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  1. P.S. : It comes with its original box ; as can be seen on the photo, somebody had taken out the leather baffles to get a louder sound, but they still exist (they are in the box) and can be put back where they belong
  2. I decided to sell a nice concertina I have had for some ten years as a secondary, sweeter-sounding instrument alongside my Aeola. I had bought it in Normandy, around Granville, from the estate of an old sailor who played it until the end. It does not have a label, although I strongly suspect it to be a Lachenal. It has 5-fold bellows, brass reeds, bone buttons. Quite a simple instrument but nice to play, and still a much better instrument than modern-made Stagi's, etc. It is currently located in Paris, France, from which I can mail it wherever needed. At the end of January I plan to cross the Channel to spend a few weeks at Oxford and can bring it with me for a hand-to-hand delivery there or in London, if convenient. As for the price, I would like to let it go for €600, but cheaper offers are much welcome. I can send additional pictures and sound samples through Whatsapp.
  3. Not sure this can be called a concertina, but just in case :
  4. Actually I made something quite similar a few years ago :
  5. Another piece indicating Nevsky's important part in the history of concertina music is this recording, where he plays (on an accordion) the polka later played and recorded by Gregory Matusewitch : https://www.russian-records.com/details.php?image_id=34359
  6. Actually I think Peter Nevsky played the English concertina - see this thread and the links given in my first post:
  7. For reference, here is a page in Russian with information about Piroschnikoff, and a photo of him https://news.jeps.ru/mneniya/evrejskie-tipografii-vilno-na-rubezhe-19-i-20-vekov-vera-knorring.html
  8. Thank you. Do you know who were its previous owners, besides Raymond Devos ? My instrument also comes from a French clown.
  9. Just wondering, who was the clown wo sold it to you ? (vous pouvez aussi me répondre en message privé)
  10. Here is a new recording of an improvisation by me Hoping that the quality of the recording is better than the last ones : https://soundcloud.com/pnahon/improvisation-au-concertina
  11. If your organist friend doubts, you can show him the real thing : https://db.tt/hZcazeNA
  12. Thank you for your post. It is indeed a different instrument (Wheatstone 32008), whereas the Aeola on the video belongs to C.net user "conzertino".
  13. Thank you for your comments. Here is another try, still with organ music, but of a slightly different style. I challenge you to recognise any of the pieces played. pot pourri.mp3
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