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  1. Musik Boehmer and his Concertina from Hell Thursday 23. April 2015 Kulturzentrum Grend / Essen / Germany
  2. Yes, thank you Robert for the wonderful weekend. Thanks to all the teachers and thanks to the fellow players, there were enlightening conversations and a lot of beautiful music to listen to. The melodies still ring in my ear...
  3. I´ve also enjoyed each contribution. Everyone really showed a different side of the song. Starting with Bobs relaxed version where I think I can hear that he knows the song for a long time, also the instrumental is very nice. Then Jim Bessers dancing Morris interpretation which has quite a „soul“ feeling to me. To hear songs from people that play concertina for a long time is always like a good wine or aged whiskey for the ears. Jim Lucas, very enjoyable with a light touch. Darias version really cheers me up. Tona, to me, always sets a new standard by himself, the quality and sound of his playing are outstanding. And then there is Jody of course, a class of his own (my girlfriend just said „Johnny Cash on the concertina“ as she heard the recording). This version could easily be on a CD, it´s flawless. Steve, I would be really curious to hear your version. Maybe you can do one after your folk festival?. The song is really fun to play.
  4. I guess duets are similar to keyboards. I sometimes think of my duet as a bellow-driven-organ. Here is the keys layout compared to a two manual organ (57keys Maccann Duet):
  5. Hello everyone, though I did not participate for quite a while I enjoyed your your playing a lot. Here is a rough version of Jamaica Farewell, played through my One-Man-Band setup. It´s played live in one go (no overdubs) and I used beatboxing and looping for the rythm, guitar-effects and my selfmade stompbox (makes bumm-tschak). https://soundcloud.com/squeezer-stefan/jamaika-farewell
  6. I agree. The CD is just great. High quality everywhere. Also a nice mixture of songs, a joy to listen to.
  7. I´ve just ordered, I´m really looking forward to it. Very cool photo.
  8. Well done Adrian! Very nice video, interesting to watch, great music. I´m also looking forward to your new cd.
  9. Hi and welcome to the concertina world! So you´ve got your first concertina. Ain´t it great? I remember quite well my first one, about 5 years ago, it was like christmas quadruple. And I never regretted one minute that I spent with the instrument. For folky shanty sounds that you can sing too, you´re just right. I play Maccann Duet, so I can only give you limited advice. You find it hard to hold? Do you rest it on one side on one of your knees? Are the handstraps tight but only so that you can reach all the buttons? Actually holding a concertina is kind of hard, it´s one of the restrictions of the instrument. You don´t have a strap around your back like an accordion or such. But everything has good and bad sides. I was thinking about ways how to make the instrument more stable and I invested time and energy (I also wanted to play standing). Now I try just to play it how it is. And what´s up with the air button? You don´t need to touch that while playing. Not on a duet. It´s only used e.g. if you want to put it back in the case without making too much noise. Keep on asking, there are many nice people on this site. Greetings from Cologne ... ...to the Appalachians... gets my thoughts going...folkmusic... by the way - do you know this website? http://folkstreams.net/ for me - one of the most inspiring ones
  10. And surely it is a wonderful instrument. The 57key Maccann Aeola I bought from Geoff is just marvelous. I don´t need to look further for another one, I guess this is how good they can get.
  11. Thanks Jim! Ha - 2000 km - that´s a bit of a distance. But how about me coming to Denmark? It´s kind of hard to find gigs abroad from here, especially because this project is quite new. Maybe someone has some connections? If I could cover some of my expenses by playing some gigs, I´d be very happy to visit your lovely country. I´ve been there only once at the JazzyDays Festival in Tversted (as a bassplayer), that was great. On my website are all my upcoming gigs: http://www.musikboehmer.de/ or if you search for "Musik Böhmer" on Facebook I plan on playing in Lübeck in Oktober, it´s not sure yet. Lübeck is in the north of Germany.
  12. Hi Don, I´d like to post some videos on Youtube, but since I play mostly coversongs there is the copyright issue. So it wouldn´t be legal and in Germany they are quite strict about that. Some of the songs that people seem to enjoy most: Billie Jean, Like a Rolling Stone, Strawberry Fields forever, Everlong (Foo Fighters), and - by the way - Roslyn Castle (a traditional, so no copyright) which was tune of the month in July 2013!
  13. Thanks Rod, I just thought it looks strange to play with a concertina in an Irish Pub and not play Irish Music (which I admire by the way).
  14. This weekend I´ll be playing in the southern part of Germany with my One-Man-Band: Musik Boehmer and his Concertina from Hell. I play mostly Rock and Pop classics on a Maccann Duet, with the help of guitar effects, a looper and a selfbuild stompbox. If you wonder how that looks like, here is a Youtube video http://youtu.be/k3Asf1a7VEE Friday Aug. 1st Scruffy´s Irish Pub, Karlsruhe (I don´t play ITM though, sorry) Saturday Aug. 2nd Gaggtivel, musicfestival in Gaggenau (near Baden-Baden) It would be great to meet some concertina players.
  15. Nice: http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/durrants-auction-rooms/catalogue-id-2894288/lot-22393794?searchitem=true
  16. Hi Steve, here is an earlier post where you can see what I did. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=15380&p=145566 The mics I use are mentioned at the end.
  17. Thank you Steve. I edited the video with "Lightworks" a professional software and it is free as long as you only produce Youtube quality videos. It took a while to learn it though.
  18. I just discovered this on Youtube. Probably someone mentioned it before, but it has surprisingly few views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LFBNlildjA
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