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  1. Not sure if I understand the reply. Concertina is not an accordion, it's ergonomics are not as good. Good response is more important in Concertina, that's why Goran efforts so much in explaining his handle contraption. My suggestion is not as radical, but it works and it's cheap and easy to make. I used to have an instructional video, but the website where I stored it, crashed. So here is just the drawing. http://www.box.net/shared/vitn60ocok Thanks for the web site and drawing. I'm trying to balance the left end of the concertina on one knee and develop a bellows movement that is comfortable and sustainable. Just love the instrument. I also found I am expending move pressure than I really need on the bellows, so have been playing a little more lightly especially with the treble. My wife appreciates that. Again, thanks everyone for the help. I loved the clip with the melodeons. keith
  2. I did go on mudcat and from there on to some postings by Goran that contained his drawings and research on the concertina. NOTE: Göran's "straps" are not "wrist" straps. They are straps that fit across the back of the palm, like those on anglos and duets, though Göran's design also incorporates an extended platform underneath the hand, rather than the simple bar of anglos and duets. Be aware of the difference. If you want wrist straps for your English, that's fine, and you should check with the Button Box. If you want Göran's modifications, they're something quite different, and you'll probably have to make them yourself. (If you're playing a Jack, I would guess that you don't have the budget to have them custom made for you.) And the two different designs will have quite different effects on your playing. Hi Kautilya. I have no interest in modifying the instrument, just need a little support for the lower notes. keith
  3. Hello Keith, I'm baffled by your question! The ends of the Jack are made of wood, is it the shiny finish that makes you think it's plastic? There should be no problem fitting wrist straps to a Jack. Pete. Hi Pete. That is great news! I just assumed the ends were plastic. Thanks so much. keith
  4. Hi Kautilya. I did go on mudcat and from there on to some postings by Goran that contained his drawings and research on the concertina. I'm in the states, so I think I'll try button box. Wheatstone had them in 08 and the thread said they were around $56 then. My only question now is "will the plastic hold the insert. Thank you for the input. keith
  5. Thanks Ken. Sounds good to me. I think I'll contact them. The jack is plastic, so I hope it is thick enough to drill into and hold the insert. I too like the wrist strap as it relieves any tension on my pinkie and thumbs. I've been trying to train myself to play the lowest notes with the jack on the push rather than the pull and that does help. keith
  6. Thanks Ken. Are they adjustable, how are they attached, and more importantly, do you like the way they work. keith
  7. I recently purchased a jack concertina and am looking for information on installing wrist straps. I love the lower notes of the jack but it does take a little more force on the bellows than the treble. Does anyone out there sell wrist straps and how is the best way to mount them? Any information would be appreciated.
  8. Scott: Thanks for the prompt shipment of the Jack. It is wonderful shape and I thank Concertina.net for providing the forum for us to get together. I've been reading the posts for awhile and they are so helpful to novice players. The jack does take more air and is a little slower to respond, therefore takes a little more effort on the bellows. Does anyone out there know where I could get a couple of wrist straps for the Jack. kj in Illinois
  9. It does help and thank you for commenting. I'm leaning towards barinton english. Illinois
  10. Thanks for all the replies. The only player I know locally uses the concertina mostly for melody work. I've felt I must choose one type or the other so I can progress more rapidly, but maybe I will play awhile with both types. I do like to play by ear, but read just enough music to figure out a tune when I am learning it. Maybe with time, the english will become more natural and I will learn to play by ear using that system. I've never played a really expensive concertina. I'm almost afraid to try one, as I'm afraid I'll get the acquisition disease I keep hearing about. new in illinois if you would like to try an expensive concertina, i have a top of the line anglo you could try out, just to see what it's like--you won't run out of air very easily. i'm usually in either dekalb or st. charles, and i teach at murphy roche music irish music school in burr ridge--i also play at elgin public house at least once a month (that seems like it would be the closest to you). i happen to be playing there this sunday from 3-6 pm, so if you would like to stop by and try out my concertina, you're more than welcome. please let me know ahead of time (pm me), so i make sure i dont miss you if you decide to come. i could also show you some rhythm and chording stuff, beyond just melody, to show you some of the capabilities of the instrument. I would have loved to hear you play. I'm very busy in the summer, so maybe I can catch your show sometime during the winter. new in Illinois
  11. Hi. I listened to John Loomis on u-tube and loved the sound. I don't have the funds for that good of an instrument, but it is a great sounding concertina. Illinois
  12. Thanks everyone for the input. I've had some company and just sat down tonight and read the additional replies. Right now (this sometimes changes daily) I'm plugging away on the Jackie and the english system. I've also listened to some of the instruments on u-tube and my ear is attracted to the baritone sound. I have to use written music to play the english system, but maybe with time my ear and hands will learn what to do. I will probably rent a baritone English to also try it. I've seen some reasonably priced Stagi baritone concertinas, but read on one web site that their baritone models had some problems. I've learned a lot of new names recently, Wheatstone, Lachenal, etc. What a facinating history and instrument and I'm amazed at their longevity. The guitar is almost simple by comparison. Still practicing in Illinois
  13. What part of Illinois? I'm in Normal and I play EC. I'm in Woodstock. I'm in Rockford, so really close. I have just started learning. You already sound light years ahead! Farion Hi Farion. If it sounds that way, you have the wrong impression. I've just started. I just don't know which way to jump so guess I'll play both types for awhile and see what happens. Are you taking lessons?
  14. What part of Illinois? I'm in Normal and I play EC. I'm in Woodstock.
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