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  1. It is a difficult decision to make as I do make use of almost the full low end of the instrument. Meanwhile there are at least 3 buttons on the high end I can honestly not remember ever using in a tune. That is a good point about the full F major scale. I don't actually know any F Major tunes, but I suppose I may wan't to in the future. I guess it might be just be better to look for an instrument with more buttons or a drone button in the future.
  2. I have a wheatestone C/G anglo with the standard 30-button layout on which I play primarily irish music. I have seen some discussion on modified/hybrid layouts for ITM, but they have all been focused on the mid-range, usually focusing the C#. I am getting fairly comfortable with the wheatstone system in this sense, but there is one thing that has continued to bug me. I would really like to have the D below middle C to throw in chords. As it is I can throw in a nice low G, A or E and even the odd C, but the one I would get the most use out of for irish music woudl be that D. Does anyone
  3. Hi everyone, I recently upgraded from my rochelle anglo concertina, and rather than trying to resell it at a reduced price I want to use it as a guinnea pig for teaching myself to handle my own repairs and modifications. The first thing I would like to to do is begin playing around with alternate layouts. I was hoping I might ask for recommendations for obtaining accordion reeds for this purpose. Since this isn't my primary instrument and since I am not settled on one particular arrangement, I would prefer to keep the price per reed and wait time relatively low. That being said, does a
  4. I apologize if this topic has been covered elsewhere. I didn't find much in a cursory glance through the topic titles. I have a C/G anglo on which I primarily play melody (mostly irish session music), but recently have been trying to arrange accompaniments for songs. I realize that the layout of the instrument and the required bellow direction changes are somewhat limiting. For now I have mainly stuck to holding sustained chords, which gives a nice 'drone' effect that fits some select songs. (Actually in most cases I find I prefer the sound of just playing the root note and the fifth, and
  5. Sent one more logistical question, thanks.
  6. I sent you a message regarding the chrome ended one.
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