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  1. Inspired by this thread I decided to make a 'bellows tight strap' myself for my Wolverton C/G so that 1. It could safely sit around home just waiting temptingly to be picked up and played and 2. Would more readily fit between the blocks in it's case and be easily lifted out. I used soft webbing with 50mm long Velcro pieces glued and stitched (by my wife Marj') into place per photos. No way a match for that terrific frame shown earlier, but still useful. Rob PS The Wolverton is just fantastic, love it. (well over two years old now and better than ever)
  2. Yes, Howard has it absolutely right. That was my experience too. After 20 years or so on D/G melodeon for Morris and English session (and English Concertina) I started 30b C/G Anglo, then, thinking a G/D Anglo might be easier I tried that too (a very nice used Edgely). Wrong, it just really muddied the water and became very confusing at such an early stage. I reluctantly let the G/D go again, and pressed on with C/G (mainly for Irish these days) which is going reasonably well. However, I really like Anglo ( a Wolverton) now, and often wish I had chosen that route all those years ago. Rob
  3. Booking ('Registration') is now available on the website: https://www.davetownsendmusic.com/music-workshops-classes/witney-supersqueeze-workshops/course-fees-booking/ Rob
  4. Thanks Greg for the quick reply. The Carroll video is very helpful and clear also confirming your own view. I might give it a go when I'm feeling brave enough to dismantle one end of my wife's much loved Anglo. Rob
  5. The push G reed on button C5 of my wife's metal ended 30b C/G Lachenal is intrusively louder than neighbouring notes. All other aspects are fine. Any ideas please about why, or of any reasonably simple remedies ? I tried a search with no success so apologies if this is an old topic. Thanks. Rob
  6. Ah yes, on the 'Pirate Songs' series and sounding very nice as you say, thanks for the tip. Gary mentioned on here somewhere not long ago that he was happily playing a Wolverton. I was surprised to see on his website that Jake is discontinuing further orders for the 'Standard' hybrid model, in C/G form anyway, though continuing with G/D's so long as he still has stocks of 'hybrid' reeds. That seems a bit sad given their many admirers, I certainly like mine a lot, but I guess he wants to concentrate on the 'Advanced' concertina reeded models and there are only so many hours in the day. How good to know that in the UK too, there are now a few really skilled and knowledgeable younger people following in the steps of eg Steve Dickinson, Colin and Rosalie Dipper, and others. Yes, your appropriate 'paying the piper' comment refers to an old and endless debate I fear............ sorry ... "Pass' ! 'best Rob
  7. Peter I cannot raise it either and I am a fan of both Cormac and Caitlin but NOT of Facebook ! Grrrr.... Rob
  8. Interesting thread. Good to hear from two more Wolverton players. I have had my Standard 30b C/G for just over two years and it plays better than ever. When I ordered it I had Jake fit his ergonomically profiled hand rests and I just checked the maximum height which is 1.125" or 28mm. This is very comfortable, and although I have the straps reasonably snug (not tight) I get good fingertip access to all the buttons. A friend of ours was so impressed she got her husband to prepare a dimensioned copy sketch to make a pair for her Jeffries. The idea of using U-shaped foam on traditional hand rests as a trial sounds a great idea though. On my wife's 30b Lachenal the height of the hand rest bars is 0.625" or 16mm and they are certainly not as comfortable for me, though she doesn't complain (and plays better than me !). Might persuade her to give the foam a try anyway. 'best Rob
  9. Scheduled this year for November 15th, 16th and 17th November. Initial Tutor details appeared yesterday on melnet: http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,24102.0.html Very enjoyable event usually but a bit thin on Anglo tutors this year. Rob
  10. Thanks Gary. Yes I do have your excellent Irish tunes book (along with '1-2-3' and 'Harmonic') but got hooked on the particular version of Parnell's that Bob Michel plays although there are not that many differences it's true. I do really like your button maps though, seriously useful in all your books. For ITM, knowing the notes is right and I have pretty much mastered that. The 'rainbows' are mainly an aide memoire as to choice where there are button options, the rest sort of crept in. Best Regards Rob PS Sorry Gary I find it was not your Irish tunes book where I found Parnell's March initially, so your kindly added new tab above is very helpful and interesting, thanks again. (BTW like you, I have a Wolverton Anglo C/G)
  11. I can repeat almost exactly what TT has said there, except I started on a 30 button Anglo after many years playing English treble (which I still do). Having tried most of the main Anglo tutor books I found the Gary Coover tab very much the easiest to use, and was pleased find at Swaledale Squeeze that Jody Kruskal used it in his excellent workshops too. I never write tabs either but on new tunes use coloured highlighters to indicate merely push (green) and pull (pink) plus the odd bit of orange to emphasise an oddball note or 'unusual' accidental button. The colours are enough just to confirm button choices and readily overwritten when you feel a change is needed from your original choice. This came from some 25 years of playing and learning tunes on diatonic Melodeon. Attached is an example of what I mean (yes, I know Bob Michel adds a few chord fill-ins on YouTube but I am still experimenting with that). However, as I am mainly following an 'Irish' traditional route rather than a harmonic route I find Heather Greer's 'Concertina Diaries' the most useful, and her tab is equally logical and easy to follow, though not everyone agrees with her fingering (do they ever !). Best Wishes Rob Parnell’s March (R Anglo tab).pdf
  12. I can endorse the comments by Howard Jones. After 20 years for so on D/G melodeon I thought to add a G/D Anglo to my then novice attempts on C/G Anglo would be a big help. Although it was a super box my playing ability with it was quite a disappointment, and I soon abandoned that G/D Anglo (though in retrospect that was a bit hasty and I sometimes wish it was still around). It just adds to the confusion in the early stages and the difference is greater than you might imagine. (love the lower pitch though). After making progress of course it is a different matter and very handy to have a G/D for open sessions. Rob
  13. Stunning stuff Jake and I can see why you admire Cohen, what a fabulously talented musician. The Concertinas don't sound half bad either !!! No small achievement, well done. Best Wishes Robin
  14. Thanks Tim and Mike, I have passed on your comments too. There are some interesting views here on a TG4 programme but how many of the ladies are left handed is not mentioned: https://tg4.ie/en/player/home/?pid=6016581505001&teideal=Mn%C3%A1%20an%20Cheoil&series=Mn%C3%A1%20an%20Cheoil&dlft=5 (I have just posted this link on the Vids thread as well with a bit more info) 'best Rob
  15. Forgive me if this is old hat on here, I have only just discovered it on Melodeon.net but could not see it anywhere on here (only a quick look) https://tg4.ie/en/player/home/?pid=6016581505001&teideal=Mná%20an%20Cheoil&series=Mná%20an%20Cheoil&dlft=5 It lasts nearly 30 mins but is absolutely worth watching. However it will disappear from the TG4 player in, I think, another 5 days so be quick. The Gaelic language was lost me but you can get English sub-titles if you have the TG4 app I believe. Some people seem to have trouble in playing this, but seems to work ok for most. I am using a Mac with Safari and that is ok. There is also a good one re Melodeons which will be around a bit longer: https://tg4.ie/en/player/home/?pid=6025237725001&teideal=Mná%20an%20Cheoil&series=Mná%20an%20Cheoil&dlft=26 Enjoy, especially if you are into Irish music. Rob
  16. Thank you gentlemen for your helpful comments which I have duly passed on. We shall see. Thanks and Best wishes Rob
  17. A Jeffries C/G Anglo playing friend is left handed. During a recent workshop in Ireland she was instructed to be sure and keep the left hand end firmly on her left knee, leaving the right hand free to operate without hindrance the bellows and air button. I guess this is what many of us do, but for her it is not instinctive and is slowing her previously good progress. What do others do please ? Any ideas ? Thanks. Rob
  18. I can certainly endorse the quality of Wolverton Anglos and I am very pleased indeed with mine (which is a C/G with Air Lever). When I purchased it 18 months ago delivery was only 8 weeks or so but not surprisingly demand has steadily built since then. Jake is an extremely responsive and helpful chap to deal with. Very nice, beautifully made, instruments and worth the wait. Good luck with your quest. Rob
  19. Yes, I can also absolutely recommend forScore from the AppStore which is brilliant, and very easy to use. We currently have at least 3 users (and growing) on iPads around here in Norfolk UK, two on 9 inch or so ones and one on the big new 12 inch job (which displays scores A4 size, superb, but sadly is not the one I have !) We can also quickly swop scores when wanted using Airdrop. You can readily fix via the forScore settings so that the screen does not turn off in mid-tune. I often add score file pdf's scanned and cropped with the TurboScan app, 'any old place any old time', with colours too if you want. Neither App is expensive I am mildly embarrassed to admit that we often use them in sessions ! Handy if your old memory is struggling a bit but rather 'infra dig' in some quarters. 'best Rob
  20. Brilliant job Jake, that looks absolutely superb, and the sound samples are a delight to listen to. I am still totally happy with my 'Standard' one, now 15 months old, but the new 'Advanced one will forever be a temptation. Best Wishes Robin
  21. This Anglo Concertina has now been sold (elsewhere). Rob
  22. Ah well, lots of views but precious few enquiries, so hope to put it on eBay sometime over the weekend, probably for offers of £1800. It does play well, 'blew the dust' out just now ! Rob
  23. I am not totally stuck on the asking price of £2000 if anyone feels like making a sensible offer before I revert to an online auction site. Rob
  24. For ITM we found that 'Concertina Diaries' by Heather Greer is just about as good as it gets. That super book really got us moving with Irish on novice/intermediate Anglo. (which other books failed to do). The tremendous amount of work Heather has obviously put in makes the tutor truly effective, very easy to use, moving gently but steadily upwards from that first tune, using a tab that is instantly understandable. Every single one of the 47 tunes is fully tabulated, you are never left on your own. Each tune is there for a learning step purpose, along with encouragement to learn it and play away from the dots or to try alternative fingering patterns yourself. Very friendly and generously noted comments help you along the path. The tunes are typically popular Irish session tunes. We also found both the Gary Coover books really good too for tunes other than Irish. My only very slight gripe is that the Harmonic Style book features tunes mostly in C and we would have liked to see more chorded examples in say G. 'best Rob and his missus !
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