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    Anglo player of Scandinavian, Klezmer, E. European music. Also for past few decades a player of traditional acoustic E. European music on bagpipes, flutes, tamburica, amongst others--music of Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia.
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  1. The chording beginning at around 22.04 sounds to my ear more like harmonica (sometimes known as mouth organ) than 'tina. It's both the style of the playing [chord twice, pause, then same again] and the timbre that seems characteristic of harmonica. Then I do hear concertina [English? I think] beginning shortly thereafter altho' it might could be harmonica.
  2. I think I spy a 4th concertina -- also a miniature -- on the table (shelf?), in front of large accordion at knee level of Ms Rita Delroy, right next to the octagonal metal-ended English concertina
  3. Liked your new tune -- it's very danceable, which to me makes it all the more attractive. Intriguing harmonies, too -- all from a mere 20-button instrument. thank you.
  4. Utterly charming and captivating. Nice job, Jim & Randy!
  5. Allow me to concur with Jim's comment -- that's a sweet tune. Definitely heading to the top of my "must learn" list. Thanks, Jody.
  6. What a charming tune and played with musicality and expression. Applause is due. I like the recorded sound you got.
  7. Label replacement -- I've done it on several of mine. There's a local engraving shop that does trophies, sports medals and the like. I give them dimensions, I give them a pdf of the piece, having decided on typeface and correct serial number, send it to them and for about $25, they make me a brass-coloured plate [plaque, if you will] that is easy to glue onto the fretwork. Looks nice. I can send small schematic with dimensions to anyone who wants [haven't yet succeeded in attaching a photo to a message for Cnet] Send me a pm.
  8. Allow me to repeat and reinforce Dana Johnson's suggestion "Doing a few opposite twist stretches after playing should help keep your muscles balanced. Stay aware of your body. " As I deal with arthritis and other such aging problems, I've found that *body awareness *constructively dealing with muscle tensions [call it conscious relaxation] have proven very helpful to making music. This applies to many instruments where repetitive small motions can lead to tension in places to which one doesn't/isn't (but should be) paying attention. So, go into playing and practising alre
  9. Nice accompaniment to the tune and interesting chords. Thanks, Jim.
  10. Brings to mind a song from a couple of generations ago, by Peggy Seeger: I wanna be an engineer.
  11. Nice tune and nice arrangement. Thanks, Jim.
  12. Thank you for your work and dedication in pulling together this home-made ode to music-making -- I really appreciated seeing the great variety of skill levels and musical approaches evident in all these players. It does my heart good to know that amateur music-making is alive, thriving, and full of originality. Long may it continue!
  13. I came across an unidentified 6-fold bellows, metal-ended anglo for sale by Bolton Auction Rooms, Greater Manchester, UK -- Lot #116,.There's no info about the instrument, no maker's name [wooden case included]. From what little I can see, the staining of the wood around the handles, the wear on the bellows, the look of well-worn leather, this instrument has been played a great deal. I'm curious to know what becomes of it. Auction date is August 10. Worth a look: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/bolton-auction-rooms/catalogue-id-srbolt10428/lot-8977bc7e-aa50-4d46-b410-abfb
  14. By way of a notice, not a recommendation (since I lack any first-hand knowledge of the instrument) -- the Skinner Auction house in Boston, Mass has a bone-button anglo for sale, labelled " Lachenal & Co., London, c. 1910, serial no. 130621" The only photo I could see showed 16 buttons + air button on the RH side. Might be worth looking into: https://skinnerlive.auctionserver.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/580/lot/238280/?url=%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F580%3Fpage%3D1%26key%3DAndy%2BGoessling%26cat%3D%26xclosed%3Dno
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