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  1. Thank you for your reply. Do you know if the serial number 2435 helps date it? Also I was looking for a ball park figure to see if it was worthwhile getting it repaired or selling it as seen
  2. Thank you for your information. I was looking to sell it and I didn’t want to put it in an auction without having an idea of what it is worth and whether it was worthwhile having the box repaired
  3. I have Lachenal concertina with a number 2435 it has 21 buttons on one side and 19 on the other it is still in its original box, which unfortunately requires some attention. can anyone please date this and give me an idea as to it’s value.
  4. Hi I have a Lachenal concertina serial number 2435. It has 21 keys on one side and 19 on the other. Can anyone give me a date of manufacture and an idea of how much this may fetch at an auction?
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