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  1. Purchased new in 2018 from The Button Box. Includes the hard case and tutor which is written for the Elyse duet but works just fine for the Peacock. Description from the Button Box: Peacock model Hayden (Wicki) duet. 42 keys (19 left, 23 right) with a range from the tenor C to the G♯ above middle C on the left side, and middle C to the high C (3 octaves above middle C) on the right side. Flat-top 3/16" metal-capped buttons arranged in rows parallel to the handrests. Riveted action, hand-finished accordion-type reeds. 6-fold black leather Wakker bellows. 7" across, weighs 2 lbs 15 oz. You can check out further information about the Peacock on Concertina Connection or The Button Box. $2,850 CAD. You pay the shipping cost. Windsor, Ontario Canada jbrent737@gmail.com
  2. I purchased my Rochelle new from Concertina Connection in April 2019. It has not been played very much. Soft case and Rochelle Tutor included. $450. You pay for shipping. Located in Windsor, Ontario Canada. jbrent737@gmail.com
  3. I'm interested so tell me more. I am familiar with the Edgley concertina but not the significance of 186. Any pictures? I assume it's a 30 button. Brent I'm in Windsor
  4. Hello Sean, I am a little bit closer to making a decision. I have never tried playing an anglo. I've been looking at reviews of the Rochelle of course. And have checked out shipping costs. Button Box can ship for around $15 to Detroit and I have a Detroit mailbox I can use. A big issue on cost is my Canadian dollar. It adds considerable cost when I calculate the exchange to U.S. funds. I'll get in touch if I decide to proceed. Brent
  5. I am new to the concertina world and have been learning on a duet. But, I am wondering if I made the right decision and am now thinking that I might be better off with an Anglo. So, I don't want the cheapest Chinese one but on the other hand, I don't want to spend a ton of money either. What can you tell me? Brent
  6. I'm a new Hayden duet player and have been using the Elise tutor to get started. I'm not a natural but still making some progress. I know about Easy Peasy Tunes but I don't feel that collection is for me. So where does one start? I checked The Button Box and they have plenty of music books/tunes for Anglo and English but so sad, duet is left out! I can play a bit by ear for sure on the right hand. I never learned how to read chord notation. Rather than trying to figure this out on my own I wondered if others have already had this issue?
  7. What great responses and advice! I retired a year ago and have been seeking a new hobby. The concertina came to me like a lightbulb being switched on out of nowhere. It took a long time for me to decide which type of concertina was going to be a good fit; then which model; and did I really want to invest that kind of money! Your vote of confidence has made me feel a whole lot better about my choice and now I can't stand the 6 week waiting period for my Peacock to arrive. I just ordered the Elise Heydon Tutor to help me out. Apparently there is nothing yet for the Peacock and Concertina Connection suggested that most people use that one.
  8. I am brand new to learning to play the concertina. I played honkey tonk / sing along piano in bars and at parties for many years and typically played a swing base style. I just ordered a Peacock Duet Concertina. There is very limited information about it and I could sure use some help in learning how to play it and what to expect.
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