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  1. Links for QR codes would be most useful, bought a paperback copy from Amazon a couple of weeks ago!
  2. Steve, thank you for your suggestions, have had a go at playing from the tablature and treating the G/D as a transposing instrument (my knowledge of music theory is rather limited, I think this is the correct description), which works quite well. Since I am trying to learn more chord patterns and how they fit in with tunes, this is really helpful.
  3. Have just bought a copy of Gary Coover's Anglo concertina in the harmonic style to further my understating of chord playing- My concertina is a G/D and the book is written with a C/G in mind. Are there abc notation versions of the tunes as written in the book anywhere, to save me having to create my own abc files to transpose. Or am I missing a trick here?
  4. Thank you Kelteglow, my concertina is indeed a Jefferies style one, made by Colin Dipper c.1980, your comment has reminded me that I should look up what there is online abut the Jefferies system as well.
  5. Thank you Mikefule, for this succinct explanation - I found the last pargraph 'There will always be 1 of those 3 chords that fits the note being played' very useful, been drawing out fingering charts for the three chord trick, and was wondering how you tied this in to a tune. Now making better progress,. Also gradually realised that over the years I had hit on a few of the chord combinations in your 30 March Bullet Points just by fiddling around for the best combinations of notes, without much understanding of what I was doing. My knowledge of musical theory has greatly increased over the last few days! Regards Peter Turvey
  6. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply to my query, lots of useful advice to work through over the next few weeks, months or wherever whilst in lockdown! I will also do a search/keep an eye out for copies of Concertina & Squeezebox Magazine issues 14 and 15 too, as Alex West suggested. Regards Peter
  7. Thank you Breve, I'll work through this, the two note chords look like an interesting way forward - I've not been very good at music theory despite a science background!
  8. Now that I have more leisure time courtesy of corona 19 thought I would get my concertina, a 31 key G/D Anglo out again, never quite got the hang of chords on it, can anyone direct me to a simple guide or fingering chart for G/D Anglo chords, here is the fingering chart for my concertina in case it’s different from the majority. Thanks
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