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  1. @Jack Campin: You think Milligan is bad in the whole concert or just on this bit? I really like what he does and his bashing is hardly "random". I also like the interaction between the players, they really seem to be having fun. Cheers, i
  2. Yes, that first one is the tune Jody. Thanks for the help. I'll have to sharpen my google skills... Thanks for all comments, p
  3. Noone? Is there another good forum where people could advise me? Any help welcome folks, p
  4. I'm looking at the impressive concert by Thoumire & Milligan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-umcFGkMkC4 There's a triple of songs starting at 7:48 in the concert: "The bonny lass of Fisherrow", "Love in a Village" and "The Ballachulish walkabout". I'm not really finding much information about the "Love in a Village" except for an opera: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_in_a_Village Is that piece from that opera? Anyone have any more information? Thanks in advance, p
  5. I'm playing Scottish Urbaine and some other Scottishes in a folk band. The accents should be on 2 and 4 in that genre and I have a hard time achieving that on the concertina at that speed. Is it feasible to achieve on the english that the same way melodeon players can? Does anybody have a link or reference to a concertina player that does that? P.
  6. Something that I always wondered about the Mccann's. Why is the layout not symmetrical going up a column e.g. on the right hand side, column 3 you have A,E,A,E and then suddenly B,E,B... What is the rational of changing the layout? Best Wishes, i
  7. I'm in Belgium and I have a hohner AC 3060 for sale that plays pretty well. I don't know how close you are to the border but I need to be in Antwerp in the weekend at least once a month. If you're interested p.m. we can set up a skype call for a first evaluation and take it from there. Immanuel
  8. Don't let them waste their youth on sports!
  9. How does one make a donation to concertina.net? Is there a paypal account? What is the appropriate amount?
  10. Peacock is still sitting on a shelf here.
  11. I usually play along with a real recording using Transcribe. That will allow me to slow down the tempo if it's too fast and drop or raise the pitch. It's great for transcribing but for practicing too. I can't see the benefit of playing along with ABC, Midi or any of those formats when better tools are available. p
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