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  1. Hi David - I am a physician - Family Doctor. In addition to seeing patients, I work for the University of Illinois College of Medicine. I have been teaching medical students and resident physicians for the past 16+ years. I love it. Farion (aka: frw)
  2. So have I. Displaying location under the avatar is an excellent idea, and more useful than the other stuff as far as I'm concerned. At this point I have an awful feeling of deja vu though.(Why doesn't the stupid spellchecker supply accents to French words used routinely in English? I can't be bothered to go and find the characters and that would be a good consolation for always trying to change my S's to Zeds...) I think the location used to be displayed next to posts, and that we've been told before that it isn't possible anymore. Am I dreaming that? Decided to go add my location. I just want to say I love C.net. I appreciate everyone's comments.
  3. Loved the song Alan. One day, I hope to play as good as you. Farion
  4. I was just looking at Bob Tedrow's website and saw a picture of him holding a pencil in his left hand. So he is either left-handed or ambidextrous. I am left-handed as well. Are they other Left-Handed Concertina players out there? If so, do you find it harder to play the melody on the right side? Farion
  5. That's really beatiful. And is a very good guideline to have into account, even more now: yesterday my wife made a test & realized that 'we' are just 2 weeks pregnant. I've no words. Cheers, Fer Congrats to you and your wife Fer!!! That is awesome. My wife and I have 5. They grow up quick. I think one of mine will take my concertina. Farion
  6. What part of Illinois? I'm in Normal and I play EC. I'm in Woodstock. I'm in Rockford, so really close. I have just started learning. You already sound light years ahead! Farion
  7. I will often go camping with the boy scouts as I have 4 sons and one of my friends asked me if I would take my Edgley to play by the campfire. My reply was - "Not on your life." I would be scared to death that it would get wet, ruined.
  8. This is way to out there. Stephen, I enjoyed this and love learning about something new. Farion
  9. Sounds good... What did you get? Dave I have an Edgley C/G Performers Model. It is absolutely beautiful.
  10. The dog has stopped whining, but is now laying down on the other side of the room. Poor guy!
  11. Well, my concertina finally arrived 2 hours ago and I have had it in my hands non-stop. I am happy and excited. Quick question for the group. How tight do you make the hand straps. By the way, our dog hates it. He has been whining with every sound that has come out of the concertina, but at least he doesn't try and go away. Just lays there.
  12. Way to go! She is one of my favorite actresses.
  13. I am soon to be in receipt of my Edgley C/G concertina. Frank sent it off yesterday. I am sooo excited!! The sad thing is that I leave tomorrow for a business trip and won't be home when it likely comes. I have told my children that they cannot open the box! I guess I should look at the bright side of things. At least now, I won't be thrown out of the hotel. I will let everyone know next week. Farion
  14. Always make the best of a situation. Stand tall and look proud like you're showing off your new undies. If you're not wearing any, try to think of something else to be proud of. Thanks for the good laugh. Now I can start my day! Farion
  15. What is everyone's opinion on the best tutor book for Anglo? Farion
  16. Felix - just awesome! I enjoyed those videos very much. Wish I knew more Spanish. I know enough to coach a woman in labor delivering a baby. And that is about it. My daughter has had 6 years of Spanish in School and will be taking more in college. One of my son's has had 4 years. Another son is soon leaving for Uruguay to serve a mission for our church and he will be immersed in Spanish then too. Thank you again for the wonderful music. Farion
  17. I love the 4th. I love what the holiday represents. I am grateful for those who have gone before me and have sacrificed so that I may enjoy personal freedoms that many in this world do not have. I love the flag as it is a representation for this as well. I love the parades, fireworks, barbeques, and time with family and friends. May we always honor those who have given personal sacrifice to bring more goodness into this world. Farion
  18. Is this a Canadian twist on all those old lightbulb jokes? No. At first, I was confused as to your post. I am so naive.
  19. I thought it was awesome! Quit beating up on yourself! How many people can make music on a concertina eh! Farion
  20. I joined facebook last year so that I could keep up with my son during his first year of college. (Just a meddlin ole dad!) Since, I have been able to keep in touch with my own high school classmates and others I lost contact with. Every week someone is sending a request to be friends - Alan it won't end. It just goes on and on. Also, I joined the group "concertinas are cool" a month or so ago. Am anxiously waiting for my Edgley concertina. I should get it by Christmas. I am saving the money slowly. Have to with now 2 kids in college. In the meantime, the forums here have been great. I feel like I already know many of you. Farion
  21. I have been waiting for just the right avatar before picking one that would represent me well. I recently found a named variety of bearded-iris called "concertina." Fits right in with my hobby of gardening well. Looks like I will need to add this variety to my garden. I am 1/3 of the way paying for my new and first box. I can't wait. Hopefully I can begin playing by Christmas. Farion
  22. Wow! There's a reference to toilets in another string. Sounds like somebody has a fetish for toilets and against anglos. I guess a toilet is easier to learn than an anglo. Come to think of it, I learned the toilet in my first sitting but I think the anglo sounds better. This gave me a little chuckle. Now I got to get back to work.
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