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  1. Looking to sell a Frank Edgley Professional Anglo Concertina in C/G. Its number 374. Writings inside the box state that it was made in May 2012. Also comes with a protective flight case. The straps in the photos will not be going with the box. Original Frank Edgley Straps will be provided. There is nothing wrong with it, I am only selling because i acquired a Carroll. Thanks for looking. $2000.00- Free Shipping to Con US
  2. I know this post is older but can anyone shed some light on costs associated with the school? I'm thinking about attending the NY school in July. Thanks
  3. Well if the price is right. Ill pay for shipping.
  4. Thanks for the help! I have just purchase a Lachenal 26B Anglo. Serial number puts it around 1852-3.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Button Box is about 2 hours from me. I have seen the Rochelle a lot online. There was a post not that long ago where someone sold one for $300.00 I wish I saw it sooner. Because I have seen it a lot I though it was more of a super beginner concertina. I have purchased low priced instruments before and usually get rid of them soon after i made the purchase. I tend to try and buy used quality instruments and keep them for a while. It appears that you can't buy anything decent for less than $1000.00 USD as they are mostly hand made and not massed produced from a machine. Everything that I'm finding is well over $2k. Im still looking but maybe its worth the drive to see if they have anything down there thats not listed on their website.
  6. I'm just starting up and looking for a good used concertina- Anglo in C/G. 30 Button I'm not looking to spend a fortune, as I'm not sure it will be "my thing." I am weary of all the cheaper ones on Ebay. I'd prefer to spend a little extra and not get a piece of junk. I find that forums like this tend to be a wealth of knowledge. Hoping someone out here has a decent used one in good working order. Looking to be less than $1K USD Feel free send me an email- MrRingmassa@hotmail.com
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