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  1. Ringmassa

    Fs: Frank Edgley Professional C/g

    Looking to sell a Frank Edgley Professional Anglo Concertina in C/G. Its number 374. Writings inside the box state that it was made in May 2012. Also comes with a protective flight case. The straps in the photos will not be going with the box. Original Frank Edgley Straps will be provided. There is nothing wrong with it, I am only selling because i acquired a Carroll. Thanks for looking. $2000.00- Free Shipping to Con US
  2. Ringmassa

    Noel Hill School Ny

    I know this post is older but can anyone shed some light on costs associated with the school? I'm thinking about attending the NY school in July. Thanks
  3. Ringmassa

    Morse C/g Anglo Concertina For Sale

    Well if the price is right. Ill pay for shipping.
  4. Ringmassa

    Morse C/g Anglo Concertina For Sale

    Sent you a message!
  5. Ringmassa

    Wtb: Anglo C/g

    Thanks for the help! I have just purchase a Lachenal 26B Anglo. Serial number puts it around 1852-3.
  6. Ringmassa

    Wtb: Anglo C/g

    Thanks for the reply. Button Box is about 2 hours from me. I have seen the Rochelle a lot online. There was a post not that long ago where someone sold one for $300.00 I wish I saw it sooner. Because I have seen it a lot I though it was more of a super beginner concertina. I have purchased low priced instruments before and usually get rid of them soon after i made the purchase. I tend to try and buy used quality instruments and keep them for a while. It appears that you can't buy anything decent for less than $1000.00 USD as they are mostly hand made and not massed produced from a machine. Everything that I'm finding is well over $2k. Im still looking but maybe its worth the drive to see if they have anything down there thats not listed on their website.
  7. Ringmassa

    Wtb: Anglo C/g

    I'm just starting up and looking for a good used concertina- Anglo in C/G. 30 Button I'm not looking to spend a fortune, as I'm not sure it will be "my thing." I am weary of all the cheaper ones on Ebay. I'd prefer to spend a little extra and not get a piece of junk. I find that forums like this tend to be a wealth of knowledge. Hoping someone out here has a decent used one in good working order. Looking to be less than $1K USD Feel free send me an email- MrRingmassa@hotmail.com