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  1. Is the c5 on the right hand side working on the pull? That seems quite inconsistent?
  2. @Jack Campin: You think Milligan is bad in the whole concert or just on this bit? I really like what he does and his bashing is hardly "random". I also like the interaction between the players, they really seem to be having fun. Cheers, i
  3. Yes, that first one is the tune Jody. Thanks for the help. I'll have to sharpen my google skills... Thanks for all comments, p
  4. Noone? Is there another good forum where people could advise me? Any help welcome folks, p
  5. I'm looking at the impressive concert by Thoumire & Milligan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-umcFGkMkC4 There's a triple of songs starting at 7:48 in the concert: "The bonny lass of Fisherrow", "Love in a Village" and "The Ballachulish walkabout". I'm not really finding much information about the "Love in a Village" except for an opera: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_in_a_Village Is that piece from that opera? Anyone have any more information? Thanks in advance, p
  6. I'm playing Scottish Urbaine and some other Scottishes in a folk band. The accents should be on 2 and 4 in that genre and I have a hard time achieving that on the concertina at that speed. Is it feasible to achieve on the english that the same way melodeon players can? Does anybody have a link or reference to a concertina player that does that? P.
  7. Something that I always wondered about the Mccann's. Why is the layout not symmetrical going up a column e.g. on the right hand side, column 3 you have A,E,A,E and then suddenly B,E,B... What is the rational of changing the layout? Best Wishes, i
  8. I'm in Belgium and I have a hohner AC 3060 for sale that plays pretty well. I don't know how close you are to the border but I need to be in Antwerp in the weekend at least once a month. If you're interested p.m. we can set up a skype call for a first evaluation and take it from there. Immanuel
  9. Don't let them waste their youth on sports!
  10. How does one make a donation to concertina.net? Is there a paypal account? What is the appropriate amount?
  11. Peacock is still sitting on a shelf here.
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