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Found 13 results

  1. With the extended lockdown, I’ve gone back to playing a Crane Duet. Picked up a 1950s 48b Wheatstone for now from Chris Algar, but looking for a top quality one long term. I like the size of the 48, but would go up to a 55b one if necessary considering the rarity of the little critters now. Many thanks Paul
  2. Having recently bought a 48-button Crane, I am looking to sell my 35 button Crabb Crane. It covers the usual range from C3 to G5 (though the button that should be C3sharp if actually B2flat). I bought it from Chris Algar 8 years ago and it has been serviced by Dave Elliott. The instrument has steel reeds, is tuned to concert pitch & the tone is quite mellow.. It has aluminium action arms riveted onto brass posts (three of the arms have been replaced - see photos). The valves & pads are in reasonable condition and the bellows are airtight (several corners of the bellows have been patche
  3. I am looking for a Crane concertina with a chevron layout of the buttons – rather than the curved Butterworth set up. I have a large Crabb Crane with 67 buttons with the chevron layout (see picture) but it’s not very portable due to its size. I am looking to buy a second, smaller Crane with the same layout with between 42 & 55 buttons. My preference would be for a Crabb (or Wheatstone, if they ever made them) but would be interested to see what is available. If you have such a Crane that you are looking to sell, please get in touch. My preference would be to buy from t
  4. I‘ve been talking of a new journey beginning somewhere else - and I‘d like to share my initial thoughts and experiences with the Duet community here. I should possibly start with saying that the Crane has been my obvious choice here as it can be regarded as a transformation of the Wheatstone keyboard (with which we are familiar from the EC), just omitting the alternation between the two sides. Of course this alternation is an essential and greatly appreciated element of the English concertina, and I‘m far from just changing sides (pun noticed) insofar. However, there ar
  5. I've just downloaded a Crane Concertina tutorial by H. Wilton Bulstrode. Looks early 1900's but does anyone have an accurate date for this? Also does anyone know when the first Crane Duet was manufactured.
  6. Hello! I inherited an old family concertina about a year ago and would like to get some vague indication of the value for insurance purposes. It's a Crane / Triumph 48 button, apparently at least 101 years old (reference to it in a newspaper article from 1916). It was stored boxed in dry conditions for probably the past 60 years; about 5 of the reeds needed to be checked / tuned but it now plays pretty well with itself. The specialist who fixed the reeds said it's in as good condition on the inside as outside (pictures of outside attached). The entire thing is tuned to A = 452 Hz. I have a c
  7. Hi Folks, I've got a 1934 Crabb Crane Duet for sale, 48 metal buttons + a breather button, raised metal ends, steel reeds, tuned to modern pitch. I purchased it last year and had it completely overhauled at the Button Box. It plays well, with a solid, loud tone. It comes with a soft padded case and strap. I'm originally an English player, and I just haven't had time to practice both instruments. This instrument should be played. I'm asking $2100 USD or best offer, plus cost of shipping from Canada. Cheers Adam
  8. I've been taking a rest from the concertina to strum a stringed instrument. As and when I return to it I hope to have improved both my timing and my feel for chords. In the meantime I did take my Crane duet out on May Day with Fowler's Troop in Greenwich, and very enjoyable it was too. As the procession was fairly 'free-form' I had enough space to hear myself without being drowned out and I was more-or-less able to keep up despite the novelty of playing whilst walking. Anyway, the experience has to some extent rekindled my interest in playing English country dance tunes on a concertina, bu
  9. Hi! I´m still looking for a Duet Concertina. 46b Maccann system or 48b Crane sytem in restored condition. Please contact me if you have something to offer. Shipping would be to Miami, FL. Thanks a lot! Gaspar
  10. A request to Crane drivers. I’m trying to find out about instrument dimensions as they affect button reach: initially, the key dimension for me is the distance between the hand rail (on each side) and the nearest buttons, i.e. those playing the lowest notes. I played a 48 button Lachenal Crane back in the 1980’s and always found it very comfortable to hold. In fact I recall playing standing up. Recently, I’ve got myself another 48 button Crane, a Crabb with a lovely tone. Unfortunately, however I set the straps, I can only play the thing comfortably with the straps on the knuckles. If I
  11. Bought from Chris Algar in 2012 but we never really got along. I'm doing the Haydn dance now so this one is just sitting here on the shelf. In Chris' words: "It is a Wheatstone 55 key Crane No 35123. It has raised ebonised ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and 6 fold bellows plus the case that is pictured. It has just had a complete restoration with new pads, valves, straps and the woodwork .." I"m looking for 1600 euro, which is less than what I paid for it. Appropriate gift to concertina.net when sold through here. Pictures available on request -- couldn't attach them. As skype or
  12. I have set up a new You Tube channel to demonstrate playing of the Crane duet concertina- firstly for some of my songs, although I may add some tunes later. The instrument is a 1926, 58-button Wheatstone, steel-reeded duet. Hope you enjoy them. The songs are: "Jim Jones" -an Australian transportation ballad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F7IL-PjVtc "I Only Have Eyes For You" - a classic Tin Pan Alley song written in 1932 by Al Dubin and Harry Warren. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bKF8FaNPp4 "My Own Dear Galway Bay" - not the ' Galway Bay" song that begins :" If y
  13. I'm looking for a smaller Crane duet concertina as my first foray into the world of duets. Please let me know if you have a 42 or 48 button model in good condition and properly tuned that you are looking to sell (I may even consider a 35 button model). I live in France. Thanks, Dean
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