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  1. Great playing !!! wow (and Mike) Don't forget to achieve this on the duet, both hands will work independently...(looooots of practice). On the English and Anglo, they mostly work together (of course it's possible to complicate thing ;-)) There is an smartphone app for the english concertina, try it to see if it feels natural for you (it didn't to me ha ha).
  2. To play Bach, choose the Swan 🙂 Probably with Wheatstone layout... Faster than a budget Lachenal, modern sound. But yes a English concertina seem more appropriate or a duet, check this : Nicolas
  3. Hello ! If the choice is only between Swan or Lachenal, I would pick a Lachenal because it holds is value, richer and sweeter sound, a pleasure to play and not made in China. 30b are much more expensive than 20b...(mainly because supply and demand !!). So I would take a 20b to learn on and you will have a better idea of what to look for on the second 30b Lachenal (or other). If you choose a Swan, buy it second hand ! Nicolas
  4. Hello, I heard the Minstrel and the Clover have the same reeds, is that right !? Pretty strange because I don’t really like how sound the Minstrel (personal opinion of course) but I do like the sound of the Clover…strange !! Is that due to the inside built ? And so CooperSue, how do you like the Clover ? Thank you for any help ! 😊
  5. Hello everyone, So you bought that special Jeffries or Carroll or (?) and wondering if you want to sell your Clover with Jeffries layout ? Please contact me, I'll be happy to buy it. Cheers ! Nicolas
  6. Thank you Wolf ! It’s been a while ! I do like it a lot !! 😊 It is just my mind is spinning so much…like: I have also lots of pleasure with the Morse, then why keeping a more expensive concertina like the Kensington ha ha. I am also selling 2 concertinas, I might keep the one standing ! Or continue my search. Maybe I will have as much pleasure with a “cheaper” one like the Clover. The advantage with the Clover is that Harry Geuns here in Belgium might do something here in Belgium as he is working with concertina connection. Same with Suttner and 7Mount, it is next door country ! So very easy in case of problem in the future… Well anyway, maybe I am thinking too much or I just like to try out all those awesome concertina 😊 Sorry to hear that rough times in your personal life, hope everything will get better !! happy if my video could sheers up a little 😉 I am now listening to your soundcloud channel, great tunes and playing there ! Really like Sadler’s Wells. And Rose Of Raby, great rendition !! Ha ha maybe I will start EC too. Best
  7. Selling a beautiful anglo concertina Kensington 30b in C/G, Jeffries Layout. It is number 61, a very recent one. A modern handmade anglo with true concertina reeds (also handmade). Vintage sound in modern built. Warm sound, loud and have good dynamics. Check http://www.kensingtonconcertinas.com/ for lots of information's. A video to have an idea of sound (by beginner, no modification of sound) : I am in Belgium, looking for 2900 euros (+shipping). A trade is possible for a 7Mount or the Clover in Jeffries layout.
  8. I love it, thank you ! This is one I need to learn 🙂
  9. gtotani, nice playing !!! I am more into Irish, but I am thinking about learning a classical tune...
  10. Thank you for the review ! The fact that you can choose a 20,22,24,26 buttons is a huge advantage over competitor. Looks/sound great. I wish more Hybrid maker would make 22 buttons (and cheaper 😉
  11. Hello Stuporman, sorry for my late answer and thank you for your proposition ! I did already ordered the Kensington so it was a little too late or I was impatient 🙂 It is a great concertina, lovely sound !! A little on the heavy side, but compared to the Morse so not a fair comparison.
  12. The Golden Castle hornpipe (beginner version 😉
  13. The castle jig (beginner version 😉
  14. Nice idea James ! I did a quick math...Kensington is sold second hand for about 3000$, VAT will also apply (but can eventually declare a lower price...) but all together it will be about the same price that ordering from UK. For about the same final price, I favor a concertina coming from Barleycorn :-) So I have decide to buy the one from Barleycorn ! It is a huge financial stretch but I am pretty sure I will be happy for a loooong time !! I actually have a Morse (awesome concertina) but the accordion reed doesn't strike me as much as concertina reeds.
  15. Thank you ! Unfortunately Barleycorn is not an option...since Brexit, I will pay around 600 euros of Vat and taxes 😕 but it gives me an idea of price... if sold from person to person (even outside eu), an arrangement can be done, but not if sold by a shop ( I asked Chris if a solution could be found). Anyway thank you pointing it out 😉
  16. All in the title 🙂 (Looking for C/G tuning) Please let me know ! Thank you
  17. Sale cancelled as Barleycorn can take it back. Great service and concertina.
  18. Will consider trade (or partial) for a 20b Lachenal with brass reed.
  19. A G/D in Jeffries Layout, curious if you can find one !
  20. Hello Everyone, Selling this nice concertina from « Irish Concertina Company », The Clare. It is like new, still 4 years warranty I believe. Jeffries Layout C#/D# on first and D#/C# on second button (Push/pull). Have to say, I really like it ! But it is a little too small for my (big) hand, having little trouble reaching third row. I really like the sound of it and the overall quality, it is pretty sweet sound, not harsh at all. Selling for 1800 euros, sending from Belgium anywhere. Thank you Nicolas
  21. Hello Everyone, Now selling a beautiful black finish Morse Céilí. It is number 1417, from 2018 so almost new. Barely used, still a smell of leather, handle and bellows are in great shape. It is a Jeffries Layout. With Tipo a mano option. What can I say more about the Morse that hasn't been said already ! : Super light and robust, super fast player, big volume and great sound ! I am asking 2500 euros (EU), sending from Belgium anywhere. (It cost around 2900 euros in EU or UK) Cheers
  22. ha ha thank Tiposx pointing to my concertina 😉 As a beginner, I am not qualified to really answer your question... But as I understand, there are reeds but also all the inside mechanic that matters. There aren't really a "better" one between Jones and Lachenal (for same category of course) but a matter of taste. As I understand, Jones have broad reeds which make a softer tone. Lachenal are more strident. And Jones have bushed buttons which prevent hearing the clicking sound. The problem with vintage is that they are all somehow different depending of years of construction, if played a lot and all...The best way is to try it but of course it is not always possible 😉 Maybe this article about Jones can help you a bit: http://www.concertina.com/butler/butler-story-of-george-jones.pdf Good luck !
  23. Just find out I forgot to put pictures 🙂 Nicolas
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