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  1. Ups, now I get it. Probably have to get my glasses adjusted. Thank you.
  2. Thank you John and Wolf. Yes, the book is downloadable for free (as PDF), but the CD seems not available anymore.
  3. This has probably been asked before. Does anyone know where to buy Alistaire Andersons Concertina Workshop CD? Or where to download? Free Reed (link from his website) doesen´t list it anymore and my search only finds it on Amazon for 70 plus Euros.
  4. Probably you were the only one. I play in public for maybe 5 years now and in some regions of Germany I have a little following. But hardly anyone even knows that my instrument is called Concertina. People are always very curious about the instrument. In all the years playing, at my gigs, I have only once met a Concertina player. Ok, I played briefly at the German Concertina Meeting, that doesn’t count. Concertinas in Germany are very rare and I don’t play traditional music, so the circles seem to be separated.
  5. Thank you David for dropping by and saying hello, it was a pleasure.
  6. You are right David, forgot about that, thank you
  7. Hi there, like many others these days , I worked on finding ways to stream my music to the internet (like Jody Kruskal did, jamming with others, interesting writing Jody, thank you for sharing). As a result I will do a 1 hour concert on Saturday, at 8.30 to 9.30 pm. I play rock, pop and blues classics on a Maccann concertina, electrified. I attach a link if you are interested. Working on it, I could see that technique made progress. It´s possible for anyone with an Ipad or a smartphone to send music to the world in a decent qualitiy. Of course it depends ... the more you want th
  8. There is a change in the plan: I WILL take part in the Sunday summit and play a few songs there. Also I´m gonna do a little workshop at the concertina-meeting on Saturday: I will set up all my stuff (looper, stompbox, guitar-effects) and demonstrate it. You also have the opportunity to play through my setup with your own concertina, so you can hear yourself ROCKING. Also, if you are interested, we might learn a little rocksong (Do you wanna dance/Ramones version)
  9. I´m curious about your Crane anyway and looking forward to hear again that wonderful sounding Excelsior of yours. All the best
  10. Musik Boehmer and his Concertina from Hell will be playing on Friday, 17th of Mai in Hitzacker, that´s the weekend and the area of the German Concertina Meeting. So if you are interested in Rock, Pop and Blues Concertina and attend the meeting you are very welcome. Since I will not play at the Sunday summit of the meeting, this is a rare ocasion to see and hear live what a Concertina is also capable of. Here is a short version of my video: https://youtu.be/POUSadOYgcQ my website: http://www.musikboehmer.de the location: Kulturbahnhof Hitzacker https://www.kuba-ev.de/
  11. This time I think I can make it because it´s not on the 1st of May. We even might have a little Duett-Jam.
  12. Thank you very much Wolf and good luck with your Crane, maybe hear you sometimes?
  13. Somebody contacted me through my Website. He is interested in selling a Wheatsone Serial Nr. 31319 built 1926. The Wheatstone Ledgers say it´s a 48 key so probably an English. I don´t know what the abbreviations mean: N.P., K.V., W.S., can you help? Could someone estimate it´s value or maybe someone is interested?
  14. I play several instruments and I have some experience on giving up. I have learned that there are reasons why you give up playing. Most of the time it is is FRUSTRATION (apart from health issues). Playing an Instrument in general is a fun and fascinating thing - why should you stop doing that? There where times, in my Concertina playing too, when I noticed that I play less and less, don´t practice anymore and so on. What I do then is try to ask myself why I don´t want to pick up the instrument right now. The answer always is that I´m frustrated with something. Maybe I set my ambitions t
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