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    Anglo player of Scandinavian, French, Klezmer, E. European music. Also for past few decades a player of traditional acoustic E. European music on bagpipes, flutes, tamburica, amongst others--music of Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia.
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  1. CrP

    34 button anglo - Maker and date

    Thanks for the photos of reed pans and action. The longer I look and the more I compare those photos with the inner workings and other evidence of my Jones instruments, the more similarities I see. For instance, the posts on which the levers operate look identical to those on my Jones instruments. Similarly, the lettering/numbering styles of the numbers stamped into the wood look awfully similar. I grant that the makers and stampers of concertina parts may have obtained their tools from a very small number of manufacturers and nobody particularly cared what typeface was used for those stamps. However, my eye sees similarities between the shapes of the numbers and their placement on the outer edge(s) of the reed pans. So, circumstancial evidence like this tends to make me think the instrument was from G. Jones. My wooden-ended, 34-button anglo that is most like it bears the serial No. 17021. So, that's my small contribution to the mystery.
  2. CrP

    34 button anglo - Maker and date

    As an owner of a couple of Jones instruments, I thought that the bellows papers in the photo were the same as those on one of my instruments. Beyond that particular clue, tho', I can't say I notice anything that looks especially "Jones-y."
  3. Several more by the same group -- "Naches" -- the note indicates the performance occurred in March 2008 "Doina & Sko─Źna" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbZoETZrhp4 "Obodivker dance & Chasidic happy tune [meaning, most likely, a 'freylakh']" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdKmM58FR-EThe video for this one has problems but the sound is OK and "Fun der chupe" with a nice melody intro on English concertina before the band picks up the tempo. The bess player does a really nice solo shortly into the piece : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9oR97KIu04
  4. Nice little quartet, called "Naches, "with a lively rendering of a Bulgar on clarinet, bass, violin & English concertina (playing chords on the off-beats). I think the group is either Czech or Slovak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jCw7djJJbE
  5. Thanks for the reply. I hadn't considered the possibility that the red "block" item would allow me to block someone; Rather I was thinking somone had blocked receipt of my messages to him. Anyway, end of problem; we have regained communication.
  6. I think there may be a problem with my participating in the messaging section. For one of the participants in C.net, the red "Block" entry appears. Does that mean I've accidentally Blocked receiving messages from him (unintentional) or has he blocked my messages?
  7. CrP

    31 Button 5 3/4 Inch C/g

    In reviewing all the photos of your various creations, I caught myself saying, "I like your sense of style and invention" Are there any soundclips available anywhere to get a sense for how these sound? I guess your comment about sound sums it up nicely: judging "an instrument by its sound and playing characteristics if they are great, I give the wood some credit. If they are bad, the maker gets the blame." Good for you!
  8. Perhaps pther sellers, repairmen, and so forth can add commentary/ experience to this subject. As for me, I've recently had a late-19th-century Jones, rosewood-ended anglo sent here from the UK.. I don't recall there was any customs or other governmental hassle resulting. Who knows? Maybe the officials on duty were feeling generous that day?
  9. Looks like a lot of careful work. Hope it turns out airtight and handsome for many more years of playing.
  10. CrP

    Wanted: George Jones Plaque

    For what it's worth, I have ordered small engraved brass-colored (actually aluminium) plaques for insertion into the fretwork behind the ovals on a couple of my Jones concertinas. It took some careful measuring and some thought about what typeface looked good, but I wound up with something that's (I think) tasteful (black lettering on brass-colored background), albeit not authentic. There's probably a place in your vicinity that makes plaques for trophies, presentation pieces, cases & boxes or the like that will do the job for $20-30.
  11. The sound of the Dipper is quite extraordinary and the playing does a lovely job of bringing out the musical lines. Bravo.
  12. CrP

    Jones 34 Button G/d Anglo

    I'll send you a pm about this. CrP
  13. Chris: You might try contacting Greg Jowaisas (a member of this C.net forum) who has lots of experience working on Jones instruments, some of them mine, in fact.
  14. Am I right in thinking that the buyer of the Wheatstone will need to consider possible problems taking the concertina out of the country and then re-entering because of the tortoiseshell veneer? I recall some serious complications that other musicians have run into from the Fish & Widlife agents' enforcement of recent legislation about importing certain materials, e.g., ivory, totoisehell, rare woods, and the like.
  15. Thank you posting the link to those photos. I scrolled thro' them to see what all the instruments look like and was really impressed. How many different examples of leather + wood combinations have you done? Very impressive!