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    I'm a lover of the Irish music. I have been playing bodhrán, bones and spoons, and sing unaccompanied for 6 years now. I like the concertina color and want to learn the English system for the Irish reperoire. I can't read a note and I haven't bought an instrument yet. So very much strolling around on this site.<br />I live in Flanders, Belgium. I only know of Guido Bos who plays the English. Harry Geuns seems to be a maker i need to pay a visit. Any other players of the English in Flanders on this website? Give me a mail, please.
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    Belsele, Belgium

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  1. hello concertina Friends, I'm glad the Gradam Ceoil 2011 can finally be seen on TG4. Big hooray for 'our' Noel Hill for the best musician award! Good to see a good deal of the Hill family enjoying the worldwide recognition. Dirk
  2. Yes! The key is the timeline. Play any instrument for 40 years, and it will come easily to you. The corollary to this is, of course, that if you feel you'll never make it on your chosen concertina system, and you've only been playing it for 20 years, you shouldn't be disheartened. Give yourself 20 more years. Cheers, John Hi John, please send me a package with 40 years, please! (lol) I'm just trying to play for 4 years, but i like it very much, and that's what is the most important for me
  3. fair play to Gabriel and his friends. Lovely combiation, lovely pace, lovely sound
  4. thanks for the nice and personal story Noel. Congratulations with the Gradam Ceol Award. Fair play to you. see you later. Dirk
  5. Hello friends, I need to put some new valves into the LeftHand side reed board of my treble English Tina with 48 keys. How many valves do I need? And which seize should they have? What kind of glue should i use? I hope some experienced EC fan can help me sort this out Thanks beforehand, Dirk, Belgium
  6. thanks friends, problem solved for now. This makes my day. Keep on squeezing!
  7. hi tina friends, can anyone of you provide me the contactdata of MOR in a personal message please. Thankfully yours.
  8. Dick, It also arrived in Belgium now! (lol) Well done. thanks. Dirk
  9. Thanks for pointing to this treasure! How I love Noels playing! I think the fiddle player is not Seamus Creagh, but Tony Linnane. kind greetings from Flanders Dirk
  10. for repeated notes in Irish tunes my teacher Mairead Hurley suggested to press the same button twice, and not use bellow movements
  11. Is there someone playing an EC baritone in Irish trad sessions? I play a treble EC but was advised to play an octave lower than the two highest octaves I use on my treble. So I consider swapping to a baritone and use the same fingering patterns.
  12. I use earplugs while practising!
  13. Hi friends, here 's my list of Slow airs Auld lang syne Caroline and her young sailor bold Carrickfergus cliffs of doneen Danny boy dimmers factory girl for Ireland I won’t day her name I wish I had someone to love me Inion Ni Scanlainn Inisheer Jock Stewart (C en D) Josephine's waltz Jutland Sailing through the narrows She moved through the fair Si beagh si mhor Skibbereen South wind enjoy Dirk, Flanders, Belgium
  14. thanks for sharing the pics Eskin. Good to see Noel's broad laughs. Seems he had a good time over there. I was lucky to meet him a few weeks ago in Drumshanbo. And a lovely family he has too! Dirk
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