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  1. Thanks. A whole new world is opening up for me.
  2. I 'll look for a accordeon specialist. Thanks for all the good advice!
  3. Thanks RAc, Your enthusiasm absolutely inspires me to continue on the concertina road. And your dance video makes me long for cozy, crowded cafes again. Those were the "pre corona days". Music and dance groups are a bit harder to find here in the Netherlands. Unless it is Dutch folklore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVkrGJxdhuI
  4. The wrong notes are still on the wrong place..........
  5. Thanks for the expert comment. I will immerse myself in the traditional music forms that belong to my new instrument. Any good tips in terms of books etc. about this?
  6. I did it anyway 😅 Since pictures often make more sense than words, I have added a few. The reeds seem to be screwed onto small wooden plates. A metal reed (right) and a 'thing next to it' (left). The wooden plate appears to be glued to the air drawer (is this the correct name?). Who can advise me what to do? Is this a common accordion construction? p.s. The instrument has been reassembled and still works fine. Also the swapped notes......😉
  7. I am an absolute beginner english concertina player. With a lot of extra time due to the corona lockdowns, I started a month ago. And I love it! Although quite difficult. While improvising on the somewhat unruly instrument, a little tune was created. Made by my fingers and a little by my ears. I call it "Jense's Reel" (Jense is my last name). I don't know whether it is really a reel. Coming from The Netherlands, I am not a great connoisseur of Scottish, Irish, English traditional music. Maybe someone likes to play it once. In that case: have fun with it! Jense's Reel.pdf
  8. Thanks Theo, I won't start repearing (destructing) the instrument myself. And look for an accordeon specialist.
  9. Thanks for the mental support 😉 I'll make some pictures of the, hopefully succesfull, "into the heart of my concertina expedition".😱
  10. It was a 'Marktplaats' thing. That's the Dutch Ebay, so to speak. I think I have to fix it myself. Unscrew it carefully. I watched some instructional videos.
  11. Thanks. Second hand (new) instrument. F/F# top line staff. B/Bb under first ledger line staff.
  12. I want to get rid of the F# and the Bb in the middle rows. But am afraid to open the instrument.
  13. Thanks David, I try to upload a picture (JPEG), but the upload seems to fail all the time......
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