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  1. I've just downloaded a Crane Concertina tutorial by H. Wilton Bulstrode. Looks early 1900's but does anyone have an accurate date for this? Also does anyone know when the first Crane Duet was manufactured.
  2. I'm in the UK and after a two row C/G Lachenal or Jones with an extra button at the top end of the C row. I know there's a 22 button unit that will provide this but they don't seem to be very common. If anyone has such a unit lying around gathering dust ..... thanks Geo Meadows UPDATE: PLEASE IGNORE THIS - CHANGE OF PLAN! (I'd delete this if I could find a way of doing it!)
  3. Does anyone have a 48+ button Crane Duet they would like to sell? I'm based in West Midlands UK.
  4. Anything considered between £1K & £3K, but what I'd really like is an AC Norman. I'm in West Midlands, UK Please Email me if you have anything local.
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