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    Musical: I enjoy playing my Jeffries Duet, a Fantini Piano Accordion and a melodeon.
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    Film photography with vintage and pinhole cameras.
    Travelling the English canal network on a 'traditional pair' of vintage narrowboats selling coal!
    I also enjoy cycling and driving.
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    'twixt Malmesbury and Chippenham, Wiltshire. UK

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  1. Gary, 'Big Nick' Robertshaw told me after I had contacted him about my JD that he knew of only twelve players worldwide, and that I was the thirteenth! In 2006, there was a post here on C.Net asking for JD players to say how many instruments they owned, and I believe it came to about 21 instruments between 16 players.
  2. I'll look forward to this when it's finished. I'd be especially interested in chord shapes and/or accompaniment, as I love the playing of Michael Hebbert and Gavin Atkin, and if I could pick up some of the accompaniment techniques they use, I'd be happy 🙂
  3. This Pacsafe product might be suitable for a concertina.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pacsafe-TravelSafe-Secure-Portable-Black/dp/B002Q5NKYK/ref=pd_sim_ce_1
  4. That's pretty well what happened to me. I didn't choose a Jeffries Duet, I was presented with an opportunity to buy a concertina without knowing what it was, other than it was vintage and therefore probably worth a punt. Having acquired it, I then set about learning to play it, and as I played (mainly) morris, I became comfortable in certain keys. Upon realising it was a rarely-played system, I relished the challenge of learning to play it, and as I'm comfortable in certain keys it's probably more sensible for me to stretch myself and learn other keys than it would be to learn a completely new system from scratch.
  5. Well, that's sorted. I had concerns, but ten minutes playing scales was enough to show me that the EC was not on for me owing to Osteoarthritis in my right thumb Oh well, I'll just have to practice playing the JD in those awkward keys!
  6. Not too bad thanks mate. I'm not rushing into the matter, and I'm keeping the JD....and in fact will be popping into Marcus Music tomorrow in Newport to discuss and try a few out (I'm working in Cardiff t'morrer).
  7. Thanks for that! ETA - I've also owned an Anglo in my time - I'm definitely interested in a nice English, and the EC system looks pretty straight forward on paper.
  8. I'm one of the few priviliged people to posess a Jeffries Duet, and like many (I suppose) find playing in keys different from your own comfort zone 'challenging' ! I'm looking to buy either another Duet (MacCann?) or an English - but which? I would like a vintage instrument. I'm intending to use it for sessions and for accompaniment to singing (not my own voice I hasten to add!). Advice and suggestions welcome.
  9. In the 1970s I used to attend a Whitsun weekend based around Rye in Sussex with 'my' side, Rumford Morris Men. Amongst the other teams who regularly attended the weekend were Garstang. Re Alan's comment, "....one of the best..." let me put it this way, Garstang were the only team I can recall that would empty a pub of other morris dancers who would come outside to watch them!
  10. A few contradictions surely! "Condition: New" "Newly refurbished 32 button anglo concertina....... ....A few known issues are that it will require tuning and that left side has three buttons that sound flat only on the push direction and one key sometimes play when button is not depressed. " If it was 'newly refurbished' then it shouldn't have any 'issues' - especially not retuning!
  11. Paul James of the band Blowzabella is selling his 31 key C/G Anglo made by Shakespeare around 1920. Owned by Paul since 1975 it was fully restored by John, Rosalie and Colin Dipper in 2012. Send me a message if you're interested.
  12. I take it that Kimber's instrument is now in the hands of Headington Quarry MM and being regularly used? I recall back in the 1970s hearing that Father Ken was going to leave the concertina to EFDSS for display in C# House.
  13. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned on here previously (I had a quick search, but found nothing). http://www.1classifieds.co.uk/16/posts/2-For-Sale/39-music-instr/2685036141-C-JEFFRIES-CONCERTINA-AND-CASE-pound-2300.html
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