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  1. Hi. PM'ed you several weeks back. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  2. Hi John, I'm not sure of the measurements or weight as I've already wrapped and boxed it up for shipping. If needed I can unbox it. I'm happy to ship to England; if you wanted to purchase it I'd just need a delivery address to check the shipping cost with Canada Post.
  3. Hi Folks, I've got a 1934 Crabb Crane Duet for sale, 48 metal buttons + a breather button, raised metal ends, steel reeds, tuned to modern pitch. I purchased it last year and had it completely overhauled at the Button Box. It plays well, with a solid, loud tone. It comes with a soft padded case and strap. I'm originally an English player, and I just haven't had time to practice both instruments. This instrument should be played. I'm asking $2100 USD or best offer, plus cost of shipping from Canada. Cheers Adam
  4. I have a 48-button Crabb Crane Duet, ME/MB/SR. It's presently at Buttonbox being inspected and overhauled. I'm considering selling it on. You can email me for details, ahw_adler@hotmail.com.
  5. Hi, is the Albion still available? Can you post a photo? Cheers Adam
  6. Hi -- is the Tedrow still available? Thanks Adam ahw_adler@hotmail.com
  7. Hi! I'm an English player (not a very good one!) looking to learn Anglo, as I'm finding English is a bit brutal on the Irish tunes. I'm wondering if you've got either of your instruments still for sale. Cheers. Adam Adler ahw_adler@hotmail.com
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