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  1. Hello Sean, I am a little bit closer to making a decision. I have never tried playing an anglo. I've been looking at reviews of the Rochelle of course. And have checked out shipping costs. Button Box can ship for around $15 to Detroit and I have a Detroit mailbox I can use. A big issue on cost is my Canadian dollar. It adds considerable cost when I calculate the exchange to U.S. funds. I'll get in touch if I decide to proceed. Brent
  2. I am new to the concertina world and have been learning on a duet. But, I am wondering if I made the right decision and am now thinking that I might be better off with an Anglo. So, I don't want the cheapest Chinese one but on the other hand, I don't want to spend a ton of money either. What can you tell me? Brent
  3. I'm a new Hayden duet player and have been using the Elise tutor to get started. I'm not a natural but still making some progress. I know about Easy Peasy Tunes but I don't feel that collection is for me. So where does one start? I checked The Button Box and they have plenty of music books/tunes for Anglo and English but so sad, duet is left out! I can play a bit by ear for sure on the right hand. I never learned how to read chord notation. Rather than trying to figure this out on my own I wondered if others have already had this issue?
  4. What great responses and advice! I retired a year ago and have been seeking a new hobby. The concertina came to me like a lightbulb being switched on out of nowhere. It took a long time for me to decide which type of concertina was going to be a good fit; then which model; and did I really want to invest that kind of money! Your vote of confidence has made me feel a whole lot better about my choice and now I can't stand the 6 week waiting period for my Peacock to arrive. I just ordered the Elise Heydon Tutor to help me out. Apparently there is nothing yet for the Peacock and Concertina Connection suggested that most people use that one.
  5. I am brand new to learning to play the concertina. I played honkey tonk / sing along piano in bars and at parties for many years and typically played a swing base style. I just ordered a Peacock Duet Concertina. There is very limited information about it and I could sure use some help in learning how to play it and what to expect.
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