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  1. Hi David - no work required - I am happy to let you have it on a try/return basis, if you were happy to pay the both way postage should you not be happy? Please IM me.
  2. Hi David did you see my ad for a nice 30 key wheatstone may fair http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=19462
  3. Hi, I have not been playing my concertinas much these last few months and would like to sell this model in order to re-invest - you know how it goes :-). I bought this instrument off of ebay a few years back as an upgrade to the entry level 30 key instruments, which it was. If I recall from the seller, it was originally purchased and played by a blind street musician in Canada and brought back to Scotland where it sat in a cupboard for many years. Hence it is probably in as good as a condition you can get for an instrument getting on for 60 years old. I like the fact it is as old as I am, hmm but in some respects seems to have fared better :-) Anyway, given this instrument participated in a few ToTMs on this forum I thought I would offer it here first. Comes with a case. I am in Herefordshire in the UK. £425 . Thanks.
  4. it exceeded my expectation - I thought the camera work was spot on and followed the leading musicians as one would themselves. The sound and was very good and was able to easily pick out the individual instruments. In all, I believe they managed to capture the magic that is Leveret :-) Agree the interview was a bit pointless, but was pleased that the show was set up for a online audience in mind, e.g. no interval. and Rob Harbron was the only person not to have an instrument change :-)
  5. netgig have confirmed - it is a global online spectacular.
  6. just come through on a mail from Leveret that their Sunday night gig at the Convent in Stroud will also be a live (and available for 7 days) HD stream. Ticket available here; https://theconvent.netgig.co.uk/event/leveret-the-convent/ Not sure if this is available outside the UK - so have asked them the question? This is good news for me as I intended to go, but have been laid up in bed with the flu for the last 3 days.
  7. Leveret +1 - I agree Jim, the bar has been raised to a very high level. I expect you already have In the Round - worth buying just for Glory of the Sun - wow! Thanks for starting this thread - I have the abc of New Anything on screen and will definitely have a go even if I do not post anything,
  8. hi - on my part it was just an observation, although I am still playing, I realised I was visiting this site less because Totm/ThoTM was no longer there. The reasons for its demise have been well aired already and just wondered if other people were visiting this site less as a result. It appears some of us are.
  9. This is just an observation - and I understand the reason why Tune of the Month and Theme of the Month were stopped - however, I find I am visiting this site far less these days as a result of that decision.
  10. Leveret must rank as one of the finest traditional instrumental bands ever. BBC Radio 3 had a whole host of "folk connections" shows last weekend. I am still catching up with them - Shirley Collins - Private Passions was the obvious place to start. I believe I only have Cecil Sharp's Appalachian Trail -Andy Kershaw's tracing Cecil Sharp's 1916 trip to go. Well done Radio 3 in giving folk music so much coverage!!!
  11. +1 I never realised this tune had these timing changes - the seasonal one to learn I feel........
  12. Agree with above - many thanks to Jim and most of all thank you for your encouragement and support. However, I also agree there just did not seem to be an awful lot of contribution. Where the Melodeon net community scores is that it is primarily focussed on English morris with a good scattering of european music. The concertina net is far more eclectic and I hold my hand up to not even looking at totm if it was not an English tune or something appealing.
  13. di-dah-di-dit dah-dah-dah di-dah-di-dit sorry :-( ps I have not played an edgeley, but am very pleased with my morse ceili
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