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  1. It could react to the humidity. A friend of mine had a similar problem when taking her concertina from California to Ireland. Not sure if it could adapt though, does anyone else have more experience?
  2. Something you could do is to have a session of the type "play for each other" one person at a time. You share your tune when the others listen. We did something like it years ago, on Yahoo groups with a bunch of bluegrass lovers. It was good fun and very inspiring. Not like a normal session but could still be fun, to share tunes and songs with each other.
  3. We tried something like it years ago with a group of bluegrass people and there was too much delay.. but keep in mind that this was in 2004 and internet connections are much better now. Maybe give it a try with a few people?
  4. I love this idea! I'm obviously still too incompetent to participate but I'd love to hear everyone's tunes.
  5. Sounds like your time in lockdown will be well spent!
  6. I wonder if there is anyone who lives in the area (Pontus, Hasse, others?) or someone with extra space in the car who could bring a guitar that I could use during the weekend? For this year's SSI I had planned to be brilliant, after a year in Ireland with weekly sessions, and I'm definitely better than I was last year. But there's also the fact that SSI happens 1,5 month after I've attended Noel Hill's concertina week and I may still be totally confused with new techniques and fingerings. Most likely I will have changed some of my ways of playing and handling the instrument which means that it's possible I'll still be fumbling a bit and not caught up with my tunes using my new brilliant knowledge. Any concert pieces will likely be singing related (or with the fabulous string trio) and a guitar would be highly appreciated if possible. That being said, after starting guitar lessons I caught up quite fast with my songs so that may happen with the concertina too.
  7. Do you speak Italian yet? Maybe do a search on Facebook for example. If you don't speak Italian or not enough - I can help searching if you want.
  8. I have their Vintage model and it's a lovely instrument. Mellow but loud enough sound, smooth playing, good looking.. very nice. Edited 10th of March: After the Noel Hill workshop I've realised that the bellows are rather floppy on this concertina. I'm going to check with the company if they would replace it to something more sturdy eventually. Still, this is a nice instrument if you want a decent concertina and want to pay less than €4-5000.
  9. I hope you received my e-mail. I have all my flights and stuff booked.. looking forward to the SSI.
  10. Regarding Ireland. I don't know about September, but in November there is Ennis trad festival: http://www.ennistradfest.com/ In early October there's Cork folk festival. https://www.corkfolkfestival.com/ Not sure how much concertina there is. Last year they had a lovely concertina concert, and there are sessions here and there as well as tune workshops. Early March has the Corofin festival in Clare, at the same time as there's Noel Hill concertina workshop week nearby. I'm attending the Noel Hill class and will also go to three concerts at the Corofin festival, at least two of them featuring concertinas.. I think. http://corofintradfest.com/
  11. Yes, I've seen that! I was about to go this year, actually, don't remember why I didn't go. Maybe a project for another year, I think I'll spend that weekend preparing for Ballyvaughan instead.
  12. Thanks all for your input! It's been very valuable to read your comments. I also received some pm's with very useful and encouraging information. So I'm down on earth again with rational thinking. The more I think about this, the more I feel that I don't mind adopting Noel's system. It should be a good one if he uses it?! It will likely be worth it even if it means I may have to step back a bit in the beginning. Also, I adapt my way of playing all the time as I learn more, and as I learn from other people here and there, so I suppose this won't be so much different. Now I've gone from worrying to instead be inspired and excited about learning from Noel - after all he's one of the world's top concertina players, and this is a wonderful opportunity. I'll definitely check out the OAIM! I've thought of signing up before but never did.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm thinking of signing up for the Noel Hill concertina school in county Clare in March 2020. I did some searches on the forums here to find more info about it, and found an old thread that i originally started in 2008.. incredible how time flies. I'm now what I think should be intermediate - at least that's where I most fit in according to the level description in the info letter about the concertina school 2019. I know a couple of tunes and can join in on many more tunes, I play in sessions (although not in every tune) but I don't play particularly well at speed and I'm just beginning to look at ornaments. My priority for the moment is to learn my tunes better, to increase my repertoire and learn to play in more keys (I mainly play in G and I'm beginning to be more comfortable with D), but I would like to get further when it comes to technique, since I'm almost completely self taught (I do what seems to work) and I don't know what I should do next to improve my technique. I haven't been near other Irish style anglo players until this year when I moved back to Ireland, I've taken a few lessons here during spring/early summer, but haven't heard back from the teacher yet about the autumn. When I read about the Noel Hill school, I see that there are those who found it amazing and highly recommend it, but I also read from some that he teaches his own fingering system that he insists that everyone in the class has to use. This worries me a bit. The fingering that I use works quite well, although I definitely don't mind doing modifications if that means it will help me play better, more smoothly, get better phrasing, or whatever. I've already expanded my fingering after I've taken a few lessons from a local player, and of course I want to do what it takes to increase my playing skills. But I worry about going there, investing that time and money, and then spending all week learning a new fingering, and not having the time to learn so much more than that. Am I exaggerating or overthinking now? The C row is my "home row" (starting with index finger left hand on the G push and index right hand on the C push) but I use all rows, including accidentals, as needed. I use most higher notes on the G row right hand (unless I need the F instead of F#), but I'm beginning to explore the higher notes on the left hand too. As for lower notes, I'm not very familiar with them yet because I just recently got myself a concertina that actually allows me to play them without too much trouble (my old concertina was too slow to respond on larger reeds)! I'm comfortable with cross rowing but I still have lots to explore when it comes to alternative buttons. Should I stop worrying and just go ahead because it will be a fabulous experience that will help me get to the next level? Has anyone else been there as an intermediate self taught player? What were your experiences? Please brainstorm...
  14. Who is main admin on c.net? I was searching on info about the Noel Hill concertina school and found an old (very useful) thread that I started years ago. After a while I realised I had written under another account. I can't remember at all that I ever created another account here. I know that I've changed the display name but not created a new account!! I would like to have that old account (under display name Susi) deleted - or, since it's connected to some useful discussions, merged with this account. Is that possible? The e-mail account I used for that account doesn't exist anymore. What should I do? Feel free to contact by pm.
  15. Does anyone check these pages anymore? Anyway, I have a new babe since April 2019. A C/G anglo built in Dublin 2018. Very nice, both sound and looks, and finally I have a decent box that doesn't work against me when I play it.
  16. I've tried both the Rochelle and the Scarlatti and I think the Scarlatti is the big winner. The Rochelle is too large in my opinion and mine had problems from the start. The Scarlatti is more like any standard concertina in size and was a good enough instrument for me to start with. I paid about the same price as you would for a Rochelle but in Ireland. While it's not a fantastic instrument, it is definitely a good entry-level instrument if you want to get something that is decent to start on but not pay loads to begin with.
  17. A brighter sound could be fine too, as long as I can test play the box and hear it "for real". Some boxes with brighter sound can be very nice too, but some has very "harsh" sound which I think is a pain to the ears. As long as it sounds like something close to the sound of my AP James I'll be happy. Thanks for the recommendation about Kensington, I'll check them out a bit more (just briefly visited the website). I'd prefer to buy from Europe but maybe not if that means a crazy price. Being able to test play one is rather important though.
  18. Oh, I actually thought it was one made with concertina reeds?! At least that's what I understood from the concertina maker list on this site, and from their website. Or maybe I didn't read properly. Thanks for the info, however! It's possible that my AP James box could be improved. I'll have it looked at when possible, should have done that during the past weekend if I had been smart (was at the Scandinavian squeeze-in).
  19. Hi everyone! I'm (still - got stuck along the way) learning to play Irish music on the concertina and I currently play an AP James anglo concertina. It's good enough, much better than my starter concertina, but it's very slow to respond, especially on the lower notes, and I'm planning to maybe upgrade to something that is more responsive. I'm going to Ireland in August and I'm thinking of trying to find a place where I can play some different concertinas to see what I can get for what prices. I was browsing around here for makers and found this: http://www.theirishconcertinacompany.com/products/the-clare/It's apparently made in Dublin which would be very convenient (easy to fly to from Sweden). Does anyone have experiences of their concertinas and what are your opinions? Do you have other suggestions for concertinas that are available and preferably built in Ireland? (UK is ok too unless Brexit messes things up) My requirements would be: - Nice mellow sound but still loud enough to use in a session - smooth bellows and an instrument that allows to play fast without having the instrument working against me - standard size concertina - 30 button C/G anglo. - used concertinas are fine of course if it's in good shape.
  20. Yes, I'll be at the SSI. You definitely should come, it's one of the best weekends of the year, at least for me. Sadly I don't play many polskas, actually very few. My husband is good at them but he won't be able to come to the SSI because of work. I do play them but mostly on the fiddle, an instrument I have a love-hate relationship to. I focus on Irish music on the concertina, but I like to play English and Scottish tunes too. Since I play more than one instrument I try to have a focus on each instrument, otherwise it gets rather overwhelming. I'm thinking of bringing a second instrument to the SSI this year but haven't decided what.
  21. I will definitely read it if you add one.
  22. Very nice! Why not put a blog there, for news, tunes, and similar? It's good for the SEO too.
  23. Welcome to Sweden!! Restoration services in Stockholm would be lovely . Do you already know some polskas? We'll be in Stockholm the first weekend of May but without instruments because we're going on a whisky trip to Scotland, leaving on the Sunday. Maybe a fika and hello and welcome to Sweden or something? Send a pm if interested. It's always nice to make new concertina connections. I play anglo (early levels) and my husband plays the 2-row accordion, both G/C and he's learning the B/C. We both play various stringed instruments too.
  24. Hej Susanne. I'm still struggling with the repercussions of multiple computer failures, but the SSI is progressing nicely. I'll send you an email with more details about who all are coming (several that you know). So far we have bookings from England, Scotland, Holland, and Denmark, as well as Sweden, and I'm waiting on replies from some others. I do expect at least a couple more anglo players as well as some melodeon/durspel folks, and I'll be bringing my own anglos as well as my Englishes and various duets. (For anyone who may not yet know what we're talking about, here is our web site.) That sounds great, Jim. I can't say I'm much better with playing than last year (I always have big ambitions but stress always comes in between), but it would be a great inspiration to meet some anglo players. Maybe then we could have an anglo workshop too.
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