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  1. I'm flying out to Russia where I'll be staying with friends for a couple months. I know that the Accordion and Melodeon is still well established even in modern Russian music, so I'm hoping to be able to adapt it the concertina. I'm bringing with me my newly acquired 30-button Anglo concertina and I was wondering if anyone might now a good resource for finding Russian songs (both folk and modern), as well as older Soviet Era songs that can be played on the Anglo. Thanks!
  2. Update: I was able to secure an exceptional Rochelle on ebay for 350ish.
  3. I've been there too with receiving really horrible melodeons from eBay sellers, but purchasing my one and only (English) concertina from a private seller on eBay has had a very lucky outcome, despite the age of the instrument... As to the Stagi/Bastari/Hohner Anglo mentioned above I wouldn't be that pessimistic either. The material is not that old, and from the first picture the bellows are loooking both played and sound. I maybe wouldn't hesitate to place a moderate bid (even up to around 100 $ perhaps?), since the model is usally known as preferable to other Stagi specimen. However, that would unavaidably be sort of gambling once again... Best wishes - Wolf Looks like he relisted it for $350.
  4. Thanks, I'm a little hesitant to actually bid on this one though... primarily because it's described as an "inherited" item and there aren't any decent pictures of the bellows not to mention the seller describes the item as possessing no "visible defects", presumably meaning the seller hasn't played it. I've been burned before on Melodeon purchases that were similar...
  5. I'm definitely interested so I'm keeping a close watch on the bidding, though I have a feeling that my limited funds will keep me from being able to snatch it up... I'm starting out so it would make a great instrument. Couple of questions though: Do you have any idea how much shipping would cost to get it to the USA? Also, you list it as the bellows being in excellent condition, is it because these are new bellows? Or have they just held up the test of time well? Finally, the pictures you have on the eBay page seem to possibly show two different concertinas, one with marbled red beveled end plates and the other with pure black straight edge end plates. Which photos are accurate? Thanks!
  6. Where will you be travelling? The Button Box rents instruments, and a part of the rental payments can be applied to subsequent purchase. You'll have to ask them, of course, but if your locations aren't dangerous and your insurance is good, might they agree to renting you one for your travels? Then you could afford something better right now and postpone actual purchase until after you've saved some more and are sure it's "right" for you. I'm heading to Russia... I'm not sure where that qualifies on the list. lol
  7. Hello all, I'm out of Wisconsin and am looking for a decent used (or new) 30 button Anglo Concertina to serve as my own Starter instrument. I've looked at several websites, and read similar forum posts so I already know about the most common piece of advice- "buy the best you can afford". Well the best I can afford is whatever I can get at $250. I've set myself at a $250 limit simply because that's as much as I can really spend at this point. The reason why I'm not simply waiting a month is because I'll be leaving within the next couple months to travelling for the entire summer and would rather be able to take it with me and start learning to play as opposed to waiting until I got home in the fall. I've looked on Ebay and several websites and what I've seen is the "cheap Chinese" Bonneti goes for about $200 new, but then there is almost nothing between that and the next price range of about $400. I'm not really an elitist or someone who would scoff at this brand, and I'm also aware that many brands of concertina's are made in China. It's just that I haven't been able to find any recent reviews on it and so I have no idea about the longevity of the instrument or if the production quality has potentially dropped off since 2012. Figured I'd try here first and see if I can't maybe get a gently used, but better quality, instrument before dropping the money on a brand new (but of questionable craftsmanship) Bonneti. Anyone want to sell to an eager beginner? Pretty Please?
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