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  1. Devils' Dream

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    I don't know anyone would argue with Bill's advice. The "all over the map" comment is on target. I was amazed at how differently the older boxes actually play. They often sound nice, but the playability depends awfully on the pads/valves/buttons/action setup, etc. etc. that is original/upgraded/cobbled.
  2. Devils' Dream

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    Keep your Bonetti. Learn tunes and technique. Wait until the next NE Sqeeze-In and take a short vacation. You will be able to see, hear and if you are polite, play near every thing: all the hybrids, many new concertina builders, lots of restored, etc. etc. Plus, the Button Box will likely have nearly all of their stuff there as well. IMO best way to figure out next move. Second opinion: can't go wrong buying one of the better hybrids new or used: they have good resale value and will be more fun to play than your current box.
  3. Devils' Dream

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    I believe I saw a Marcus for sale here that was called a "travel" size and was less than 6" across. Looked very nice.
  4. Devils' Dream

    Tips & Tricks for Contra

    Hello Bob: here's a pdf of Jeff's article. Very useful for all, IMO. Morrisdancing by Bigler.pdf
  5. Devils' Dream

    Does this case need work

    Or: tear it all out and redo with ultrasuede, chamois, new padding, etc. etc. BUT... If it were me (not sentimental) I would keep the case, use it to store miscellaneous concertina junk and buy a new hard case. You will get a better case and better protection for your nice box. It could be custom blocked to the size your concertina is now (looks like newish bellows). Another plus from a generic newer case: less likely to get stolen.
  6. Devils' Dream

    Does this case need work

    Can't imagine you won't find a cabinet/furniture maker in Maine who will fix it. Your issue will be the cost. Looks fine to me. From your posts I know you have a nice box, so why not get some goatskin scraps and cover up the cooties?
  7. Devils' Dream

    36 Key Dipper G/D

    Hello Bob-- I'm not ready to buy a box like this just yet (someday!) but I would appreciate knowing what the resale market price for something like this is. Or is there a reason why you are keeping it close? (beautiful, BTW, and 36 button !!!) Thanks, Steve C.
  8. Devils' Dream

    Tips & Tricks for Contra

    Hello Bill: Sort of on topic, jeff bigler (jeff bigler.org) has a great article on playing for morris that has some good application to contra as well. If you cannot find it, I have a copy. It's from 2009 and a classic. Maybe you have already seen it.
  9. Devils' Dream

    Concertina perceptions

    It's the perception of free reed players generally, always has been. Ask any accordion or melodeon player, anywhere, no matter how accomplished. "Not a real instrument". But if it helps, join the club. Same thing happens to tuba players, string bass players, tympanists and a few others. Almost always, Steve S' "someone" is not a musician and is ignorant. Can't be helped. Stupidity cannot be cured. (!)
  10. Devils' Dream

    Elastic band

    D.E. How long do the elastic bands last when re-used? Few months, few weeks?
  11. Devils' Dream

    Elastic band

    It is all velcro? If yes, did you try it the other way round?
  12. Devils' Dream

    Elastic band

    ½ or ¾" web available at your outdoor store plus 2 or 3 inches of velco and amateur sewing (!). Make sure the width fits between the buttons. Total cost = $1. Total time 10 minutes.
  13. Devils' Dream

    Shepherd's Rocking Carol

    Thank you for the Paul Hardy bookmark!
  14. Devils' Dream

    making a 40 button anglo

    Accordion: With respect, do you know the saying "dogs breakfast"? Maybe you will enjoy the endless tinkering, the parts and junkers being readily available, maybe you have the time... But unless you are blessed by the free reed gods, you are going to end up with ???? Been there. I try to enjoy playing what I have; if I can't afford it, well ....