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  1. For sale: Concertina Connection Rochelle anglo bought new from Harry Geuns in the Netherlands in December 2014. C/G, 30 buttons, 7 folds, Wheatstone layout. Mint condition, used three months at the time, before I bought an Edgley and later moved to New York City. I'm including the gig bag and two books: the Wim Wakker instruction book and Easy Anglo 1-2-3 by Gary Coover. $350 plus shipping if outside NYC area. EDIT: I am also selling microphones: Electro-Voice RE27 mint $500, AKG C-414 LTD mint $1000, Sennheiser MD441U good cond $600
  2. SeanD

    24 key Lachenal?

    It seems J. Wallis sold a wide range of musical instruments - I found these pages in the HathiTrust database, from the "Music Trade Directory 1912-1913", published in London in 1912
  3. SeanD

    24 key Lachenal?

    Looks like a Lachenal to me. Here are photos of my 24-button and 22-button Lachenals. These have the all-important C# for playing in the key of D along with useful reversed G/A notes. I read somewhere that these were designed for the Irish market - a lower-cost alternative to the 26-button (my main instrument) and 30-button variants, and just fine for playing many tunes in C,G, and D.
  4. SeanD

    Shutting Down My Website

    I have also archived this site - I have very much enjoyed Dan's two books on the anglo concertina. For the technically inclined, this is the command I ran to mirror the site locally in a Mac terminal in an empty directory: $ wget --limit-rate=20k --wait=5 --random-wait --mirror --convert-links --recursive --page-requisites --user-agent="" --execute robots=off --no-clobber http://www.angloconcertina.org
  5. SeanD

    Wanted Double Reed Concertina

    I have a Stagi C2 in decent condition I might consider selling for $300, but I am in Europe and shipping cost would likely be substantial. I will be visiting NYC in early November, or possibly later this summer, and could bring it along. I bought it used from somebody whose father bought it new 20 years ago but never played it - the tuning is decent enough I haven't felt the need to have it tuned. It is badged Saltarelle (a French accordion manufacturer) but is a Stagi. The doubled reeds (accordion sound) and German layout (straight rows) are a bit exotic (my other concertinas are Lachenals and an Edgley). Sean.
  6. Diagram which accompanied my Klingenthal D/A 20-button purchased new in 1993 press/push on top, draw/pull on bottom
  7. SeanD

    44Button C.jeffries In D/g.

    Listing is offline now.
  8. SeanD

    44Button C.jeffries In D/g.

    The text of the ad is odd... seems to have been machine-translated from English. For example there is the conraction "RH" for "right-hand"... nobody in France would use that contraction. Also the photos are quite small... Sean
  9. SeanD

    English Door Knockers

    "Now, it is a fact, that there was nothing at all particular about the knocker on the door, except that it was very large. It is also a fact, that Scrooge had seen it, night and morning, during his whole residence in that place; also that Scrooge had as little of what is called fancy about him as any man in the city of London, even including -- which is a bold word -- the corporation, aldermen, and livery. Let it also be borne in mind that Scrooge had not bestowed one thought on Marley, since his last mention of his seven years’ dead partner that afternoon. And then let any man explain to me, if he can, how it happened that Scrooge, having his key in the lock of the door, saw in the knocker, without its undergoing any intermediate process of change -- not a knocker, but Marley’s face." http://www.authorama.com/a-christmas-carol-2.html "A Christmas Carol", Charles Dickens, 1843.
  10. SeanD

    Selling Two Concertinas For My Father

    Hi, these look like chemnitzer concertinas, take a look at this link: http://concertinamusic.com/value/ Sean
  11. SeanD

    New Project: Songs Of The Wwi Era.

    A bit off-topic, but I feel the links below could be of interest The Australian War Memorial has a pair of Lachenal anglos which saw WWI service in Gallipoli and France, both of which belonged to a field ambulance sergeant and which he donated in 1924. The bellows papers were signed by soldiers with the places he was stationed. The story is wonderful: 'When we went to France, I still carried the old concertina until about August 1916 when I decided to pension the old instrument off and I sent it back home. I had it autographed by the officers and men of the unit, and also marked the names of the different places where I carried [it]. 'The boys of the unit were so used to the old instrument that they made a collection and gave me the money to buy a new concertina, which I had sent from London and which I carried with me and used to good purpose till I left the unit.' No info given about which tunes were played on it Im afraid https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/RELAWM07996.001/ https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/RELAWM07996.002/ Sean
  12. SeanD

    Lachenal Label Scan

    Hi Pete! Saw your PM, will look at those! Sean
  13. SeanD

    Lachenal Label Scan

    Hi Pete! did you see the t-shirt I got with your Lachenal label? and in that thread we worked on an old Wheatstone label too. I could process that George Jones label if you wish Sean
  14. An appropriate question, when I had my Lachenal shirt made I figured no copyright claimant would materialize for a concern that went under in the 1930s... however Steve Dickinson might have a point of view about the old Wheatstone logo ;-) Sean
  15. I've had a go... examples attached of Pete's cleaned logo (I believe original visual was from the Concertina Museum) Tip: rename long filenames to short before uploading to t-shirt services Sean P.S. for reference (be not faint of heart), these are the imagemagick steps I ran to generate these files # use imagemagick modulate to de-yellow image and white-threshold to bleach it further $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.png -modulate 168,0,0 -white-threshold 90% WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.png # variant: generate multiple images with range of modulate values, helps select best value quickly $ for BRIGHTNESS in $(jot 10 150 170) ; do convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.png -modulate ${BRIGHTNESS},0,0 -white-threshold 90% WheatstoneEarlyLabel.${BRIGHTNESS},0,0.whitethresh90.png; done # create a clean inner ellipse mask to replace logo's damaged one $ convert -size 800x482 xc:none -fill none -stroke black -strokewidth 4 -draw "ellipse 400,240 346,173 0,360" Wheatstone_ellipse_only.png # create mask for background area outside ellipse: extra step required since can't draw transparent ellipse directly $ convert -size 800x482 xc:white -fill black -stroke black -strokewidth 4 -draw "ellipse 400,240 346,173 0,360" Wheatstone_ellipse_blkfill.png # make oval/ellipse transparent $ convert Wheatstone_ellipse_blkfill.png -fuzz 60% -transparent black Wheatstone_ellipse_nofill.png # combine cleaned image and ellipse only, then resulting image with background mask $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.png Wheatstone_ellipse_only.png -compose DstOut -composite WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse.png $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse.png Wheatstone_ellipse_nofill.png -compose Screen -composite WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.png # inverse colors $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.png -negate WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.blk.png # brighten up text $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.blk.png -brightness-contrast 20,70 WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.blk.br-cr20,70.png # make background transparent $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.blk.br-cr20,70.png -fuzz 60% -transparent black WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.blk.br-cr20,70.transp.png # collapse to 2 colors, no dithering $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.blk.br-cr20,70.transp.png +dither -colors 2 WheatstoneEarlyLabel.168,0,0.whitethresh90.ellipse_nofill_screen.blk.br-cr20,70.transp_white.png # apply mask to original logo image $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.png Wheatstone_ellipse_nofill.png -compose Screen -composite WheatstoneEarlyLabel.ellipse_nofill_screen.png # make background area transparent $ convert WheatstoneEarlyLabel.ellipse_nofill_screen.png -transparent white WheatstoneEarlyLabel.ellipse_nofill_screen.transp.png