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  1. Hi again all, sorry to bump this topic but here are a few pictures of the inside of this crabb
  2. Hi, would you have any videos or sound files of the Hohner, and would you ship to Ireland? If not, I have someone in the UK who can accept it. Thanks. Tim
  3. Daniel, I will open it up today and get back to you. Thanks for the response.
  4. Jimmy, thanks so much. And Alex too for your valuable information. I am in Ireland unfortunately but when things open up again, I may give you a bell. Tim
  5. Hi all, I have two vintage concertinas which would initially have had gold tooling on the right and left of the bellows. They have new black bellows and they do have the papers stuck on the inside of the bellows but no lovely tooling. Is this something that can be done retroactively, or can fresh leather be substituted on top? I have been warned that seeing doubled-over leather on a concertina bellows can suggest a lack of quality or damage over time, but I would see it as different if I got it done to one I already own and play. All
  6. Thanks ever so much Bill, much appreciated. So that would bring it closer to the value of most Crabbs you see? (€4-5000 in Ireland anyway)
  7. Hi all, The owner of this instrument has kindly offered to sell it to me. He asked me to say what I thought a fair price was so I want to harvest some research. It is not the usual Crabb you see. I haven't seen the pattern on the metal ends before, but I could be wrong. The owner suggested that it may be a different model which was repaired by Crabb or through his shop in some way, hence the stamp. Anglo, C/G Bellows - according to owner, bellows are not best quality, but they play fine to me, I like the action. No drone Made in 1950's according to own
  8. Hi, I was directed to here by the fine folk of thesession.org. I’m selling my Jeffries concertina to a good owner. Yes, like selling a whippet or an old cat!C/G metal sides metal buttons surrounded by red felt, with a C Drone, new bellows in black. Tooling on the bellows but not on the sides like you are used to seeing with Jeffries, so somewhat more sleek or understated if you like that. It came through Chris Algar at Barleycorn concertinas last year and I bought it in McNeela’s in Dublin. It is from the 1890-1910 period, which is apparently when the best Jeffries were made.I
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