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  1. Hi Stephen Thanks for posting this! Here's another one to add to your list - Lachenal 189476 I have since moved it on with some other parts. It was never a complete instrument whilst I owned it - the bellows and frames were missing along with one of the action boards. I do have a few more pics if you need them..
  2. Hi Rod I was one of the under bidders on this one. A few years back I had the same model (as parts) with a serial number very close - it had rusted end bolts and the same reed frames with rusting very similar… and that’s why I didn’t bid higher on this one. If you follow Dave’s book I reckon a lot of the reeds could be saved.. I do have some spare reeds from that parts concertina which cleaned up pretty well in the end so shout out if that’s any help David
  3. That’s great Gary! Thanks so much for scanning that price list too - much appreciated Enjoy!! David
  4. Well done Gary - I was one of the many underbidders! Would love to hear more about it once it arrives with you - enjoy!!
  5. Thanks Wes and Stephen - it was a lovely surprise when this came up in one of my searches yesterday! I hope it all goes to a good home and that the Jeffries Bros. list is ultimately scanned and made available with the other price lists on concertina.com I couldn't resist comparing the Jeffries Bros. list (c.1910 - 17) with the Lachenal list of c.1920.. .. At that time you could 'potentially' have gone to Lachenal & Co and picked up the following: 32 key Rosewood Anglo, with steel reeds and 6 fold bellows for 7 pounds If you had made the 40 minute walk (from Little James Street) to Jeffries Bros. at 23 Praed St you could potentially have picked up this: 32 key Anglo with Nickel tops and 6 fold gilt bellows for 7 pounds In todays money, I'm guessing that the Jeffries Bros. could be 3 times the value of the Lachenal?
  6. Thanks Gary! And best of luck if you decide to bid 😀
  7. Hi all Not seen one of these before and thought it might be of interest to others... check out the second to last picture. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/amersham-auction-rooms/catalogue-id-sram10310/lot-34530353-ac2f-4449-b22d-ae3c00bb28e3?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link
  8. Yep, I think so… There were more pics in the listing when the last owner sold it and from memory (when seeing the variations in the action on both sides) it looked like it ‘might’ have started life as a 26 key Anglo and then been heavily modified later…
  9. Hi all Check out the link below for more details on what this is… Sold earlier this year and sold on again a few weeks back…. Now listed for sale again…
  10. Fantastic, have just ordered! Thanks so much Gary (and everyone involved) for all these wonderful books. I think you have helped so many to get so much enjoyment from both the music and concertina! Hope there will be many more to follow…
  11. Hi This distinctive pattern look the same as the three Jabez Austin instruments at the concertina museum https://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00260.htm It could be tricky to ever definitively say, but there could well be more clues inside...the three at the museum all have 'JA' stamped internally. Whoever the maker / makers, an interesting piece of concertina history! Please post more pics if you get them.
  12. I’d give him a quick call as I know he gets pretty busy. After following up an online order with a call a while back everything was good and the order came through soon after.
  13. Thanks Daniel, much appreciated. I’ve just managed to source one over the last couple of days. Will be making a donation to the site shortly Thanks to everyone who made contact, really appreciated as always Dave
  14. Thanks for getting in touch Ruger64, I’ve sent you a message Dave
  15. Hi again Just to avoid any confusion, I'm looking for a restoration project 'to purchase' Thanks again Dave
  16. Hi all I'm looking for my next repair project - this time its a 26, 28 or 30 key anglo full restoration project (condition not an issue) that I'm after, and would consider anything above the entry level Lachanel model. If you have anything you would consider parting with, please let me know. I'm based in Australia, but my parents are in the UK and would be happy to have a concertina sent there if shipping to Aus is an issue. If the hunt is successful, I would be happy to cover the donation to the site. Thanks for reading! Dave in Melbourne
  17. Hi Gerry I met you last year when you purchased a concertina case from me, and I remember you mentioning this Jones concertina - it’s David, from Highett. Looks like this is quite an early Jones Anglo, I’m lucky enough to own a 20 key Jones too (2815). Would love to see some more pics of your one (or whatever remains) if you’re able to post. A very interesting thread as always Stephen. Thanks all David
  18. A lovely concertina! My guess would be 1895 to 1900. I’ve just restored a 55 key duet which I’m learning now. Great fun! Enjoy yours! Dave
  19. Hi all Just wanted to let you know that I've managed to get a 55 key Lachenal Maccann duet restoration project - can't wait to get started!! Donation just made to concertina.net through the link Thanks so much to everyone that got in touch and for everyone that offered to help Really appreciated David
  20. Hi again Ideally I'm looking for a full restoration piece but I would consider one that just needed minor work only to get it running at its best. My preference would be 46 or 55 key but I would also consider a 39 key or something slightly bigger depending on what is out there. If shipping to Aus is an issue, my parents are based in the UK so shipping there instead would be be an option. If you're willing to consider parting with one, send me a message! David
  21. Here's some close up detail showing what was actually being registered. The first picture is 'as found' and show the connection has separated. The second picture shows it slotted back on with just a 'friction fit'.
  22. Hi all Thought you might be interested to see this. My parents volunteer at the National Archives at Kew and were able to access the Joseph Scates registered design (871). I would like to acknowledge and thank the National Archives for allowing me to reproduce the images here for this registered design. Here's a transcript of what it actually says: 1846 November 21 (the date of registration from the search) Useful Registered Design Number 871 Improved Lever Action with Cylindrical fulcrum for the Concertina, Accordion, Harmonium, Melephon, and Seraphine. Joseph Scates of 40 Frith Street, Soho Square Proprietor Description Fig 1 of the Drawings is an elevation of this improved lever and Fig 2 a plan of the same with its connections. Fig 3 Is a detached view of the lever in elevation and plan and Fig 4 Is a side and end view of the support or fulcrum for the lever also detached from its connections. The lever itself is made of a piece of wire bent into the shape represented at ‘a’ which forms the joint when put under the cylindrical neck ‘b’ of the fulcrum or support to which it is at all times kept in close contact by the action of the helical spring ‘c’. The parts ‘c’, ‘d’, and ‘e’ are common to instruments of this sort and no improvement in the configuration of these is claimed but what is registered as being new in respect of shape and configuration are the lever ‘a’ and the cylindrical fulcrum or support ‘b’. JC Robertson & Co Registration Agents 166 Fleet Street London
  23. Hi all I'm looking to buy either a 46 or 55 key Lachenal Maccann duet to restore. If you have one you are looking to part with, please send me a message. Thanks loads David
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