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  1. Thank you Wolf, I agree that low A being an advantage in many way ! (nice little one there, surely fun to play 🙂
  2. For sale a nice 20b Tidder anglo concertina in C/G with steel reeds and 6 fold bellows. It’s is nicely airtight and the 6 fold bellows is great for beginner (more air, less frustrations 😉 Layout is standard Lachenal but this one has a low A on draw very left of G row, which is great for Irish, open possibility. All vintages have cons and pros. On this one: Left side works pretty well all around, reeds speak quite fast for a 20b vintage. Right side has 3 buttons that are harder to speak when cold (better after playing a bit). I play those notes on the youtube demo. I just want to be as fair as possible ! I would describe the sound between Lachenal and Jones. I now have a 30b and don’t use this one anymore, it was a lot of fun ! Please check video for demonstration of the concertina (recorded with basic smartphone). Asking 550 euros + shipping. Sending from Belgium. (I think I have a box, need to check)
  3. Hello, I asked myself the same thing... Look at this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpCBdONhtjk You can hear the clicking sound...Not idea if this is a good or bad concertina, but the result is amazing 😉
  4. When I was a complete beginner (still am but a better one ha ha) I simultaneously had The Clare (concertina company) and the Morse Ceili...but budget pushed me to get rid of one...I couldn’t choose ! I liked the sound of The Clare better than the Morse...but the Morse has more sound projection, it filled the room which was pretty nice. I finally kept the Morse because of bigger size (big hand) and the sound projection. But then I also sold the Morse because I didn't care for the sound that much (right side was pretty good, but not the left. And with tipo a mano option). Guess I am not a fan of Hybrid after all ! They have a new video comparing their concertinas line : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7jQrXQh-gg First time I hear The Clare with brass reed, interesting sound ! Discovering Aoife Johnson, what a great player !!! Love her style. Nicolas
  5. Thank you ! Looking for a used one 😉
  6. Hello, All in the title 🙂 (If it is in a good working order) ==> I changed the title as I am looking for one locally, Belgium or France, because of import taxes and all... Thank you ! Nicolas
  7. There are some good reviews and pictures about the Myers : https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00V5899F8/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8
  8. It is definitely a better choice than a 20b 😉 Having fun exploring C#... But there will be some fingering gymnastic (comparing to a 26/30b) or playing CBED on the left side instead of right to access the C# fluently. Don't know if it makes sense. And eventually some tune might be easier with that C# position ! But some will be harder…
  9. Hello Caitlin, to play french stuff, a Duet is definitively the right choice ! (you will be frustrate on the anglo...) Two example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWkiiMfzBGI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lURrnqMhJg Best
  10. Hello Irina, Sorry for my late answer... (holiday) I don't play flute so unfortunately I cannot compare and I am not sure why Caitlin call it a Short roll ! It can be confusing... From memory, the short roll is emphasis on the middle note (on the beat), by doing a bellow jerk on the second note and lifting finger on the third note. I will subscribe again to her course to learn it properly ! My notes are not enough 😉 I think the FA(dB)A will be for a jig...and FA(dB)AA for a reel...Don't know, I am just an (advance) beginner 🙂 For a reel and long role (first note on the beat) on the left side will be FA(dB)AA (as I have seen on lessons and many player). I guess this is the tune : https://thesession.org/tunes/8453 I would do the B on the left side G row on push to apply the GB(dB)BB roll and the ddd on right with cut and bellow jerk. Best Nicolas
  11. For Polka, I would choose a melodeon for a fuller sound... Even a toy accordion can do a nice job on polka 🙂
  12. Also learning the roll...So hard to have a proper sound. Lots of practice needed... I prefer to use the same technique for all notes...But it is different if playing on the left side or right side (but not the short roll...). Caitlin distinguish the Long roll (on the beat) and the Short roll (not on the beat). But I see lots of player use the long roll also if the first note is not on the beat (Jack Talty, Charles Monod,...). The Short roll is practically the same but with bellow jerk (I find it very hard). Here is an example of the long roll on the off-beat note : (slow it down to see what she is doing 😉) Nicolas
  13. I love the sound of a good Jones, had one and regret selling it. Jeffries concertina also have a different key layout (on accidental row) :
  14. Answering my own question: The Jeffries layout in Bramich book is with a C# on push on first button. So both are good and I favor a push on first and pull on second. Nicolas
  15. Hello, I wonder...in case of Jeffries layout, does it matter if the C# is push on the first or second accidental ? I prefer C# push on the first accidental because it is the same on Wheastone...so less lost if going from one to the other. Would it be a bad choice ? Thank you
  16. I subscribed to all: OAIM, Caitlin, and Jack Talty. They are all excellent with pros/cons of course 😉 There aren’t that much online lessons….I think they kind of complement each other. Jack Talty cover a wide variety of knowledge (Harmony, Ornamentation but not as much as Caitlin, why some tunes goes well together, key of E flat, why one button or the other, bellow...), I like the one exercise on ornamentation (but why just one exercise ?). Cons…Advance section is not really about concertina techniques (which was a disappointment for me), globally not a lot a tunes, lots of information’s but could extend a little... But overall I think it does gives a solid concertina foundation ! I can’t answer if this is necessary after Caitlin lessons…But I am sure you will find interesting information’s. If worth the price is up to you 😉 None of the three (oaim,…) really focus on how to make a tune sound “good or special”, how to make the tune flowing or small thing here and there to make it different (not sure if this is clear), but this is probably about personal style and after years of practice, something will come up…But why not teaching a bit of style ? 😊 Maybe in the future. Best Nicolas
  17. Hello, can your favorite tunes be played on a 26b ? Maybe a 26b vintages can fit your need...yes a bit more expensive but it will solve your problem :-) There is a 26b for sale in your.price range (+200) but in BF#...why not if you play ok your own best
  18. I have to pay 450 euros extra for taxes and all.... (it is 21% vat on value and shipping price (crazy!) + duties handling...). Also not sure when this happen (Covid, Brexit...?), but the price of the Traveller is now 300pounds more expensive.
  19. I agree, playing different concertinas help on technique, adapting the way we play... With your background, I am 100% sure you will like the Traveller ! Brexit was faster than my brain lol...I should have bought it before...that's life. Nicolas
  20. Congrat Mike ! Let us know what you think 😉 I did try the Traveller about 8 years ago when I was a complete beginner(now an advance beginner 🙂 I stopped for a looong time). I founded it difficult to play at the time and was out of air very quickly....as a beginner of course, that is why I asked if it is appropriate for Irish. Of course it is, but not for a beginner. I am sure I will love it now that I understand better how to play a concertina 😉 Nicolas
  21. You are right and it's the kind of comment I could write myself lol I changed it to "I would choose" 😉 Nicolas
  22. I would choose a nice vintage 20b...They have a great and charming sound. They are not the fastest but fun to play and a nice warm sound. This one seem a good choice : https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/lachenal-20-key-anglo-in-c-g-with-steel-reeds-messy-ends/ And I would ask to tune the very left button of G row (left side) to a low A on draw. this will open many possibilities in Irish (New useful note, chord).
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