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  1. Also own a Kensington from Dana. It's been a great instrument with fabulous sound.
  2. Glad to hear you’re still at it Dana. I’m still getting great enjoyment playing my Kensington #40. Great workmanship and sound. Cary
  3. Concertina sold. Thanks for the interest. Donation will be made to concertina.net
  4. Well to make it easier on myself, I play the same buttons cross-row on the A/E that I use on the C/G for each tune. So my muscle memory from the C/G carries over.
  5. A/E Edgley hybrid concertina. Constructed by Colin Edgley and tuned by Frank Edgley (signed by both). Purchased new in 2006 with custom-fitted Fallon case. Very good to excellent condition. Plays fast and has the rich sound expected from an A/E instrument. I no longer play it as much as previously and need to fund other projects. Asking $1800US. Donation will be made to concertna.net upon sale. 30b A/E 7-fold bellows Nickel-silver grills Rosewood Planxty Irwin.MP3 Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn.MP3
  6. Wow! Enjoyed that a lot. Thanks for posting.
  7. Gary, would readily purchase a book regarding song accompaniment for the Anglo. I've done it a bit, but find it difficult to keep up a rhythm as the chords change.
  8. Eskin, PM me and I can send you some pictures. I have one that I purchased from Frank in 2006. I've enjoyed it, but don't play it near as much as my Kensington C/G.
  9. Not sure if this qualifies as a glamour shot. The Kensington Concertina is definitely glamorous, the musician...eh, not so much. Picture was taken in early 2012.
  10. I couldn't agree more with the comments made previously. Noel is very patient and meets each student at his or her level. I just came back from Cincinnati as well and it was a fantastic experience. The venue couldn't have been better either. You won't regret going. I hope to attend next year as well.
  11. Looking forward to attending NHICS again, this time in Cincinnati, after a 10 year hiatus. See you there.
  12. Chemnitzer is vastly different from an accordion in terms of how it is played.
  13. I've certainly developed and worked on various bad habits in playing over the years. Some I've improved on, others are still with me. It all comes down to practice time for me. When I am able to practice regularly (not necessarily for long periods of time) I find I can improve upon poor habits whereas practicing for a long period, but infrequently doesn't allow me to carry over newly learned good habits to the next practice. BTW, just recently purchased a vintage Chemnitzer from a cousin. It's been fun to play (a little) and to me is even more challenging than the Anglo. I hope to be able to play Polish music with it ultimately, but the Anglo is still my main squeeze.
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