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Solo Singer With Concertina? What Players And Albums?

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The Whaleman's Lament 2:41 A.L. Lloyd Leviathan! - Ballads & Songs of the Wailing Trade Singer/Songwriter

Farewell to Tarwathie 2:57 A.L. Lloyd Leviathan! - Ballads & Songs of the Wailing Trade Singer/Songwriter

Off to Sea Once More 6:27 A.L. Lloyd Leviathan! - Ballads & Songs of the Wailing Trade Singer/Songwriter


This is one of my all-time favourite folk albums (and thus would have made up my recommendation)! :)

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I'm having trouble trying to copy and paste a quote from Matthew so just type it in.


"Are there any non/less-folky singers who back up more modern singing, for contrast?"


And later,


"Almost all of these are old folk or more recent folk in a relatively conservative style."


That seems to be the way it is. Searching the net there's only Juliette Daum that I've come across who performs some more modern songs. I must confess I have had virtually no contact with other concer players or exposure to concertina recordings until very recently so there must be some performers who cover modern material, apart from their own compositions I mean. I certainly would like to hear some.


I have enjoyed hearing some of the singers mentioned in this post, in particular Steve Turner whose accompaniment style I found very interesting although a little busy at times which overpowered the vocal somewhat I felt.


It is nice to hear other singers accompaniment styles, you can pick up techniques, but not being too exposed allows one to develop an individual style. Recently I posted a few Youtube vids in the video section of this forum, some "modern" songs (Honey Pie,Rainbow Connection,Lighthouse), partly in the hope that it would coax out some singers doing non-traditional material with concertina accompaniment. So where are you all?,come on.


In its heyday the concertina was often used to play the music of the day. Now it seems it's mostly used to play the music of yesterday.

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Others have mentioned Jody Kruskal and John Roberts. I'm also fond of Jon Boden -- many of his "A Folk Song A Day" podcasts featured just his voice and concertina (a MacCann, I think?). "Fakenham Fair", "In the Shade of the Old Harris Mill", "Water is Wide" to name a few, but I don't think these are available free online any longer (they are available as albums/pay downloads, though, I think?).


I didn't know about Andy's podcast -- thanks!


"My Darling So Far Away" on Frost & Fire's new album features Hayden duet, but not as the sole instrument. I've heard Aaron accompany other songs on Hayden in concerts, but none are on the album.

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Are there any female musicians?


There is a certain "rythm guitarist" (at least that's what this female concertinist once called him humorously) and (fantastic) singer named Martyn Wyndham-Read, who gets ongoing (Duet) concertina accompaniment by the marvellous and amiable Iris Bishop! :)


(edited to insert a missing "a")


Oh, and you'll find lots of recordings under "(M. W.-R. &) No Mans Band"...

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I haven't done an album yet - but I shall be very shortly ( hopefully today) be posting several songs on the "concertina videos" thread. Played on a 58-button Wheatstone Crane duet. Hope you enjoy them.

Geoff Lakeman


"Let the music keep your spirits high"


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I now have a direct link to my youtube concertina contributions....if you can stay awake long enough to type it in. here goes:




If anyone knows how to automatically transfer these to the concertina.net ( concertina videos) thread I would be obliged.


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I give up !


I've just discovered, at the age of 66, I must be dyslexic ( at least, numerically )


If anyone else can access my youtube contributions and transfer them here, all I can say is " You're a better man than me Gunga Dhin ...."


I'm going to the pub now

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