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  1. Sounds lovely but at £95 just a tad beyond my means especially when you add the cost of either accomodation or travel to it
  2. Eeeh that brings back memories only my cape was a bright yellow one with ''Farmer's Weekly'' emblazoned in bright red letters across the back. I looked like a pregnant duck in clogs and a flowered Morris hat These day's it's more likely to be a begged black bag and either making it into an impromptu rain mac or a cutting it down to be a concertina cover.
  3. Thanks for the links, I've heard this tune played several times but never known what it was called
  4. :DMy Dipper is no 202, ordered in 1989 and delivered 1992. A delight to play since it arrived
  5. This is completely un concertina related but some of you ( especially any Morris men ) will know Stu Naylor, ex Bass drum player from HPMMM. He is quite ill with a variety of problems, although he's still managing to get out for an odd pint every now and then hooked up to a portable oxygen bottle ( the smoking ban has had a usefull side effect ) If anyone would like to send him a card pm me and I'll arrange things. I'm putting this message on the Morris List as well so hopefully everyone who know's him and wants to get in touch can while there's still time. Cheers Ann
  6. I've got a 'Guild of Assassins' badge on the front of my concertina case........ no-one's tried to pinch it yet...... and I don't get many complaints about the music ( not twice anyway)
  7. until
    Whitby Folk Week http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/ Lots of events for all ages.
  8. until
    The Moor and Coast Festival http://www.moorandcoast.co.uk/ a good little folk festival if you're at a loose end over the May bank holiday weekend
  9. Mmm, Ribblehead (railway) station to Dent station is all of seven miles. Do that in thirty minutes on any day in February and I'll buy you a pint mate! And once the winter snows arrive getting even a few yards becomes impossible ..... the electric goes down and the town can be cut off from the rest of the world
  10. There's an awfull lot of North Yorkshire which bit are you in ? I'm on the coast at Whitby.
  11. And there was me thinking MT still meant 'Motor Transport', as in the MT section who provided my boss with cars when he needed to visit other RAF bases
  12. If you're ever up this end of the country you'd be welcome to play a tune or two on my Dipper and I'll try your Suttner as I've not come across one of those yet I usually let anyone try a tune, especially if it's a beginner who doesn't think they can play well as often it's the cheap concertina that's holding them back not lack of ability
  13. Here are a few of the events that may be of interest...... Sun 19th 10-11.20 am Brian Peters, Anglo in the English style, ( C/G intermediate) Fleece Hotel £5 11.30-12.50 Iris Bishop & Martyn Wyndham Read, Song accompaniment, Resolution Club Room £5 1.15-2.45pm Jody Kruskal amongst others performing at the Yacht Club training room £6 Mon 20th 10-11.20am Jody Kruskal, American old time tunes on the Anglo, (C/G beginners to intermediate) Fleece Hotel Bar £5 5-7pm Dave Townsend and Gill Redmond lead a music session, Fleece Hotel bar (free...donations encouraged) 5-7pm John Kirkpatrick leads a music session, Middle Earth ( free..... donations encouraged) Tues 21st 10-11.20am Andy Casserly, beginners Anglo, bring own instrument, Middle Earth £5 1-3pm Alistair Anderson leads a musicians session, Consevative club bar (free....donations encouraged) 1-3pm Jody Kruskal and Gill Redmond lead a musicians session, Middle Earth ( free..donations encouraged) Wed 22nd 1-3pm Dave Mallinson and Andy Casserley lead a musicians session, Middle Earth (free....d/e) Thurs 23rd 10-11.20am Jody Kruskal, American old time tunes on the Anglo, (C/G intermediate to advanced) Fleece Hotel bar £5 Fri 24th 10-11.20am Dave Townsend, Dance music on English concertina, practical workshop, Fleece Hotel bar £5 10-11.20am Iris Bishop and Martyn Wyndham Read, Song accompaniment, Resolution Club room £5 5-7pm Dave Townsend leads a music session at the Fishermans Rowing club (free....d/e) There is lots more in the programme, worth buying one to check all the events. For those people camping or wanting to get around to venues with heavy equipment, the no. 91 Castle Park bus does a circular route leaving the bus station at 5mins to and 25mins past the hour going up past the surgery on Rievaulx Rd., along by Stakesby School ( main season ticket campsite ) along High Stakesby, down White Leys Road ( Rugby Club), back up Stakesby Road and down past Stakesby School again,past the surgery, along St. Hilda's terrace, down Brunswick St to the bus station. The no.98 (or no.92) West Cliff circular leaves the station at 9am then at 45mins past each hour up to and including 14.45, then16.00, 17.00, 18.11, 20.10, 22.10. It goes from the bus station, up Chubb Hill, down Stakesby Rd, along Love Lane (opp Rugby Field),past the Metropole, along the North promenade past the Spa, back onto Upgang lane near the Conservative club and back down to the station. The Yellow Tour bus does an all day 'hop on hop off' ticket which is handy if you have tired legs and small children Hope this is usefull
  14. I used a twin pick up Microvox for 10 years when playing for a ceildah band, unfortunately I can't remember the model name, it had it's own volume control ,but it coped very well with the range of notes and there was no harshness of tone that either I or the other band members noticed, infact when the fiddlers pickup failed during a dance we coped by using one of my pickups on the fiddle and just one on the left side of my Anglo. ,
  15. Can't get to Sidmouth but will be at Whitby if anyone want's to meet up
  16. Eeeh..... I remember when I worked for the RAF and there was a Morris side that claimed the altitude record for dancing the Morris..( can't remember the name unfortunately) They'd all got together in the cargo hold of a Hercules and danced while they flew
  17. I play any tunes I like, whatever style it's in. At the moment it's a Purcell air that's got itself lodged in my head I'll have to get it shifted shortly as I'll need to play for the Morris side in a week or so and the thought of a dozen or so strapping clog shod North West Morris men trying to progress to 'What shall I do to show how much I love her' doesn't bear thinking of
  18. Ooh ...... a lovely tune, haven't played it for months, I'll have to go and play it while it's still in the front of my mind.
  19. Some friends snd I set up a lovely 'anti-session' in the front bar of a pub during a local folk festival. The big back bar was infested with fast 'oirish' so we did anything and everything else..... Scottish, English, Welsh, Morris, 17th c dance, music hall singalong and even tangos. Just no irish apart from melodic O'Carolans at a respectable tempo. We had a smashing time and the bar staff enjoyed the different tunes, they said that the music from the other bar all sounded the same whereas ours was fun to listen to.
  20. I've an old LP ' The Art of William Kimber' with exactly the same photo on the sleeve as on Don's book. It's a Topic record, published in 1974 with sleeve notes by the Rev. K. Loveless. According to the sleeve the recordings are taken from the original 78's and a booklet with the record gives details of where the tunes were originally recorded. The earliest set is from July 1935, the latest from June 1948. Quote from the booklet on the instrument used by William Kimber on this record ......''The concertina is a 30 key chromatic Anglo-German concertina made by C.Jeffries of Praed Street, Paddington. The instrument has silver plates affixed at each end, one reading 'WILLIAM KIMBER. From the Audience, Steinway Hall, March 4, 1909' and the other 'Bequeathed to KENNETH LOVELESS by WILLIAM KIMBER, ob. Headington Quarry, Boxing Day, 1961, aged 89'
  21. until
    Whitby Folk Week http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/index.html Just bring wellies, waterproofs and woolies for the traditional summer weather
  22. I've an old LP record of William Kimber playing concertina, mainly Morris tunes. Fascinating to listen to as is the LP of Scan Tester's I found in a second hand shop:D
  23. If you're in the Whitby area there is a regular 'open' pub session ( singers and musicians ) on Sunday nights at 'The Station Pub' ( was the Tap & Spile) and another on Tuesday nights at 'The First In Last out'
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