ceili G/D Anglo = forever.
  6. for those who don't know it: www.yarn.com they are in northampton, about 15 minutes south
  7. In addition: Woe is ME! What am I going to do all day when my wife spends 5 hours at WEB's? 😂
  8. Hello, might be posting a little late,,, When I was ordering a Morse GD Anglo and thinking standard reeds, which I did like the sound of, Steve Freereeder (RIP) strongly recommended the TAM reeds for the low notes response rate. I am happy that I did it. The sound is of course great, but the response is remarkable in that the low notes play on very light air, even from dead still. On the high notes, they sound very "real" concertina" like; like a vintage instrument (>>> biased beginner ear) If still available, I would not hesitate.
  9. Lately I have been coming around to USPS from usually using UPS. UPS is getting to where they "could give a s%*t" whether you ship or not. USPS has some idiosyncratic rules (take a look at their website, especially involving batteries! That being said, USPS Priority Mail, Insured, is pretty safe. As stated, new box, double box and/or foam (good case is good for penetration safety but not for shock). Use good tape. Don't even consider FDX.
  10. "but still want to get some tunes out of the Anglo, with a bare minimum of tab-assistance to get them started." ((quote GCoover) This me think is Gary's gift to the Anglo community. I have no idea this be true, but I guess that those tune books are at least partially responsible for Anglo likely outselling English, etc. 4 or 5 to 1 these past years. When us beginners can play a few tunes "right away" with the tabs + YouTube, one is SOLD. You can play a melody and a chord and bass or 2 right away. One can always learn dots, other tabs or whatnot next, but simple tabs of popular tunes + video = love. IMO.
  11. Got a little interested in Transferwise (now called Wise) from Alex' post. They are not exactly privacy angels, but these days, who is? Data Linked to You The following data may be collected and linked to your identity: • Purchases • Financial Info • Contact Info • Contacts • User Content • Search History • Identifiers • Usage Data • Diagnostics Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.
  12. Ken, nonetheless, doing a nice job. Ads so discrete never noticed. (so much for your marketing muscle 😀 ) On topic to the OP: I sent a decent size wire transfer to UK via my bank (Wells Fargo) to theirs (HSBC). "NEVER AGAIN".
  13. RAc, understand completely. The internet has a lot to answer for. No such thing as a free lunch. "Slightly" more on topic, it always amazes me what a nice job concertina.net (and melodeon.net) do as (using the word carefully) "hobby" sites. No ads, no crap. Appropriate moderation. Helpful membership. Etc. Maybe there are some internet miracles.
  14. Agreed that Paypal can be a PITA, but the whole point is the expense of providing the 2-way "safety" of transaction and many actually want "PayPal's habit of freezing your funds on the slightest suspicion of illicit activity." 99/100 they fix it. 9/10 they fix it relatively fast. Many don't like sending 1000 dollars/euros/pounds/whatever blindly.
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