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  1. Stefan

    Home recording kit

    I have recorded a lot (including a CD), these microphones are all ok. But I seriously recommend using a smartphone (I used a Samsung but IPhones are at least as good). I still try to match the sound of some old recordings that were made in my former bathroom. A lot depends on the room acoustics and where you put the phone. You also should have a recording app that can record at least in 44,1 kHz and 16 bit and level the volume so that there is no overload. Afterwards you could optimize the sound and cut the ends on a PC.
  2. Stefan

    The Flying Concertina

    I finally got the CD, it took a while to get to Germany. I like it very much, congratulations Steve.
  3. Thank you very much Wes, all the best.
  4. Stefan

    Rock´n Roll Concertina Preview

    Wow, thank you so much for the stunning comments. After all I´m just exploring what is possible for me and the instrument, like so many concertina players. And everyone is unique. Like Adrian and Susanna with Dappers Delight are one of a kind and you too Steve. I finally got your CD and I like it very much, it has a nice touch from Down Under. And Adrian - I´m glad you like it. Thank you so much for your help. And it would be very cool to see you again but I guess you won´t come to the German Concertina Meeting?
  5. If you are interested in Rock´n Roll Concertina, there´s a music-player embedded on my website now where you can preview my new EP (Tax Evasion) http://www.musikboehmer.de You´ll have to scroll down a bit All the best
  6. My new EP "Tax Evasion" is available now. It can be downloaded or streamed at various sites (Amazon/ITunes etc.) Or you can buy the real thing by dropping me a message, it costs 7.-€ plus postage. Here is a link where you can preview the songs on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Musik-B%C3%B6hmer-His-Concertina-Hell/dp/B078YWFB2N/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516026056&sr=8-1&keywords=musik+boehmer
  7. Stefan

    The Flying Concertina Revisited

    Now I sent the money with Paypal, it was easier than I thought. Looking forward to the CD.
  8. Stefan

    New Musik Boehmer Video

    Thank you Steve.
  9. Stefan

    The Flying Concertina Revisited

    Great CD Steve, congratulations, I definitly want one. Can I get it and avoid Paypal?
  10. Stefan

    New Musik Boehmer Video

    I never saw it that way, but that sounds plausible. If he would still be alive he´d probably have invented the nuclear driven Concertina or maybe powered by brainwaves?
  11. Stefan

    New Musik Boehmer Video

    Thanks Adrian, nice suggestion for the Title of the EP, ha. But it probably will just be "Tax Evasion" - too boring?
  12. Stefan

    New Musik Boehmer Video

    Thank you Ron
  13. Here is my new video for those who are interested in Rock-Concertina https://youtu.be/yAHCo6gMiWQ My first CD (it´s actually an EP with 4 and a half Songs) will hopefully be released next month, it contains original songs, all about the fancy topic of tax-avoidance.
  14. It was the surprise of the year to see you and your family there, so nice. I still feel very honoured. All the best Adrian.
  15. Stefan

    The Concept Of Time In Hawaii

    Very inspiring Jody. I really would like to have heard that.