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...and how many teachers?

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Education degree here. 5th grade teacher one year. Folk musician for 40. Quite an education!

And now I know why teachers' have a pension plan!




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Following up on David Barnart's query about Doctors who are c.net members, and John Adey's joke, I'm now curious as to how many of us are or were schoolteachers of one kind or another.

I teach Middle School Special Ed; how 'bout you?




As well as clinical work, I used to teach psychotherapy to trainee psychiatrists, so I guess I belong to both groups.

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I've been a professor of mathematics at a liberal arts college for the last 33 years. I teach a lot of freshman calculus though I've taught just about everything in the undergraduate math curriculum. Not the same as teaching high school or middle school (I never have to deal with discipline, thankfully), but I do teach for a living.

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Former secondary education teacher (Earth Science/General Science) (4 yrs). Have taught as adjunct instructor at college level (Geology, Environmental Science). Currently an adjunct college instructor preparing to teach a semester of Ecology. Full time job is as a geologist however.

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I have been teaching for over 40 years, mostly children. I taught sports gymnastics, tap, and circus acrobatics as well as music for years in various schools. Currently I have one student on the EC and I teach 4-7 grade Hebrew School and tutor part time a few days a week.


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