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  1. The fretwork is the same as on my Stagi A48 English concertina. Accordion reeds.
  2. I noticed this has been listed by a hospice on Ebay Uk not too sure how common they are https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antique-English-21-Key-System-CONCERTINA-Hand-Accordian-C-WHEATSTONE-232/164428615954?hash=item2648b59112:g:-MYAAOSw0cdffdWq
  3. On Ebay at the moment is a 36 key Lachenal Anglo for sale, one of the photos is the receipt for it being restored by C Wheatsone & Co in 2008 and one of the items is for re-tonguing some reeds, so they might be able to help? I am awaiting 3 replacement reeds from Mark for my Rock Chidley EC.
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