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  1. You may also find that sliding a piece of neoprene tube over the screwdriver you've 'customized' right down to the tip will prevent you slipping off the slot and leaving the aforementioned gouges that other less careful pokers and prodders have done. It will encompass the entire screwhead and help maintain the driver's position as you release the screw.. Foxy
  2. Come on Jona - you've said that concertina players are the best in the world - now it's your turn to come clean - why were all bids cancelled?? Foxy
  3. Interesting indeed! I was going to PM David E about changing bone buttons on a Louis Lachenal 48b (unrestored) English I have which has bushed button holes, for metal buttons although reading one of his recent posts and others too, I'd have thought they were going to be wooden buttons with a metal sleeve over. Are there weight implications here since a wooden core must be lighter? (Thinking about the playing action weight but then adding 48 of these to a 'tina would maybe make the whole thing feel different). Also what about the bushing (or lack of) in the lever hole - I presume that will have to be added and how about the security of gluing cloth into (onto) metal? What would one use. Just a few initial thoughts.. Foxy
  4. No - the BBC carries no 3rd party adverts - only ads (trailers) for their own networks including at times, future TV programmes. It's what makes the BBC SO special as you aren't constantly bombarded by sales pitch. In theory the presenters are really not supposed to mention brand names but that is a bit more relaxed now. Keep listening - there's a wealth of stuff on the BBC! Foxy
  5. I just wish some people would turn on their s-o-h when reading posts and not be so poker-faced..(referring to my noticing the advert said '110 keys on one side') seeing this following my post. "bt the pictures show tn buttons on a side, so I suspect we just have a typo." Foxy
  6. It's likely to be a complex beastie to master, reading the description... "THIS HAS 10 KEYS ON ONE SIDE AND 110 KEYS ON THE OTHER WITH ONE KEY MISSING. ALSO HAS AN AIR BY PASS BUTTON." Intriguing huh? Foxy
  7. m3838 wrote:Don't be too boggled. I wrote both of them and got replies. From Australian it seems like the seller simply didn't know about Concertina and would like to change the description and asking price, but it's too late. Another one seems to have sence of humor and irony. So it looks like he hopes to catch some fools. There are fools around, for sure. I also wrote to the Whitemoors bloke challenging the Rarity and Perfection of that 'tina. I said to him; "This is neither rare nor perfect! What about the thumbstraps? One is bust and tatty, the other non-existent..pictures are so fuzzy any other possible redeeming features unviewable. Come on, a £1500 comparison is nothing near the mark. And he replied; "quality is sometimes obscure" He must be either drunk, dumb or stupid or a combination of all three. I thought when I'd sent the message (me being the ebay policeman and all that) maybe I was being a bit harsh if he was a total novice, but seeing all his other tat reminded me of the stuff that Magginisupplies try to palm off as sought-after instruments at gross prices considering their zero provenance or appalling condition. I can think of a current sale of an instrument whose headline is Lachenal/Wheatstone? etc. When you read the description, it has ends with matching numbers but two entirely different numbered reedpans, not the pair of each other and not matching either end. No apparent manufacturer names yet he has the gall to put two respected names on the top line. Price is £550 or best offer. Same goes for an Edeophone, best offer near to I think £850 now though maybe reduced a little to £750. I asked for more pictures and the ends are split and generally it's tatty. He refused my offer! Back to Whitemoors - the hand held harmonium (what planet is he on?) - he says it has a name - MIGON. I bet his reading skills are non-too hot, I'd suggest it's a Mignon? A pinch of salt goes well with ebay at times. Foxy
  8. I think he missed the tongue in your cheek John... Foxy (Sheep fan) [For anyone interested, the Beverley Sisters in my avatar are Zwartbles]
  9. I had something similar to this once - nothing more than a keyboard though - no rear keys etc. I was told it's called a Missionary or Knee Organ, and was used by travelling ministers and entourage (I imagine there were no female ministers in the era of the instrument!) during their travels to bring the word of the Lord to the uninformed and this provided a simple method of accompanying hymns. It is played with one hand and the bellows pumped with the other. I acquired a photocopied page with a bit more info on this showing a drawing of a crinolined lady, seated, with the device on a tubular/wooden frame and the addition of a pedal mechanism enabling foot operation of the bellows, perhaps giving a chance to play more than one note at a time.. Foxy
  10. Tallship wrote: Ken, we call them 'hams' here too. I live out in the country so I wouldn't know where to find an amateur radio swap-meet even if we have such things in the UK. Come to think of it I'd be a bit frightened of a roomful of radio geeks... You BET we have 'swap meets' in the UK - called Radio Rallies. See here; http://www.r-clarke.org.uk/rally_dates.htm and for the details about Radio Hams (but no real explanation as to why HAM, look here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_radio. (I don't care for using Wiki as it's entirely volunteer appended info and liable to be corrupted by anyone or biased by the writer to show a particular slant if he/she so chooses, but there it is - a reference..] Experienced rumour has it that it's no more scary than a room full of 'tina geeks - Touché! Foxy
  11. Excuse my ignorance ...but what is "CNC" ... I know that Wim Wakker employs the "CNC" too in his reed making? Is it a reed making machine? The abbreviation CNC stands for computer numerical control, and refers specifically to a computer "controller" that reads computer programming language instructions (G-Code) and drives the machine tool, a powered mechanical device typically used to fabricate metal components by the selective removal of metal. CNC does numerically directed interpolation of a cutting tool in the work envelope of a machine. The operating parameters of the CNC can be altered via software load program. Foxy - quoting Wikipedia. (I was in there first but OE threw a hissy fit as perhaps Tallship's reply hit the deck at the same time as mine!)
  12. Ironframe


    It ended tonight and didn't sell or generate any bidding interest even at a starter of £150. Maybe it was so fresh people remembered it selling to cocoa111 (Chris A). OK so the original seller wasn't too hot at spelling, but the 'new' seller couldn't even spell his assumed English name right (smith.jonhson) - he must just have picked up two popular names and not checked anything else. Nor did he correct the listing spellings. Pleased he had to spend money on the listing - unless the hijacking uses someone else's charge system too? How do these scumbags have the time to do all this fraud? I wouldn't know where to begin.. too busy trying to learn how to play an English! Foxy
  13. Ebay are totally hopeless at this kind of thing and their usual response (you were lucky to get a personal one!) is stock paragraphs about being careful and then suggesting you contact the police and asking them to contact ebay. Can you imagine the consideration you'd get ringing a police station (in the UK) and requesting they ring up ebay? Ebay are the most unobtainable people on the planet and when there is scent of a scam or a dispute, it often seems to be the innocent complainant who is then pursued by ebay. It's well documented that Western Union is used by scammers from Nigeria/SA yet all ebay do is warn against the use of WU and to be careful. It can't be beyond them to have a word search that forbids the total use of this phrase and keeps returning the text to the compiler until they remove it and get bored trying to scam people. The Linota has just ended 'early' and been sold to the high bidder (the only bidder). I have suggested to this bidder that they read the thread on C.net but looking at the bidder's f/b - 50% it may suggest the scammer is being scammed! I do hope so. Foxy I withdrew the bid. Not worth risking the feedback I suppose it's reasonable to assume that eBay has no procedure for removing negative feedback even when the backfeeder is known to be fraudulent? Probably, they are Californians after all, a place not noted for doing the right thing. Just look at the mess last season's television was. Or the second and third "Pirates" movies. Alan
  14. It's just been dropped down to £850.00 with less than 24 hours to go: Item number: 120109443172. Tempted? And now it's down to £799.00: Item number: 120109443172 It has 26 days 3hours to go now. I watched it throughout the last 30 day auction and into the next one. With curiosity running wild (like why was there only a picture of the insides) I emailed "magginisupplies" to ask for more pictures and if they would take an offer on it. (Someone on C.net had said in the past that their instruments are either not brill condition or were rather highly priced - perhaps both?) A week later (due to holidays) I got about 6 more pix and a 'yes' to an offer. Having looked at the pix, I decided that it was too expnsive to begin restoration (not knowing how much it might sell for) but it looked like a BIG o/h is needed. PM me if you would like to see the pix I was sent. Take a whisky in the few minutes before I send them on.. Foxy
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