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  1. Definitely - "The Lurker on the Threshold"...
  2. Nope, but the Edirol did a fine job, as it always does (into Edirol marketing here ) Lovely stuff indeed, sweet and bouncy, no ticket for speeding. Thanks for posting it, /Henrik
  3. Ha! Buttons could be fat and go all the way down /Henrik
  4. Exactly. And I already have a closet full. - I thought about that but I knew that you would do it /Henrik
  5. Yup, exactly. On the other hand, if one was to learn the tunes' raw "skeleton" only, I can see it as a help. Then there will be one thing less to fight. The risk is, of course, that there may be different skeletons... /Henrik
  6. I wonder what would happen if I turned up? Can one be disqualified from "Miscellaneous instruments"? /Henrik
  7. Hi, Jim - I failed to see the responses under "View New Posts", but I see now that your were indeed the first. It's in the popcorn pot, grease an' all /Henrik
  8. Henrik, Coincidentally, I saw my first "Google mapping" car when I was on my trip to the SSI, in the vicinity of the Castle at Helsingor, though I've seen them in West Clare since. Yup - I see saw one in Lund, a month ago. They've "done" some DK and SE cities/towns. But in West Clare? Ah - I can see it now: "Google Street View takes you to the End of the World" /Henrik
  9. I just found a duplet "Free Reed" No. 24, July 1976: Anyone who wants it? A postal address - and it is in your mail box, first come, first served. /Henrik
  10. I did a similar "pilgrimage" when I was in London to see my daughter early last month. But I did a bit of "previewing" beforehand, with "Google Streetview". A couple of examples (parts of screen dumps from Streetview): The George Tavern: A bit more west, Sydney Street: This way you can do a survey and decide if something is worth a trip or not. Or simply check, beforehand, how things look, if you are new to a place. Charles Wheatstone's home can be seen this way (19, Park Cresent, Paddington, near Regent's Park tube). "Street View" is an extension of Goggle Maps, based on full panoramic photographs, taken approx. every 30 ft in all major (and even many minor) streets in most major cities in many parts of the world. Go to the Google Maps site, zoom to England, zoom in on London till you see Regnts Park tube station/ Marylebone Road. If you grab the little orange man on top of the zoom in/out lever and hold him in the map, all streets which are photographed will turn blue. Now drop him in Park Cresent, like this: Wham - you are there! Navigate by clicking the arrows (or use Up/Down keys). Pan by dragging the "world" with the mouse or the Left/Right keys. Page Up/Page Down keys will pan vertically. (The blue Wheatstone plaque is almost hidden behind the pillars you stand right in front). Here's a task: have a peek at the Lachenal address in Northington Street. You can't go there, it's too small, put you can look into the road from John Street. Have fun! == I did go to the Horniman myself. Brilliant concertina exhibition. Item 57 (Wheatstone baritone) intriged me: it had much wider horizontal spacing than all other instruments. Some nutter, like me, must have ordered it as a custom job... /Henrik
  11. Brilliant! The highest quality, I've seen on YouTube. Even "Normal" quality is outstanding. Learn from this man! /Henrik
  12. Shoo! A man of many talents - I like the dress code /Henrik
  13. Uuh - that Spanish stuff was something else! /Henrik
  14. The pitch is very low, isn't it ? /Henrik
  15. It could sport an early picture of the telegraph... - or a load cell... - or a pressure transducer... - or... /Henrik
  16. Seems like there is a basic need for photographs here - I'll see what I can do over the weekend /Henrik
  17. Welcome to your subconscious mind! It's like a slippery eel: try to catch it and it goes away /Henrik
  18. It is very tempting to say: "- and it's even played by one!" - but that would be rude though it has been seen before: /Henrik
  19. Not much: - but the real thing (from the Wheatstone factory) /Henrik
  20. Ha! A machine? There are people who play like that... /Henrik
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