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Found 64 results

  1. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    I am starting this page for Duet players to submit their recordings, It is intended to finish up with a total page (s) of recordings only that you can listen to, or download free. No players are receiving a fee, or any financial reward , but from the players who have kindly agreed to submit recordings the quality of playing should be fairly high. There may be a delay in the recordings appearing as this project has only just started. http://www.concertinas.org.uk/DuetAudio.htm
  2. I am looking for a Crane concertina with a chevron layout of the buttons – rather than the curved Butterworth set up. I have a large Crabb Crane with 67 buttons with the chevron layout (see picture) but it’s not very portable due to its size. I am looking to buy a second, smaller Crane with the same layout with between 42 & 55 buttons. My preference would be for a Crabb (or Wheatstone, if they ever made them) but would be interested to see what is available. If you have such a Crane that you are looking to sell, please get in touch. My preference would be to buy from the UK but I'm open to purchasing from abroad. Peter
  3. First advertised by Mikefule in February I bought this concertina to see how I could get on with a Hayden Duet. Unfortunately the result is the same as when I tried a Crane some 45 years ago so it is now back on the market. Still in perfect condition and very little played it was originally owned by an elderly gent who liked trying out different instruments; I bought it from his estate. As it is still pristine I am asking the same £280 that I paid for it. A soft case is included and the customary fee will be paid to the site. I would prefer to sell in UK, Ireland or Europe; I would expect that shipping and taxes would make it too expensive elsewhere.
  4. Hello concertina lovers, I am selling my Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet Concertina. I have a listing on ebay, check it out if you are interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/302791718981?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 It is an amazing 12 keys Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet Concertina, serial number: 32154. From the serial number, we can estimate that it was made around 1929. It is in an incredible condition. All actions, pads, metal buttons, steel reeds and 8-fold bellows are impeccable. The metal ends are beautifully sculpted. It is "concert pitch" tuned and it sounds great. It is surprisingly powerful for the size (4.5 inches / 3 inches). I bought it from Chris Algar at Barleycorn Concertinas. It will come in the original box which is also in an amazing condition. If you have any questions or would like additional photos, don't hesitate to ask me.
  5. James_Fraser

    Morse Beaumont (Hayden Duet) 52 Button

    Hello Everyone, After several years of being rarely played, I have made the difficult decision to sell my concertina. I dislike being a quitter, but I play too many other instruments to give this beautiful instrument the time it deserves. I am the original owner of #1082. It was manufactured in the spring of 2013, and has probably been played less than 60 hours since then. Still very much in excellent condition. I hope I'm not being unreasonable looking for $3000 US or approximately $3800 CAD. Original price was $3850 US. I am located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. A 2.5 hour drive from border crossings at Detroit or Buffalo. Anyone is welcome to come play it. http://www.buttonbox.com/morse-beaumont.html- The button box website has excellent sound samples and pictures. I have never posted before, but I have enjoyed the discussions a lot. It was the postings on Concertina.Net that informed me enough to be confident in purchasing this concertina. Sincerely, James Fraser
  6. steven r. arntson

    Suggestions: "classical" Dots For A Duet?

    I've been trying to improve my reading skills recently by playing some simple(ish) classical-type music on my Peacock Hayden. So far I've been working through the S, A, & T lines of some Bach chorales (the bass lines go too low for my little box), and I've struggled through a few of the simpler tunes from Bartok's Mikrokosmos. I'm wondering about other classical music that more-or-less fits the range (three octives starting at the C below middle C). If this has been written about here before, I'm happy to be pointed in a direction to keep looking. Thank you for any ideas! Best, steven arntson
  7. John Dipper

    Wheatstone 81 Button Mccann Duet

    Hello everyone, I have been asked by a friend of dear (and much missed) Vernon Barrett, to post this, as he has no internet access. I am not taking any commission or any money for posting this, but I hope that this beautiful instrument can find a new home and continue to make music. Vernon Barrett bought this very nice Wheatstone & Co McCann Duet in reasonable condition but in old philharmonic pitch and needing replacement bellows. As he wanted a wooden ended instrument, we made new ends finished in beautiful Amboyna wood with hand cut fretwork and with new boxwood button stems with genuine Wheatstone gold plated button caps( new from Harry Minting's Wheatstone parts stock). New bellows in dark green goatskin were made by Rosalie Dipper. The instrument is now tuned in modern A=440 Hz pitch. The instrument has been very carefully looked after by Vernon for the last thirteen years or so and is in "as-new" condition. The Amboyna veneers used were the largest and only veneers we have ever had like this, and so the instrument really is one of a kind. Realistically, if we were to make an exact copy of this instrument then I can't really see that we could break even on costs if we charged much under £10,000. (I heard on the radio today, that you could only just afford a bottle of single malt whisky for the same price - I know what I would chose!) Sadly, there is not that much demand for Duets, so I guess the price will be less than that. If you are interested, please contact me. Best wishes to all, and happy squeezing, John
  8. what i'm asking is it possible to play 2 parts rather than just one eg. a waltz but not within 1 chord eg. C CM CM I like the look of the Anglo however with what i've seen so far on the layout trying to play a polka is a nightmare. or at least say a polka using say a Bb chord and I know about transposing however that being said is it only possible to play chords in 1 range eg. c cm g cm c cm g cm or can you also a other chords and it's limitation being skill. I ask because I don't one but would like to however I like to play two pieces of the song eg. the waltz part or the polka etc. I understand that there is the English concertina however I also understand that it's all quite high pitched and so it wouldn't sound as good that being said I don't own any type of concertina and would like to ask for a suggestion I get that there are the duet systems however they cost alot considering I don't even own a cheap one yet
  9. duetconcertina

    Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina For Sale.

    Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina Serial number 1921 Condition is generally good, no leaks from the 8 fold bellows but one key on the right hand side only works in one direction.The box it is in is a Wheatstone box. Combined weight of the concertina + box = 5.3Kg (concertina = 3.3Kg, box = 2.0Kg). Please refer to the pictures for more information but by all means ask me questions. Price now reduced to £700 ono Update, now listed on eBay, "Buy It Now" or "Make An Offer" => https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173174159048
  10. Bill the pumpkin thief

    What Concertina Is This?

    Dear all. My first post. I have just got hold of a Lachenal concertina. I play a Wheatstone English treble, and have a Jones anglo. But this Lachenal is different from those two types. Is it a duet? (never seen a duet in the wild). It has no air button, plays same note in and out, is same size as my English more or less, and has the looks, from a distance, of an anglo. I googled images of a duet, but they all seem to have more buttons than this one. I am very very grateful if some knowlegeable souls could tell me what it is, or in fact anything at all about it. The serial number is 1780, and the other side has the Lachenal logo of London. There is a worn thin kind of hessian inside the wooden ends. It came in the original box too, with a large metal ring on the lid. It leaks pretty badly through the reeds, although the bellows seem to be in fine shape. Thank-you much in advance, Bill.
  11. Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina For Sale Please note that the serial number is 1921 and not 1923 as in the title of the post. Serial number 1921 One key on the right hand side only works in one direction and the box is a Wheatstone box. Combined weight of the concertina + box = 5.3Kg (Concertina = 3.3Kg, box = 2.0Kg) Please refer to the pictures for more information but by all means ask me questions. Price: £995 but open to sensible offers. Now listed on eBay but quite happy to sell on here as I have done previously. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173131652519?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  12. Wheatstone 67 Key Maccann Duet Concertina For Sale Serial Number 30700, July 31st 1925, Octagonal with nickel plated ends Generally in good condition, the 8 fold bellows are airtight and all keys are working. Please refer to the pictures but if you have a question then please ask. Price £1495 but open too sensible offers. Also on eBay => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173133605076
  13. I'm new to this forum and to the concertina community and need some advice. A bit of background: I am a choral conductor and pianist. I'm the music director at a church in Dallas, Texas. I read music fluently and play by ear a bit but not am not gifted this way. In recent years I've discovered I enjoy a good stout in an Irish pub so have become curious about ITM (Irish Traditional Music) and that lead to doing some research on the concertina. I understand in broad terms the different key arrangements and the terms unisonoric/bisonoric of the English, Anglo and Duet systems. Here is my question: as a pianist and music reader will I make faster progress with which system? What do you think will be more intuitive and therefore I will be able to manage the learning curve in order to make music? I'm eager to hear your responses. McDouglas in Dallas
  14. Hello! I inherited an old family concertina about a year ago and would like to get some vague indication of the value for insurance purposes. It's a Crane / Triumph 48 button, apparently at least 101 years old (reference to it in a newspaper article from 1916). It was stored boxed in dry conditions for probably the past 60 years; about 5 of the reeds needed to be checked / tuned but it now plays pretty well with itself. The specialist who fixed the reeds said it's in as good condition on the inside as outside (pictures of outside attached). The entire thing is tuned to A = 452 Hz. I have a couple of youtube videos playing it for an idea of the sound (apologies for my playing) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYJChpblEGE If anyone can help out with a value approximation, it would be much appreciated!
  15. robotmay


    It has been quite a while since I last got a recording of the Maccann, but I've finally managed a pretty clean version of the lovely tune Dundas, by Rob Harbron. This fits on the Bb Maccann really nicely, though my success rate of hitting the descending base runs is not exactly 100%, so I fudged them most of the time https://soundcloud.com/robotmay/dundas I've been playing this tune for ages but it was a pig to get a recording without some interesting cock-ups. While I seem to be in the zone I'm going to try to do a few other recordings this week of fun new tunes I've picked up on this instrument
  16. steven r. arntson

    New Solo Album: Hayden + Voice

    Hi C-net, I've just posted a new album of music, available for free online. The album features some instrumentals, songs, and yodels performed by my voice (and occasionally my wife's voice) and my Concertina Connection Peacock. The tracks are on Soundcloud (streaming), and WFMU's Free Music Archive (streaming and download). Hope a few people find it interesting! Best, steven arntson Seattle USA
  17. With considerable regret, need to sell these two instruments. Duet is full-sized; anglo is 3-7/8" across flats. Little played, and stored carefully for some time - playable now but need exercise. Prefer to sell in person if at all possible, or via reliable intermediary. Location: Boston, MA USA. Please message privately for any required information. Advice on current pricing will be much appreciated. If sold to or through anyone ehere, will donate appropriately to site management. Thanks in advance for your interest. May the music continue forever!
  18. Reed Rat

    Mccaan Duet For Sale

    I have a 46 btn Lachenal McCaan Duet for sale. It was re-tuned to concert pitch and re-valved by the Button Box several years ago, hasn't been played much since then. I tried selling this on eBay several times and all I got was complaints about the cost. The Button box tuner said it had a "sweet" tone, but maybe he was just being nice. It sounds better than either of my Crane duets, and I kept it for possibly spare reeds or to do my own Hayden style analysis, but lately I need the money and think it would be better off being played. After reading Jody's comments on safe selling, I have decided to just put it up on eBay or Reverb. Chris
  19. SOLD Serial no. 2046 Hexagonal ends; six-fold bellows with green and gold decals; metal buttons Includes original box with label In the collection of the late Bob Webb since 1975 Refurbished by The Button Box, Sunderland, Massachusetts More photos are available. Asking $1,400.
  20. JoRiemer

    My Tune Of The Week 1

    In the last year I explored a lot of Danish and North German tunes. Wonderful music that is working in the same style as English ceilidh music. So my project is: Learning every week a new of these English, Danish or North German tunes by heart. Here is the link for the first week played on my Chemnitzer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zyuohlagww0h3ik/Trekant%20No15-%20Den%20gamle%20Mand.m4a?dl=0
  21. Lachenal 46 key Maccann wooden ended duet concertina s/n 4725, 6 fold bellows, steel reeds, no box. [serial number originally stated as 4785 which has been pointed out to me as being incorrect, now corrected to 4725] There are no straps fitted, 3 keys are sticking, 3 keys are silent in one direction, the bellows are basically sound but with a very small air leak I can feel on my face. All reeds need to be tuned. Can also be seen on eBay => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172493294540 Buy It Now Price £155.00 + postage and packing £15.00 Please see the pictures below:
  22. Lachenal 55 key Maccann duet concertina s/n 892 for sale. Approximate year of manufacture is 1890. The concertina has a 6 fold bellows, comes with a wooden box which has a Lachenal label in the lid. The serial number is lost from the outside of the concertina but is marked on the inside, please see the last two pictures below. One strap bar (right hand side) is marked "Trade Mark, English Made" and on the reverse is marked "Patent No. 4752" which is the Maccann patent of 1884. All keys work in both directions but some reeds need tuning. There is a very slight bellows leak, I can feel it, but otherwise the bellows are in good condition. If you would like high resolution pictures of any or all aspects of this concertina then please let me know. Offers around £250 + £20 postage and packing (Royal Mail 24hr tracked service) Now re-listed on eBay (Buy It Now or Make an Offer) => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172491850164
  23. duetconcertina

    Lachenal 68 Key Duet Concertina For Sale

    Lachenal Duet Concertina, 68 Keys Serial number 2184, probably manufactured between 1848 and 1851 Eight fold bellows in good condition, no leaks or damage. All keys need work to the actions, pads and reeds. There is no box. It can be seen here on eBay => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lachenal-68-Key-Duet-Concertina-/172433775625 Currently up for £900 Buy It Now but you can also Make An Offer on the eBay item listing. Happy looking, buying, offering etc Steve
  24. Hello, Time to repost this. This is essentially a high-end best-period Lachenal MacCann Duet with a slightly modified (Chidley) layout so that the pattern is uniform throughout by consistently repeating in all octaves rather than shifting in the upper octave. The difference is minor overall, but wonderful if you appreciate a fully isomorphic layout as I do. A notation chart is in the PDF, herewith. The concertina is in excellent condition with original glass buttons. In Summary:Vintage Lachenal 65b MacCann Duet in modified Chidley layout Hexagonal Wood Ends Glass Buttons Cry Baby and Whistle Wood Handles Leather Wrist Straps The original case in poor, but serviceable, condition as one would expect. I really do want to send this along to someone else who will appreciate it. Post-op prognosis renders it surplus. Please see the PDF, herewith, for photos, evaluation and documentation of work performed by Wim Wakker, and the previously mentioned notation chart. I may be contacted directly using: danersen@gmail Best wishes to all for an enjoyable and meaningful holiday season. Dan Lachenal Chidley SM.pdf
  25. I may be the only member of this organization. However, it released its official political platform for 2017 at its "convention" in Seattle, accompanied by some yodeling concertina performed by yours truly.